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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Frederik Vezina

      @Taear: Although "nationality" as applies to the people of the United Kingdom is a complicated issue, it's a very different situation because Scotland identifies not as a province but as a distinct constituent country of the UK, whereas China identifies as a single country, and takes a very hostile stance against anyone saying this is not the case. China is one country subdivided into provinces, like Canada; not smaller countries. And the distinctions you suggest are more cultural than political anyway. If someone's nationality said Québecois or Basque, you'd have more of a point.

    2. Jason Robinette

      Men's Rights Activist? Come on... you can do better than that.

    3. 临渊 on

      这些队伍扩展看起来都很没劲啊~~~~人物技能都差不多的样子 还是就一个基础好了

    4. Marcin AKA schizoferret on

      Probably because a large portion of western audience might now what 'scottish' is, but couldn't find Canton on the map.

    5. Missing avatar

      Taear on

      Why is it that the guy from the UK has his nationality as "Scottish" but you've put the Chinese person down just as "Chinese"? Surely if you're going to say Scottish you should say Han or Cantonese or etc.

    6. Marcin AKA schizoferret on

      Aaargheuuuh... what happened to Julia's left arm? Even on the picture it looks unnaturaly thin for her body type, but on the sculpt it looks more like a tentacle than a human arm, I can't even tell were the elbow is! And even then, it's clearly longer and thicker than her right arm. I think it's the worst mini I have seen for considerable time, which is sad, as the concept is really cool. I really hope there is still time to amend it, you have a reputation for nicely sculpted minis in a variety of different styled, and this one just can't possibly be from the same game as others, which are truly original and otherwordly.

    7. Fernando Guizar Rojas on

      This box looks great. I was planning on getting Team Gamma as my only add-on, but I think this replaced it for me.

    8. Manuel Sapage on

      @Rohit, Gamma is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. Only Beta is missing.

    9. Rohit Maggon on

      Jeez are you guys seriously gonna be publishing 7 hero teams too? With A,D,G already revealed, should we expect B,C,E,F as well?

      Hope you guys include one of those as a free stretch goal unlock

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Really like this box, but the poses of the models are weird.Bob looks like he's in the middle of a fight, Kurt looks like he's looking for something, and the rest look like they're having a photo shoot done. I much prefer action/fight poses, but would like consistency more!

    11. AGN1964 on

      NecroNuke, these are production minis. I don't think there has been time to go from concept to mini during the campaign. These decisions were all made long ago

    12. Ian Lee on


    13. Nigel McNaughton on

      NecroNuke9, we knew almost all of them, Studio McVey and GG have been showing the stuff off for years, including the past 2 Gencons. It's really only during this campaign that they've gotten secretive about it!

    14. Webs on

      Team Delta all the way! I liked Gamma well enough, but in terms of diversity, mini quality, artwork and content, this one beats it but spades. The only two things that I'm not completely happy with are the not-so-musical-musicians and the mini for the Street Samurai-like girl.

    15. NecroNuke9

      Apparently, a lot of the suggestions made for Acolytes are coming true. I suggested cops, street gangs, food handlers, and entertainers and ,Bam!, here they are in one form or other. Someone else mentioned firemen and now we got those, too. I wonder if they are listening to people's suggestions and if all this is just coincidence and lucky guessing?

    16. NecroNuke9

      Delta team looks awesome. I appreciate the diversity of countries for the heroes as well. Since this team is purely human, I wonder if the next team will be some sort of monster squad.

    17. diversionArchitect on

      yea more like dancers than musicians

    18. Nigel McNaughton on

      Yeah while the box is cool, 'Musician' is a bit of a head scratcher, it's not something you would guess from looking at the models.

    19. Missing avatar


      Loving Delta Team.

      Pros -
      *Diverse body types, genders, nationalities, and powers for characters
      *Interesting tiles and cards

      Cons -
      *Not feeling the Corrupted Musician Acolytes, look much more like Club Goer Acolytes to me
      *No supernatural/animal characters. It would be kind of cool to have another shapeshifting/changing (non-wolf) character.

      Overall/in the end – Will buy.

      Wish list for Epsilon (?) team:
      *Personally hoping for a Canadian figure
      *A shapeshifting/changing character
      *Street walker and Wall Street worker Acolytes
      *Some sort of "linked" cards like Subways that allow travel between two or more points?

    20. Todd Ferrullo on

      I like the characters (although they could have used a second supernatural type character) and the chef acolytes but really wish that the musicians had actual instruments or something to make them look a bit more apparent for what they are supposed to be.

    21. Mikhail Sveshnikov on

      Why are Musicians without instruments?

    22. Cynthia Bonsignore on

      These should include scenarios like 1 or 2

    23. gawain_77 on

      A++: Art is gorgeous again
      B+: Sculpts are much closer to art than gamma team or Nichole. In addition Julia offers an real option for those how want "non-objectified" ladies.
      C: No supernatural characters, Imo this is a drawback. Only Wengsi has this mysterious touch.
      D: Imo the theme of this acolytes seems to be the weakest one (including firemen/policemen).

      Conclusion: Nice miniatures without the crazy and supernatural character design of the other teams. Wengsi is cool nevertheless, also like that crossbow sniper. Wish I could have these two without the whole box. I would happily exchange either of them versus gorilla or egg-head of gamma box and buy that one. Maybe we should open up a bazar for trading heroes later on.

    24. Tycoon on

      This looks awesome, but has there been any word about these add on boxes getting some exclusive content?

    25. Green_Lumux on

      so... is that wanda making a corrupted cross over from zombicide in the chef acolytes? lol

    26. George Cook on

      @crystal gloves, oh, I meant I couldn't remember the proper name for the alphabet (phonetic) not that I couldn't remember "g" but thanks. Good looking out.

    27. George Cook on

      @crystal gloves. I know, I had to memorize the whole thing.

      @Alexis Perron, yeah. I realize now I'm just wrong. But Bravo is still cooler then Beta.

    28. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Given that those running the show are a scientist and a millenia-old vampire, choosing greek alphabet designators exclusively makes sense.

    29. Crystal Groves

      @George - in military phonetics "g" would be "Golf" but Golf team sounds like a country club.

    30. George Cook on

      @2nd Layer

      Fair enough. Gamma doesn't fit into the Military alphabet (even after 4 years in I can't recall the proper name). But they could just pick and choose. They don't have to stick to one or the other.

    31. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      @George Cook: You should look up "grrek alphabet" at wikipedia.

    32. George Cook on

      I pledged a buck just to say, why does everyone keep saying Beta Team? Bravo Team is way more likely.

    33. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      Excellent add-on, I'll be adding this to my pledge. I much prefer this team to Gamma as I find the characters and sculpts far more interesting.

    34. Thiago Aranha on

      @Christophe Loyce: Yes, you can mix and match heroes from all teams to create the team used in your sessions. The only restriction is 1 Leader, 2 Snipers, 2 Fixers, and 2 Bruisers.

    35. Blangis

      Let's rock, Baby!

    36. Green_Lumux on

      @ wakiro; sadly the images have been removed from the gallery... I thought wensi wong was a dust character (it used the same art with some mods, but the file name said others when i went back and double checked). Kurt was there, we are only missing one of the 4 characters shown now, the woman in the red leather outfit (Elle).

      I'm guessing the fact that they were all taken down is a good indication what they are all coming :D

    37. Crystal Groves

      Delta team is everything I've ever wanted from this game! I love it! So many diverse body types, so many cool powers, this is a definite buy for me.

    38. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      I'm laughing at Sammo Hung as a corrupted chef. good stuff here.

    39. euansmith

      Ow, there's some nasty mold lines on those production minis.

    40. wikiro on

      Repost the link lol because I don't want to research it.

    41. wikiro on

      @Erin you were right on one of the characters. She was the best pick from his gallery I feel for a faith

    42. Ric Tomsett

      Awesome. The only thing I would change is Kurt's pose, think it would look better if it reflected the pose of him in the picture on the stairs (firing shotgun and slashing long knife/sword). That looks cool.

    43. Michael Sprague

      This is just as it will be at retail, right? No exclusive figure or tile added to it, for backers? In that case, I'll wait...

    44. Judgement Dave

      @Thomas - it's down to personal choice. Looking through the comments (here & main campaign comments) and I'd say there's about the same number of people saying 'this is better than gamma' as there are saying 'this isn't as good as gamma'.
      Which I'd say probably means they're doing them right - if everybody loved one set and hated the other then they'd obviously messed up somewhere on one box...

    45. Christophe Loyce on

      Soooo - will you be able to "mix and match" the heroes? Picking the ones you like from one box, and making them play with another box's?
      I assume it is the case, as there are the few "spare" heroes of the first few stretch goals - unless they are destined to form a "box" of their own...

    46. bourrague arnaud on

      This box : no gorilla, a snipe with my ex wife name.....:)

      Perhaps a good add to my pledge :)

    47. S Buntenbach

      delta bites gamma

    48. Thomas Signer Jr on

      Eh, this one doesn't look as good or worth the money as the Gamma team box. I feel as the heroes aren't that good in this set.

    49. Judgement Dave

      Really like this team - and for everybody wanting more variety we've even got a Scottish woman with a moustache. Thank god her weapon isn't bagpipes.