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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. gawain_77 on

      @CMON & Thiago: Thanks for showing up here finally and clearing up the cause of Dollys most obvious flaw (right arm). Still the art and miniature is not my preference and I'll just sell it, maybe somebody else is interested. Any chance there will be some late changes to Nichole and the gamma characters? Nichole would be easy, because the miniature itself is fine. It just don't fits the art. Just change the art instead of the miniature, make it more slender to fit the miniature, its a five minute job with photoshop. The gamma characters are more difficult, because the art is so overwhelming while the sculpts are lacking. I would really appreciate if you would communicate with us in this case. It just feels wrong that the monsters and the acolytes are looking gourgeous and the heroes, which represent the actors you have to play and identify with, have so many minor or major issues. The art and the character design of the gamma heroes are so awesome (love Kopinski) but the sculpts are ruining it somehow. This could be my favourite character box of all times, such a pity it turns out in another way.

    2. Nigel McNaughton on

      Thiago google image search on Dolly Parton and the comparison will become obvious pretty quickly.

    3. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      @Bill K, I'm not sure why people keep bringing up Blood Rage's lack of pop culture characters. You didn't have individual characters in blood rage, you had a whole clan. It wouldn't make sense to have pop culture characters because they wouldn't stick to the clan motif. I personally am neutral to pop culture characters but I don't think this and BR are anywhere near a fair comparison.

    4. Bill the Raven on

      It is too bad the general discussion wall isn't truly a searchable forum. Personally, I feel we already went through the let's add more pop-culture characters discussion. As Redrum noted, adding pop-chars isn't something Eric Lang tends to do when he is the primary driving force for a game (see Blood Rage's lack of pop-culture chars). So, while I welcome the Pop culture add-ons in games with light overall story arcs (Zombicide and Lobotomy come to mind), the Others seems to have more a deep world backstory (read the art book excerpt). I think the most we will see is characters derived from archetype themes (one can loosely argue that the Hell Club is inspired from the Hellraiser Cenobites, and Thorley is inspired by a demonic Hellboy vibe type creature). So I believe we will see flavors of characters we know from other stories (as is common it all new fantasy type worlds). However, we will not likely see any direct copies (Winchesters, Hellboy, Buffy). Personally, I love the fact that The Others is trying to be creative original work of art! YMMV.

    5. Kenna

      Glad to hear the arm is a factory issue, thank you. I'm still not sure why all the hate for this character. As a sniper, she doesn't have to have great physical presence as she's not meant to be in close range, and small stature makes her perfect for avoiding encounters or for guerilla ops (same reason hobbits and halflings make great thieves in fantasy settings). If you don't like her scantily clad-ness, then paint her skin like clothing and the clothing as armor over said clothing. Easy peasy.

    6. Missing avatar

      waynez on

      Thats the gal who put the kettle on!! Suzie next please

    7. Crystal Groves

      @Thiago - She's a famous country singer with big hair and big breasts and a lot of people are convinced that Polly is a reference to her.

    8. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      What is this? A gymnasium for ANTS?

      Again I like the concept for a char but not the sculpt. The pose, to be more accurate. One piece models with guns are harder than with swords, spears and shields, or what? At least converting her ro a firing pose shouldn't be that hard.

      (I'm starting to think that I should proxy my Esher gangers as a FAITH team, should look awesome. Punk Grrls for the win!)

    9. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      Another +1 for the winchesters!

    10. Missing avatar

      Odium on

      Winchesters and Constantine would be awesome!

    11. Dean Jones

      I have always wanted to play a boardgame where I get to play as Nikki Minaj shooting demons with a grenade launcher...

      And soon I will be able to fulfil this! :D

    12. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      Another vote here for the Winchester brothers, I keep hoping for them to show up in a game some day.

    13. Michael Sprague

      I'm more interested in the tile, than the mini....

      I know this isn't Zombicide.... But what about some pop culture inspired figures
      How about some Hellboy or RIPD? Maybe a John Constantine? Or the Winchesters?

    14. QuoteStar

      I really hope people realize that they mean dwarf as in dwarfism (since she has achondroplasia) and not dwarf as in the fantasy race.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Polly is terrible. The whole idea behind her and her mini is awful. This is supposed to be a horror game! Dwarf Dolly Parton is just ridiculous and takes away from the horror theme.

    16. Missing avatar

      Przekornick on

      @Bill K exactly. I don't mind the miniature's design at all, and I do realize that she's a dwarf. Still, we have Yarpen Zigrin or Thorin on one side, and Papa Smurf or Smurfette on the other. They are all ok, but they shouldn't be slaying dragons or Gargamel as a team of 4. In other words, IMO Polly looks like taken from a different board game, with a different setting. Still, we get an abundance of extra stuff from CMON (thank You!), so this should not be a problem at all.

    17. CMON 37-time creator on

      Polly's right arm is indeed a fault in the plastic figure, not present in the original sculpt. We've contacted the manufacturer in China, who assured us the injection problem causing the gap in her forearm will be fixed for the final product.

    18. Mist_Wave on

      Hope we gonna have a Canadian wendigo for the next stretch... Or Canadian/Quebec Myth! We have a lot of crazy stuff up here! :p

    19. Mr Lucky on

      Females done right: imperial assault.
      This game, all but one female has their boobs in your face... Not a deal breaker, but disappointing.

    20. CK Lai on

      Interesting character design. Boring sculpt.

      Sigh. Wonder why board games with minis (when you're obviously fighting an opponent) think it's OK to have minis that just stand around posing when it's more interesting to have them in "action" poses... even the pose on the card art is better (if you just want the mini to be posing) than the actual mini.

      Look at Calavera. At least its got an interesting pose. Leah and Thorley are not bad, but Rose, Brad and Rocco are wasted opportunities to have interesting sculpts.

      Obviously, this is only my opinion and others may differ ;-)

    21. John Arnts

      Hooker outfit aside, I'm again not thrilled w/ the mini. Hoping this trend does not continue.

    22. Scott Paisley on

      Looking at the model compared to others she would only come up to their shoulder, even with all that hair :) I have three daughters and the biggest complaint I normally get from them is not enough diversity in the models, let alone diversity in the female models! This is how the conversations sometimes go...

      "Hey Dad, can we play this new game you spent our inheritance on?"
      "Sure thing! Here's the characters to select from"
      "So I can pick from 4 men? Any women?"

      ... Tumbleweed ...

      At least with this game I can now say.
      An Alien/Demon/Human hybrid who can control your mind and crush your soul!
      A kick ass lady with a Nick Fury eye patch and big guns who can lead the group.
      A century old vampire who likes to chop people into pieces.
      A lady with a Sniper rifle who specialises in long range kills.
      Another Alien/Demon/Human hybrid who can fly and shoots Ectoplasm at things.
      An Occult expert who carries a big sword and can turn into a Werewolf whenever she wants!
      A Gorilla who could be any gender I suppose :)
      And now a Dwarf with a Grenade Launcher who loves blowing everything up!

      That's a huge selection for my daughters to pick from compared to the normal situation of fighting over the single token female character.

    23. Adrien Auger on

      Also, her weird looking arm is obviously cybernetic.

    24. Adrien Auger on

      On a note that's unrelated to the not unwarranted bitch fest of the former comments...
      From start to end, how long would it take you to complete the aesthetics of the Pride Avatar? How many hours was that?

    25. CaGeRit

      I guess I'm in the minority here. I like the concept. I'm not getting the super cereal vibe from 7 sins. More of a Hellboyish action comedy. Dwarf with a grenade launcher? Sign me up.
      As for the dwarfism I think "minor" achondroplasia is over simplifying the condition, but there are varying degrees of the disorder and a separate disorder entirely called pseudoachondroplasia which was once thought to be related to the former. Pseudoachondroplasia has the same symptoms, but without the facial features. In addition to that there are both medical and cosmetic surgeries which exist today which can alleviate the symptoms and appearance of the person. I can only imagine they will be improved in a future with full robotic transplants. Just my two cents.
      I like the model too, even with the janky arm. Nothing a little greenstuff can't fix.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rajnesh Jindel

      Erm.. Are CMoN trolling us?
      The Nichole mini worried me, but a Brazillion Dolly Parton midget?!?...
      (not to mention the sculpt looks like something from the eighties)

    27. gawain_77 on

      ...and only to add: I hate it to complain myself and this is the first campaign I'm ever doing this. Not because this campaign is such bad, but because its such awesome. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. If they only would work on the most obvious incidents at miniatures that are amazing in character art/design/biography. Some Kickstarter founders are hearing to their backers, I'm still having Faith! Thiago are you hearing me?!?

    28. Björn Tufvesson

      For once I hope we won't reach the next strechgoal. That's hideous!

    29. Mr Lucky on

      Whenever we see a production plastic we should probably accept the mini as it is... Past the point of no return.
      Polly prob won't see a lot of play round my group

    30. gawain_77 on

      @Xavier: Yes, it was discussed further down below. But always good to remind people that do not read all the comments about that fact. But even taking this into account there are some flaws nevertheless (like the right arm). On first look I liked all the last characters but on closer look most had design flaws (proportions of Nichole, neck of Skye, belt and jeans of River, head of Doc, helm of Eagle, arm of Polly). I'm still flashed by the sin and acolyte miniatures but just don't get why they did so obvious flaws at the hero character sculpts when it is the same studio doing it. So I'm still here and backing but really hoping they read all this complaining around here and considering a few small changes at least. Although odds may against us in this matter. Have Faith!

    31. Best Bay Comics & Games

      I think she is supposed to be modeled off the dwarf prostitute from the Arnold version of Total Recall. In which case, that is proportionate.

    32. Missing avatar

      Paul A. on

      I dunno... I thought it was Donald Trump at first glance.

    33. Xavier

      Did you guys notice she is a midget. That was the attend.

    34. Doug Chapman

      Shame on me for not paying closer attention, but are the, what should be, lower-case 'i's always capitalized? makes reading the card a bit tough. Maybe I am picking at a draft, but felt it needed saying. :)

    35. Dagda

      I second the general opinion about Polly: the mini looks out of proportion and is the least appealing mini so far. To me it looks like the mini belongs to another game. It is a free stretch goal, so I will not complain too much about it, but if possible, I would like to ask for an improvement.

    36. Richie Turner on

      Polly needs to go back to the drawing board

    37. Emmanuel Turquin

      Waaa this is an underwhelming mini/illustration to say the least...

    38. Nigel McNaughton on

      Yeah no matter your views on the attire, there is definitely something strange about that arm.

    39. Bill the Raven on

      Actually, this is the only sculpt (of the few people are complaining about) that looks so odd in a negative way to me. That arm thing adds to the oddity. Oh well, she is free. I suppose she doesn't ever have to leave the box.

      I would like to note that it is amazing that we get so many phenomenal sculpts that our bar has been raised so high. The multi-part pre-assembled Sins really show how far miniatures have come. Even if one outer two char sculpts aren't our favorite, the overall package is still astounding.

    40. Agreave (A new wardrobe IS required) on

      Yep, that arm is bothering me now too-damn!

    41. Bill the Raven on

      Polly want cracker?
      Polly want a new sculpt?
      Polly want to look human?

    42. Teowulff

      Polly looks rather silly, to be honest. Very ugly, unappealing mini ;-(

    43. AGN1964 on

      It looks to me like the right arm is a separate part and a little filler will fix the problem. But still, I agree the mini is generally funky.

      However, it's great to see that now, before we pledge. Many campaigns show you concept art and you have not idea what you are getting.

      (I also did not notice the arm earlier. I guess I was staring at the boobs.)

    44. Kenna

      Didn't notice the arm before. That is...odd.

    45. wikiro on

      Does she have a rubber band on her right arm?

    46. wikiro on

      LOL I'm getting so annoyed with the Faith characters (to be fair only 3 annoy me) I'm starting to find it funny. Look at the right arm I'm just giving up on high expectations.

    47. gawain_77 on

      @Callador: Yeah two of them are the weakest miniatures in the Blood Rage line. But still I personally like them more than a Gorilla that looks like there is a guy in a costume. Next there is this obvious gap between art and miniatures. In some cases the sculptor seemed to be lazy by sweeping details under the carpet. Just thinking of River, that belt really would have helped by distinguish jeans from panties.

    48. Bill the Raven on

      Oh coarse if the char is just really short, so be it (I presume the sculpt is also smaller). Characters of all heights are welcome. :)

    49. Bill the Raven on

      @Przecornick: the Lord of the Rings Pokemon comment is hilarious (and pretty true). IMO, the sculpt is ok, but it could be far more realistic (compared to all the other steller sculpts we have been shown).