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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Missing avatar


      The right arm of Skye is still too short I think.
      Please consider a change or I won't join on that one ^^.

    2. gawain_77 on

      Of course there is an artistic freedom. Although it shouldn't be much for a commissional work. I personally can live with missing belt and missing glasses, because I can easily add them myself if I want to. What me bothers more are the wrong proportions at Doc and Nichole. I think Doc is lost beyound repair, because they won't change the sculpt and make the head smaller as you can see at the art. But fixing the art of Nichole isn't that big deal. This could be done before dashboards goes into production easily.

      CMON, Thiago I know its uncomfortable to answer to complains but can't you give an answer as you did with the incident at dolly?

    3. Neil H on

      In the UK most little girls trot around wearing leggings, usually hello kitty or something since she is technically 5. I like all the minis, the sculptor should always have a bit of artistic freedom, as long as it doesn't look entirely different. At least they don't look like the chinese knock off action figures you see in the cheap shops.

    4. gawain_77 on

      Of course people have different opinions about sculpts and thats okay. But make the art look as the sculpts at least (or the other way round). Doc looks way off, River would need that leggings, Nichole would have to be more slender. Yes I did this quick Nichole art overhaul, it was a 1,5 min photoshop job. Here is the link again:…
      It is sad they don't seem to care, doesn't even answer to tell us some reasons for their decisions. Some communication would help. It would be so easy to make art/miniature fitting each other and they would have less people complaining.

    5. Cyrano on

      @Gawain, thats personal opinion and a mini that one likes maybe not by another, its a shame you like these ones but great that you have the skills to personalise these to your taste. I she females wearing yoga pants all the time - often jogging or exercising. One of the first compliants I saw on here for River was about the artwork and how unsuitable jeans would be for her if she was going to be fighting ... Maybe the Mayor only has reading glasses - also something not suitable for a fight, Nicole's artwork seems out of proportion to me, somebody fixed it and it looked much better... these are all FAITH agents and would keep themselves in a state of fitness, the gangster female also looks great and nice to see plus sizes, but she wouldn't suit a FAITH agent.

    6. gawain_77 on

      @2nd Layer: Look at the art at update 13. Imo the jeans with belt looks a lot better and makes a different character out of her (which kind of girls wear leggings?). But okay if its done by purpose why not fixing the art? I just like it when the miniature matches the picture on the dashboard. Same for Nichole: Art and miniature differ a lot in her proportions, slender or not? Doc is another example. And even if you take the real gorgeous miniature of The Mayor. Why it has no glasses? I can and will do some of this things with green stuff (glasses, belt), but I honestly do think this shouldn't be my job. So thats all the reason for complaining in an otherwise awesome campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      2nd Layer on

      There is nothing failed or missing with River's pants. As Thiago said, the leggings are on purpose. Looks great in my opinion.

      Eagle is the best hero character so far.

    8. Cyrano on

      Wow, all the complaints - I would love to have these minis painted like this in my collection / game. The sculpts are great, and as plastic board game minis they are beyond awesome, although I guess these are resin originals... I would like to see more shots from different angles. Thanks Cmon.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Rivers' jean is failed.
      Rest of the minis are really sweet.

    10. Missing avatar

      steve mayne (MeepleGamers) on

      I love the paint job on everything. I do miss River's belt, she looks like she's wearing yoga pants.

    11. gawain_77 on

      An awesome paint job like this always upgrades miniatures.

      Skye: Like both models, neck is a little bit long at human form but the painter did a good by taking this out of focus with very dark tones in this area.

      River: I really like bio and art but like Michael said, all the details (including belt) are missing.
      With a jeans this girl would have been way more freezing cold and wicked. With leggings its odd.

      Keanu: Nothing special, but I just like him.

      Eagle: Will be hard to paint his helmet so that it doen't look like an egg. The least exicting character art/bio in gamma team.

      Doc: He is a little bit bigger in size at least. Still no match for his art. As you can see at the art the head should be smaller, that would make his body look more massive.

      Acolytes: Cool. All of them are great.

    12. euansmith

      Oh, Doc, so disappointing. The artwork was great; but the mini looks more like some sort of Mr Hyde than an angry gorilla. The anatomy is all wrong. :( Still it does save me $30.

    13. Michael Pflug on

      I don't like River's sculpt. On the artwork, River is wearing jeans. On the mini, ist looks like leggings, because all the details are missing.

    14. Michael LaMastra

      Gluttony stretch goal; lets get all 7 with the SGs.

    15. Todd Ferrullo on

      These look great. Thanks for posting them and I hope to see more of the corrupted acolytes painted down the line.

    16. wikiro on

      So far does Doc look better now to those that didn't like him? I think so but I would have aded more highlights to the forehead and face.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Not a fan of the sculpts for River and Keanu, but the rest of Team Gamma look ok.