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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Spazisspaz on

      I noticed in Skye's bio, she is repeatedly called Sky. It's a small error, but I just want to make sure it doesn't get looked over.

    2. Missing avatar


      This is for sure a lovely package... or at least it could be.
      Skye's way to short right arm is for me a bummer so big I would never buy this package.
      Keanus left arm though looks a little too long but this might be cause by the angle of the picture.
      Please revise these two characters.

    3. Greg Hardy

      Love Doc's Sculpt. Agree with the Pulp hero comment on it. Love Henning's card/back story... hate that it looks like he's about to trip & fall

    4. Ted Govostis

      Keanu Winters? Guessing you guys are Bill and Ted fans (Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter played them)

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Steiner on

      how do I add this to my pledge?

    6. Strogar on

      it seems like the Gamma box is more like a planned expansion to go with the current stretch goals since the 3 extra hero dice are in the Gamma box which would make 10 of each dice...
      plus extra board tiles and corruption minis make it seem less like a hero pack and more like an expansion to the base game...

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I am liking the Keanu character but not his sculpt. He looks like a skinny zombie. Wish they would buff him up a little, and correct his stance. His left arm's position is off.

    8. Kuangkai Tsai on

      Is Skye's right hand a little too short?

    9. Crystal Groves

      Gamma...hulk out....I get it.

    10. Ansatsu

      Characters seem cool, most of the hero sculpts look pretty damn terrible, so probably a pass for me.

    11. Domenic Gefeng on

      Gangsters + Lust = overwhelming combo ??

    12. Missing avatar

      Scott 'Jager' W.

      The problem with this 'sexism' argument is that the wrong word is being used. The designers, art team, and (most) backers are not objectifying the female sculpts/characters; they have been stylised and sexualised, which arguably, so have the male characters. Lets try to keep double standards out of this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stone on

      Gamma team box is a multilingual version?

    14. NecroNuke9

      If this is Gamma, will there be a Beta and Delta?

    15. NecroNuke9

      Awesome add-on. The gorilla has a pulp hero look. The cyborg reminds me of Bionic Commando.

    16. mortendk

      Henning Jespersen is just a badass name for a hero ;)

    17. Missing avatar


      @Daniel Magnan Women don't need to be objectified to have beauty...

    18. Missing avatar


      Not fond of the River sculpt. Really thought she was wearing only underwear before I read the comments about taking a closer look. Her hair also doesn't seem to match the art work. Not sure about the "gangster" inclusion either. Love all the rest of the content though.

      P.s. Any chance we could get a character from Canada?

    19. John Arnts

      I am thrilled with what we get in this option but I'm afraid I have to side w/ the group that feels the sculpts lose out compared to the art. While the minis would probably be fine on their own, they fall short due to the art.
      I think Doc's pose and face could use some improvement and River looks better w/ looser pants than the panty / tights. I'll also be adding a belt if it is not cltered. Just looks better.
      Can't tell about Skye other than wondering why a female werewolf with breasts would only have two ;). Would like to see another angle to be able to tell is the pose is as dynamic as the art.

    20. Rand Chua TL on

      Just want to add the Eagle - Sniper sculpt seems simple. (Look like he walking in disappointment)

    21. Daniel M

      @magicpink Every KS I see you on you complain about women being objectified. Why do you back them if it bothers you so much? You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else. Some of us appreciate the beauty of the female form and these aren't even real women, they are plastic minis. Inanimate objects, so by definition, already objectified. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott 'Jager' W.

      None of the guys are objectified? Really? None of the mail characters are 'generic' men. Generic superhero/military men, sure, but that is stylised and objectified/sexualised in the same vein of buxom/'sexy' female models.

      Hypocrisy and rose goggles aside, there is a lot in this box. Was a little quick to judge when I saw "Team Gamma", thinking it was just a hero pack. Very happy with the direction so far.

    23. gawain_77 on

      @Arakin: The art is nothing less than gorgeous. The monsters are all great and fitting the art, I love them. But of course it is harder to sculpt humans because we all know exactly how a human should look like. We see hundreds of humans every day, we are all experts in this.

      @Mr Lucky: Yes the gorilla face looks strange and as I said before its head its more human sized compared to his body, so that I always have to think there is a guy in a costume when I look at that sculpt ;-)

    24. Kenna

      @wikiro - Yes, and thank you! :)

    25. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Great idea that the last two might be appearing later in a SG... That is if a team is meant to be 7 strong.

      Apart from people's comments about sculpt vs stunning artwork accuracy, did anyone mention that the monster sculpts vs the artwork is actually spot on and that all of those look awesome!

      The artwork on all those new tiles is just stunning, not to mention variation of tiles. I am really hoping to get more tiles and more scenarios by the end to help do this game the justice and replayability it deserves. Nicely done creators!

    26. Shyvax on

      Karl Kopinski = Buy!

    27. Missing avatar


      @Brandon Palmer Clearly you mean sexy GUYS right? Because every single playable women is already objectified. So far none of the guys are.

    28. Brandon Palmer on

      River looks good. Need some sexy models in this game. Its a grown up game lets have some fun.

    29. Marc on

      That's a great thing. Gamma incoming.

    30. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      @wikiro thanks!

    31. Nigel McNaughton on

      Yeah green stuff a belt, I guess.

    32. wikiro on

      @Sergi From $90-$100 to $120-$130 yup that's how you do it. Just stay at the same reward level.

    33. wikiro on

      Leah: Damn it Karl, you’ve ruined another outfit. Think Betsy Ross works here? I’m the one who has to sew this back together, you clown.
      [Thorley laughs]
      Leah: What are you laughing at, Mr. Blood stains on everything?
      Thorely: You know that he rips those himself. He just tears it off like a Chippendales firemen, every time.
      Leah: Good god, why?
      Karl: For one, because it looks super-cool.
      Leah: You’re an infant.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sergi on

      Hi, never backed a game with add-ons. Do I have to change the amount I've pledged to put the extra 30$ right now or you can choose the add-ons after the kickstarter is done, in the pledge manager?

    35. Kenna

      @wikiro - Noooooo! Now I have horrible mental images!! LOL

    36. wikiro on

      Col. Gathers: Damn it Shore Leave, you’ve ruined another outfit. Think Betsy Ross works here? I’m the one who has to sew this back together, you clown.
      [Brock laughs]
      Col. Gathers: What are you laughing at, Mr. Blood stains on everything?
      Brock: You know that he rips those himself. He just tears it off like a Chippendales firemen, every time.
      Col. Gathers: Good god, why?
      Shore Leave: For one, because it looks super-cool.
      Col. Gathers: You’re an infant.

    37. wikiro on

      @kenna Shore-leave from Venture Brothers comes to mind

    38. Kenna

      @Roy - Assume they strip and fold them nicely beforehand.

    39. wikiro on

      Green Stuff will save us all.

    40. wikiro on

      Well if they are jeans it needs a zipper in the front too. It's just in the back of my head scratching my brain and I can't stop thinking how annoyed I am. Green Stuff Ill sleep better thinking I can fix her and Nicole.

    41. Max Maloney on

      So when will we see Beta Team, hm?

    42. Roy Romasanta

      So, who packs Karl's and Skye's spare set after they revert to human form?

    43. Mr Lucky on

      For me it's docs face... It just doesn't look like a gorilla.

    44. gawain_77 on

      @Kenna: I'll do that too, if they don't fix it. The belt would really make it more jeans-like instead of panties. Doc is the modell that would need a bigger overhaul. The miniature is just a shadow of great Kopinskis art.

    45. Mr Lucky on

      She's British. Clearly just got leggings on ;)

    46. Kenna

      I like the River sculpt except for the lack of belt. I really thought for a moment that she was wearing panties, until I looked closer. I'll just add a little green stuff belt when she gets here.

    47. gawain_77 on

      @2nd: How many of those 4.00 backers are posting at the commentaries? So 4.400 is not the number you have to take into account.