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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Missing avatar


      These were actually the figures that made me join this project.
      I think overall the monsters are way to tentacles-based... there are other ways to symbolize the seven sins! Wish you would have been a little more creative in that point. The monsters are nice... sure but in my opinion they don't really reflect the sins except for maybe the greed ones. Only the controllers are theme-conform I guess ^^.

    2. Bill the Raven on

      I think we want characters who were not previously corrupted. She was corrupted from the get go. ;P

    3. Chris Carlin on

      How about a Kim Davis acolyte, stretch goal?

    4. Rand Chua TL on

      Wondering about any good or faithful NPC in the game?

    5. Gran Thurizmo on

      @Will lol CMON will release Arcadia Quest Inferno, als an Eric Lang game, right after this one is finished...

    6. Crimson Ghost on

      This game is amazing so far, any chance we will see a plastic dashboard holder? Either way we have more sins to see...

    7. Will Jackson Jr. on

      I'm thinking this will be my only KS for this year. There's so much in the game and
      add-ons are amazing! My poor bank account lol CMON please don't release another project done with Eric for at least a week after this starts to ship! Hahah

    8. jfmagic16

      Firemen, my boy love this!

    9. Julian Schuetze on

      ...the models for the firemen with masks are *ridiculously* cool. Probably my favorite acolyte sculpts of the bunch.

    10. Knarf

      @vincent Vda:
      It looks like they are doing the same with the KS exclusive characters. We already have a leader, fixer and sniper. so 2 more for a team and 5 more for 2 teams (1 ks exclusive and 1 regular for free).

    11. gawain_77 on

      Great minis like the policemen. Like them.

    12. wikiro on

      They are trying to burn down a distillery and that to me is depressing.

    13. Domenic Gefeng on

      I knew that !! That there will be a firemen acolytes !! Sweet !!

    14. Vincent, Wandering Samurai of Brimstone on

      I see what you're doing here, CMON. And I like it.

      2 non-exclusive FAITH agents (Will & Polly), corrupted minions (policemen & firemen), special tiles, dice... Just add 3 more FAITH agents and a few cards and we have a FREE team box!

    15. Kenneth on

      Those firemen sculpts are perfect - love the guy in the full mask the most :)

    16. Missing avatar

      astralmind on

      Firemen = awesome, great minis and great addition.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      Probably my favourite acolytes. Until the ratmen that Mike McVey mentioned are revealed, yes-yes. Praise to the Horned Rat and all of his children!

    18. wikiro on


    19. wikiro on

      Our firemen getting a tribute is awesome. I'm taking at a tribute even though the theme speaks otherwise lol.

    20. SacredRoach

      Frankly, I am thoroughly enjoying the imagery and background fluff on The Others. And if I did not misread all the clues, the 7-Sins are only some of "The Others"...

    21. Judgement Dave

      Good to see the emergency services trinity completed :)

    22. Xavier

      Nice but when will we get more sins?

    23. diversionArchitect on

      CMON is there an art piece for the firemen?
      The right sculpt (mask but no hat) looks incredible and I'd love to see the art that led to it.

    24. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Court Campion: Yes, both the City and Old Town tiles go together to form new maps.

    25. Court Campion on

      Probably a dumb question but with "old town" and "new" map tiles, can they be used together on the same game?

    26. Eric M. on

      Cool firemen!
      And Pretty sure next will be ENVY !

    27. TyDeL

      Nice! More Dice, more minions, more boards, all great! I'm starting to wonder how much I'll be able to cram into the box, hah.