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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Kenna

      @Shane - Or a couple on a first date eating themselves. XD "I want you inside me!"

    2. ChrisW

      Like others: like the minis, but not for lust... I'd have preferred e.g. a medieval interpretation with the minis looking pretty from one side but corrupted when seen from the other side - like a mask.

    3. Shane

      @Kenna - Exactly. When I read this update yesterday I immediately engaged the girlfriend in a conversation about season 4 of Supernatural, where the demonic personification of lust was causing everyone to over-indulge in ALL SORTS of vices. From Kass' vessel craving red meat, to Sam drinking deeply of demon blood to slake his thirst, and Dean wallowing even more than usual in his self-loathing. The Others' interpretation of Lust is a lot like this, and I love it.

    4. Kenna

      Also, remember that lust can represent wanton desire for things other than sex. Lust also represents uncontrollable desire for drugs, alcohol, or even violence or control.

    5. Kenna

      And yeah, there is a lot of twisted anatomy going into these models, as well. The faces alone should be instantly recognizable.

    6. Kenna

      I was expecting something sexy, but really enjoy this twisted look at the ugliness that such lust truly represents. When you think of the destructive force behind true lust, often tearing relationships, families, and even lives apart apart, it's extremely appropriate. Lust perverts what may have been basic attraction into something far more sinister, more like an unavoidable desire that leads someone to ignore their values, stalk, or even violate others without thought.

    7. Vincent, Wandering Samurai of Brimstone on

      Kingdom Death monsters would've been very on their place in the Lust box set. Kind of dissapointed about the abominations and controller. I agree with many others that the monsters are too much alike. A missed opportunity.
      But the game is gonna rock nonetheless! :-)

    8. Bill the Raven on

      It is kinda funny, I agree that I somewhat expected Lust to have more overtly sexually arousing look (instead on being completely grotesque). These models are not attractive in the least. However, if you understand the female anatomy (a hard stretch for some male gamers I know ;P - just kidding guys), you can see warped motifs throughout the avatar and underlings (as others have noted). Note the babies as well (a possible outcome of lust). This is an extremely creative grotesque take on lust. The avatar is kinda like the true form for a demon one might see behind the beautiful succubus you are engaged with (which revels itself as she sucks the very essence of your soul from you).

      Kudos to Adrian Smith for this twisted vision.

    9. Julian Schuetze on

      @renato on the left picture of the model it looks like there's a fabric sheet covering a compartment to put his hand down. I then looked at the right and thought that the baby thing was his arm and was going down his pants. Only noticed his hand later.

    10. William H. Nelson on

      There is nothing wrong with the minis themselves; they just don't illustrate lust for me. I'll be using Kingdom Death minis as stand ins when I play this. They're not afraid to 'offend the masses' with their sculpts, and their sculpts fit better with this sin. A priest and a bunch of knarly monsters do not look like lust enough for me to play with them, although they are pretty cool, and I may use them with another game. Lust should have a hot looking controller or avatar at the very least, otherwise it just doesn't make sense to call it lust.

    11. Erick

      For people that complaint about the artist choice of minis: If you want to be a designer.. Go ahead and do your own games.... Mix your own minis, buy another game or whatever... But please don't trash the vision of an excellent designer who put his vision on a new world, the world of the others.... This is his... If you want to explore and play go ahead... If you succumbed to Pride and believe your vision is better.... Then... The Others have WIN....

    12. Todd Ferrullo on

      I am a little disappointed that they felt the need to break this one down into 4 Stretch goals rather than 3 but at least they added a few dice in to soften the blow. I do hope with the next SIN that they add 4 more dice to give us a full second set. Maybe adding some FAITH dice with the final two SINS would be nice as well to give us two full sets of both dice.

    13. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      Just out of curiosity, I saw a couple of people comment on it, where did you see a priest with his hands down his pants? I see one holding the baby and one around his chest area.

    14. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      I like them. I don't need another succubus mini and this smoothly merges with the rest of the sins instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      I see the comment on the interpretations of Lust (and the need to be PC in a game for the market) but this was a chance to do something a little different with the models for this sin vs. just more old school horror models. The models are nice but an opportunity lost for Lust IMO. Classic oh it's chaos so it needs spikey bits - it's horror so it needs to look nasty. The controller is ok to me (priest and hands down pants etc.) but these are real missed opportunity for the avatar. Lets hope we get these ones in the bag soon so we can get back on track with things.

    16. Shane

      It's really weird how "magicpink" isn't complaining about Lust and its abominations having exposed boobies. Is everything okay, Pinky?

    17. Thiago Aranha on

      On the Lust/Sexy discussion, we didn't set out to limit ourselves to the stereotypical view of each sin. We gave Adrian Smith the freedom to interpret Lust following his artistic vision, and that's what he gave us (which we're very happy with). People will have different definitions of the sins, and there's nothing wrong with that. This is the vision chosen for The Others.

    18. Adrien Auger on

      Dude. Face vaginas. That's gnarly.

    19. Nick Knight on

      I really like the minis, however not for Lust. CMON has listen to their backers before, please offer an alternate sculpt that is more popculture/ stereotypical of Lust. Ruud2009 has a link to a picture that I absolutely love! If it were available as a paid addon, I would consider that a must buy.

    20. C on

      If you watch the Eric Lang video, he says the artwork came before the game. So mebbe the original artwork didn't have anything to do with the 7 Sins, and the 7 Sins concept came second.

    21. Teowulff

      @Dagda: Agreed, I don't really see the connection between lust and the minis.
      They (sins) all look way much the same.

    22. Marco on

      Dagda ... the mouth of a predator. .. i think you hit right on the money ... lust is nothing but danger... a predator out to ruin you in the most disgusting and incredible ways making you regret everything and nothing. i think the Avatar is beautifully represented and as Judgement Dave mentioned maybe they aren't THE sins but merely enteties the hell fire club named that way

    23. Kenneth on

      Some background information on the Sins and their appearance would be a good move - just from how they are understood in the game world of course :)

    24. Dagda

      I think the minis look good, but I don't see the lust aspect.
      The "breasts" of the abominations look more like warty bulges (with the top two at the shulders even having holes instead of nipples). The faces look split and not joining - I see more resemblence to the mouth of a predator (like the movie) than to a vagina.
      And on the avatar, only the center "mouth" could be considered vagina alike, but with all those teeth, it still doesn't look like one to me, especially with those two other mouths looking more or less like regular mouths on the mini (less so in the illustration).
      The priest... well, I guess we all know about the problems some priests have with this particular sin. I just wouldn't think of lust when seeing a priest mini.

      Anyway, the minis look pretty awesome, even if I wouldn't have chosen them for lust (although the abominations are a bit too similiar for my taste, all in the same pose, all with the tongue lolling to the left). It would be very cool, if part of the artbook would be dedicated to the reasoning behind creature design. Does those thorns instead of legs for the abominations have any meaning? Are there any reasons for the faces in the guts region of the avatar?

    25. Judgement Dave

      Regarding the Sins looking similar: Have we established that they are actually physical manifestations of sins and not just 7 entities that mankind has linked/likened to the human concept of the sins?
      Should they just be some form of extra dimensional/extraterrestrial creature that happen to have been likened to sins (partly as there are 7 main ones) then they may well all look similar.

    26. Christian Torrent

      I have to say I'm completely happy with the take on lust. It's a proper old school horror lust no need for anything overly sexy in my opinion

    27. Christophe Loyce on

      Nice minis - the quality is amazing again. I will, however, join my voice to the general comment about those lust miniatures not being lusty enough.

      I wonder if it's about us (the fanbase) missing a trick here, which is that none of those demons are supposed to be anything else than repulsive - the fact that they tap into the lusty parts of the heroes' psyche does not mean that we should lust after them.

      In a way, it is less cliche to have entirely repulsive monsters - the succubus has been done and redone...

      Also, awesome that two additional sins are stretch goals! (erm... hopefully maybe even more ?)
      What a wonderful way to reward your backers! I was already looking with dread at how much it would cost me to "complete" the set...

    28. Rob Crookes on

      to me they need more sex organs to be truly lustful, more willies.

    29. Frank Wisnes

      Who says lust has to be sexy?

    30. Strogar on

      agreed, not much of a different look, was thinking LUST would be more like a succubus demon...
      why do all of the sins have a similar type of mouth and blob appearance ?

    31. Jacob

      Let's see... Multi-nipple body, Labia Majoris shaped mouth, the baby controller.... for the world of me i can't find a connection between the minis and Lust....

    32. Ruud2009 on

      Something like this could've worked for this game too. While I do not disagree with this design, which I think is very cool.. there seems te be little variety between the mini's of the different sins.

    33. Neil H on

      I'm waiting for the complaints about the cleavage.

    34. Neil H on

      I think my interpretation of Lust would have been a LOT different, that said awesome minis again.

    35. Kenneth on

      Ok those Lust creatures are disturbing in the same way that Clive Barker's Cenobites (from the book) are disturbing - what they are and represent are so far from human understanding that you can only shudder at what they might consider lust and sexual urges.

      Creepy! and I mean that in the best possible way :)

    36. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      Got to say that I love these new stretch goals!
      Although I'm surprised that there are still no purchasable addons (except for the art book ) . That is very rare for CMON!

    37. Judgement Dave

      And Greed will no doubt feature Everything Counts - "the grabbing hands grab all they can"

    38. Judgement Dave

      So now games vs Lust will carry an internal DM soundtrack with A Question of Lust, I Want You Now, A Question of Time, Black Celebration and many, many more...

    39. Victor Avalos on

      Just like in real life... The controller of lust, is the Baby, not the guy keeping him.

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott 'Jager' W.

      I agree with others that these are not stereotypical sculpts, but i strongly disagree that they have nothing to do with the sin of Lust. Sure, the connections are incredibly subtle thanks to society being heavily rooted in pop culture, but if you think outside the box a little you will be able to draw some connections.

      +1 at getting me to think outside of the box Studio McVey!

    41. David Cox on

      Is it not more horrifying for Lust to look utterly disgusting yet utter such sweet temptations that you are powerless to resist regardless of the nature of the depravity? I think they have got the right note without stepping so into the obscene it would alienate too mamy customers.

    42. William H. Nelson on

      I would have to say that this is incredibly disappointing for me. I expected the sin of lust to be represented by something that would illustrate that sin. This definitely does not do that in any way. I will have to use different models from another game for this sin when playing it. I think they should offer an alternate series of sculpts for this sin if they're too scared of offending people to do it right in the first place.

    43. Domenic Gefeng on

      I disagree with voices that calling that lust should be more succubus or naked beauty like .. Thats stereotype and not horrific .. This images of lust instead are more suitable for creepy world of The Others .. And must say that this sin is one of my favourite from this game .. Thx

    44. TyDeL

      Sweet, another Sin already! 4 of the 7 so far, I'm curious how many more we will get as stretch goals.

      Also, I'm always curious what CMoN would do if we only made it to $440k and only unlocked the Lust controller but not the Avatar, hah.

    45. Mr Lucky on

      Also the pride controller is an antique diving suit... Not something one would equate to pride. But the models look great.

    46. Mr Lucky on

      I see him as a catholic priest... And we all know the problems their lust can get them in.

    47. Zap Riecken

      I'm really confused about the controller... How is that lust?

    48. Julian Schuetze on

      Wait, I'm just dumb. I just noticed his hand. Nix the controller comment.

    49. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      Imagine if you were allowed to have two Sins against the heroes, I would go Pride and Lust because they're screwed whether they're fighting monsters solo or with another member of FAITH.

    50. Julian Schuetze on

      Controller looks like he has his hands down his pants (Probably not, but def. looks like it) and the abominations literally have vagina mouths and breasts all over the body.

      Seems appropriate to me.