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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Xavier

      @Neil H. Whate are you talking about? "not wanting to offend the real bad guy nations"?

    2. Krebstarr on

      The Mayor looks fantastic. Needs glasses though... He can't see without his glasses !

    3. mortendk

      hes British cause they are better at beeing bad guys with a slick accent ;)
      it's good to be bad

    4. Strogar on

      the mini looks cool but the stretch goal is a bit underwhelming.
      was looking forward to more sins being shown and unlocked even as some add-ons
      it seems like the Gamma box is more like a required expansion to go with the current stretch goals since the 3 extra hero dice are in the Gamma box which would make 10 of each dice,
      plus extra board tiles make it seem less like a hero pack and more like an expansion to the base game...

    5. Missing avatar

      Ganesh on

      @ Judgement Dave " I notice that in the notes for the mayor it says "capable of hiding his physical aberrations in public" - he must wear really baggy clothes..."

      You're making a joke,aren't you ?

      The Mayor doesn't hide his physical aberrations in his clothes. He just have a "morphing" ability. When his power is hidden he just have a man shape but when he unleash his mystical powers he takes his true form : man with tentacles. It's quite like the two werewolves heros, they both have a human and a monster form.

    6. Neil H on

      Why is the bad guy British? I'm guessing they are doing a hollywood and not wanting to offend the real bad guy nations (and there are a few)

    7. Judgement Dave

      Oh I do like this.
      I notice that in the notes for the mayor it says "capable of hiding his physical aberrations in public" - he must wear really baggy clothes...

      Really hope that if they're not in the game box, which I think is the case, that you gather all the bio's together on a website or in a pdf.
      Though do say if you you are going to do that and I'll submit the typos I've spotted...

    8. Missing avatar

      Aleksander P on

      Please give us more pictures of real miniatures.

      I find the Poly miniature just awful - details are totally fuzzy. :-(

      I don't think that it's just a matter of poor picture

    9. NecroNuke9

      Love the way the Mayor looks with his tentacles. Although, I can't help be reminded of Spiderman's Doc Ock.

    10. Mr Lucky on

      @adam'the mad rabbi'
      Your suggestion happened to coincide with c'mon' plan.. The artwork for this guy has been around a while and I'm sure the mini was prepped before the campaign. But good precog powers!

    11. John Olguin on

      @dajebriza Sniper is just the game's class name for ranged damage dealers. The classes are leader, fixer, bruiser, and sniper.

    12. move over on

      Will the Hell Club members get background blurbs as well?

    13. Tristan Whitley on

      Really cool. Hoping for a bruiser SG soon...

    14. dajebriza

      How is Polly a sniper with a scoped grenade launcher? A grenade launcher has NEVER been the weapon of a sniper and putting a scope on one is ridiculous. This is the worst model and hero design of the game so far. Very poor design all around. At least just make her a heavy weapons expert and salvage her, and bestow the sniper title and skillset on another hero with a much better design that fits.

    15. gawain_77 on

      Wow, why are the monster sculpts so much better than the heroes? The mayor is sweet, it is missing the glasses but it is awesome nevertheless. This was the CMON quality I was hoping for. Longing for hero stretchgoals/add-ons like that soon.

    16. TyDeL

      Oh man, that mini is SO freaking cool! The character design on this game is fantastic! Really motivating me to up my painting game.

    17. Kuangkai Tsai on

      This mayor really looks like our janitor downstairs... (Don't feel good)

    18. David DD on

      very cool SG !! the mayor seems to be great to play !

    19. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      I think someone at CMON loved my suggestion, but even I am impressed with the Mayor figure.
      *"The Mad Rabbi" bows to the creative team in respect for crafting such an awesome request.*
      Thank you, Thiago and CMON, for crafting such a lovely figure for our next SG.

    20. Christian Cavicchio

      Love the mayor...

    21. Todd Ferrullo on

      i have to agree with John. Now that the arm is fixed, I have no issues with Polly. The mayor looks amazing though.

    22. CaGeRit

      I like what you do with tentacles. Also Polly is fine since we've decided to voice our opinions ad nauseam on the subject.

    23. Nigel McNaughton on

      Benedikt, it's the same artist as this one.

    24. estrus on

      Polly is straight out of an 90's cheesy comic. So out of place.

    25. AgntOrenge

      Like this guy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Benedikt Schepp on

      Very cool SG. But there is still one question: What is wrong with the designer of Polly. It is such an infantile and terrible work.

    27. euansmith

      ... or even against a ruler?

    28. euansmith

      Any chance of a size comparison of the 7 Sins minis vs something like Zombiecide or some other popular mini ranges?

    29. David Cox on

      Loving this SG. I think I am being drawn towards being the Sin player in this game.

    30. Kenna

      AWESOME! I love that front tentacle coming from the nether area. ;)

    31. Court Campion on

      It'd be great to have him in a unique color so he stood out on the board. Especially since he's not a Hell Club member.

    32. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      This. This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to see. This pleases me very much, CMoN. You will be eaten last (or first, if that's your preference).

    33. Julian Schuetze on

      ...This pleases me. Awesome mechanic and figure

    34. Green_Lumux on

      okay, this FREAKING COOL.

      as somebody that was more interested in these for use in an RPG (the game looks cool as well, which is a definite plus!) this guy would be a perfect boss!!

    35. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Good SG, we needed sin side stuff :)

    36. Crystal Groves

      OOoooooh, are we going to see this mini painted?! It would be so pretty!
      Also, Polly looks much better with the injection problem gone.

    37. Nigel McNaughton on

      Cool, I was hoping for some more villains to throw into the mix!

    38. diversionArchitect on

      Oh yea, this one I am excited about!

    39. Mr Lucky on

      Awesome mini.. Wish it had the glasses, but no big deal.

    40. MRiley on

      Now there's a stretch goal worth having - hurrah!

    41. Eric M. on

      Can we see its back?
      Wondering where all the tentacles come from ;)

    42. Mary Death on

      Great sculp, CMON-worthy. Thank you!

    43. xfelalx on

      Awesome. In Thiago we trust

    44. Crystal Groves

      Hell. YES.

    45. Mellekai

      Love it!!

    46. wikiro on