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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Thank you so much for this tutorial.

    2. Manuel Sapage on

      Even though this is pride, this great paint job will cause a lot of envy!

      Very nice tutorial. I think I'll have a new hobby next March.

    3. Eddy the Zombie Pandanado on

      RIck - if i was painting it I would use a size 1 for most of the glazes and then a size 0 for finishing those areas and finer details. I hope that helps.

      It is a great tutorial though.

    4. George Gaspar

      Great tutorial, thank you!

    5. Rick on

      I would love to know what brushes (#2, 00, etc.) were used at the various stages, like the glaze work and the detail work.

    6. Michael LaMastra

      What airbrush is recommended for painting these models if I purchase one?

    7. Missing avatar


      Thank you so so so so so so much for this. This was invaluable.

    8. Mikhail Sveshnikov on

      How much time do you paint this mini?

    9. euansmith

      That's a great painting tutorial; lots of useful info to apply to other models. Thank you.

      Can you please do a size comparison between the minis from this campaign and the ones from Zombiecide?

    10. Mr Lucky on

      Thiago just informed me that the FAITH symbol works like an explode, allowing an extra die to be rolled. Sweet!

    11. Mr Lucky on

      Faith dice have the following sides:

      1x FAITH symbol
      1x eye symbol
      1x anti corruption
      1x defense
      2x hit

      The sin dice look like this:

      1x blank side
      1x exploding hit
      2x hit
      2x corruption

    12. Kenna

      @Juan - How on earth are you going to play this game with Trypophobia?!

    13. Judgement Dave

      I checked the video again and it looks like @Mr Lucky is correct that FAITH dice don't explode.

    14. Mr Lucky on

      Looks like the FAITH dice don't explode, so less of them will be needed, the SIN dice could have you rolling an unlimited number... Of course for every 3 you want to add you will be stacking up those FAITH dice which will become less and less useful. :)

    15. Matt Drake

      That is a lovely painting guide. There's no way I can do that.

    16. Juan Pablo Munoz on

      Incredible painting guide i just loved it but hated it because i have tripophobia and looking at that mini with all the holes in the back made me nausea and almost puked but the paint job is incredible. I even saw the entire thing having goosebumps and stuff.

    17. CK Lai on

      @ Gunter: true, that. That's why a lot of patience is needed when doing washes and glazes. Something I tend to forget when I've got 15 minis in front of me :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      Just a little thing that the very nice tutorial doesn't mention, so I'll add it:

      Important thing about washes: It does NOT mean "drench that part in diluted paint" like some tutorials show. It is still a controlled technique where you try to push the pigments into the recesses you want to darken.

      Same for glazes, more is NOT better. Rather do it twice (thrice, etc) with less colour on the brush and let the layers dry before the second one. You can use a paper towel to suck excess water out of the brush or to wipe off water and pigments if you have too much on the brush.

      It's something that is often done (sometimes even explained!) wrong and it will worsen your paintjob, because pooling, diluted paint will leave coffee stain-like blotches after drying. That can be used to texture or weather surfaces to great effect when done on purpose, though.

    19. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Thank yuo so much for the painting guide! An incredibly useful resource! Brilliant.

    20. Judgement Dave

      I imagine that if you get 16 dice of each type, then it can make playing against multiple FAITH players easier as they can have two lots of 8 FAITH dice and won't often need more, and the SIN player should be fine with 16 (even if rolling for the Avatar and 1 other baddie).

    21. Bill the Raven on

      Thanks JD! I'll probably shoot for 13-16 dice each depending upon how many are free with the SGs and or included with add ons. It sounds like past 13 we will start to have diminishing returns. A few dice being rerolled occasionally, is probably less of a hassle than being inundated with dice.

    22. M Lawler on

      Question on the painting guide..
      Is the glazing done with the airbrush or traditional brushes?

    23. Ron D. on

      That is an awesome paint job. I should learn to airbrush!

    24. Judgement Dave

      Note that in my last 2 comments I didn't account for SIN/terror/scenario modifiers - such as extra dice/fewer dice for being grouped/alone etc

    25. Judgement Dave

      IIRC The FAITH player gets the number of dice shown for their hero + 1 extra die for each other hero in the same position + any corruption bonus + equipment bonuses. This seems to more usually be around 5 to 8 dice (plus an expected 1-2 for exploding).

      It seems likely (from the gameplay video) that the SIN player can easily get to more dice due to the way the additional mobs summate dice. If that's correct I'm a little surprised that the 6 dice pack is 3 of each (SIN & FAITH) and not 4 SIN and 2 FAITH.

    26. Bill the Raven on

      Thanks Julian! I watched the video, but I didn't track the number of dice too close. I think I'll likely buy one dice set (13 of each type has a nice ring to it).

    27. Judgement Dave

      @Bill & all - IIRC the gameplay video showed that the Sin Avatars have 7 dice each and it looked like the Sin Player summates the dice for all 'baddies' on the same position. I think the controller/minions may be something like 4 & 2 dice. So the Avatar being supported by a controller and a minion could be around 13 dice. You'd expect 2 extras from exploding dice (if each die has one face contain an exploding die), so that'd be 15 used.
      I'd guess that if there are no more dice in expansions/SGs, so it's effectively 10 dice if you get core game + gamma, you may want to get a couple of dice add-ons.

      Of course, it's possible that you could need a practically infinite number of dice for any one 'roll'.

    28. Will Jackson Jr. on

      My pledge is already at $150. With the Gamma and extra dice I'll have roughly $22 remaining prior to shipping. Can I just pay $22 and have my Pride Avatar painted for me? Lol

    29. Julian Schuetze on

      If you watch the gameplay video, it sometimes occurs that they would have needed 4-5 more dice than the 7.

      I'm personally getting 2 sets so that there can be 7 dice on both sides of the table, and can pass a couple more over when needed.

      Also, damn. That paint guide, I haven't seen airbrushing highlights like that before.

    30. Will Jackson Jr. on

      @Crsytal I'm no painter but I thought the same thing myself. I say after you assemble. If you did it prior to removing there would be spots unpainted at connection points. Not to mention wouldn't have perception of where light would hit model for shading etc...

    31. Will Jackson Jr. on

      Thank you @Bill for doing that! I was thinking what the count was myself and lost track.

    32. Will Jackson Jr. on

      Thank you @Bill for doing that! I was thinking what the count was myself and lost track.

    33. Bill the Raven on

      Dice Count
      Base Game: 7 Hero; 7 Sin
      SG: 3 Sin
      Gamma Add On: 3 Hero

      So if you have already added the Gamma add-on, you are at 10 dice of each type (Hero/Sin).

      I wonder what type of rolls are typical, and how many dice are used in a more extreme roll. I'd like to have enough dice for twice as many hero dice that is needed for a typical hero roll. I'm guessing the Sin dice won't be as much of an issue (since there is only a single Sin player).

    34. Bill the Raven on

      Awesome Paint Guide! Thank you so much. If you could please list the colors (and primers) you used for each of the models (or at least the Avatars) you show off that would be very help us too!

    35. Crystal Groves

      Good guide! This should help me out a lot. Can any painters let me know when it comes to miniatures that are on sprues, is it better to take them off and assemble them before painting or paint them on the sprues and then assemble?

    36. Jansim on

      This is really awesome, thanks for the guide. I wish every CMON model came with a guide ( Rum & Bones? )

    37. Bill the Raven on

      Yes, how many dice (at common peak) would one need to roll (for the heros and sins)?

    38. etkeller

      Beautiful work and paint guide.
      Thanks so much for sharing.

    39. Le culte du D on

      Great painting guide!!

    40. Judgement Dave

      Wow - enjoyed the paint guide. Are you planning on doing any more?

    41. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Wow!!!!!!!!!! That painting guide is just epic and I will be saving it, printing it, and following it for sure! Thank you Robert Karlsson!!!

      @Thiago, I will certainly get one set of dice, but with exploding dice rules, can you give us any indication of what a good amount is a nice amount to play with and therefore how many sets to buy please? I'm not a completionist, I'm a practicalist!