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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Michael LaMastra

      How did you paint the wolf?

    2. Neil H on

      @edwin - I should imagine the art book will have stories about them.

    3. wikiro on

      Can you cut the chains off easily? I think I'll put on real chains to boost up the mini's look. Don't get me wrong they don't need it. I just have a bunch of mini chain I want to use.

    4. wikiro on

      Paint Job looks good I hope I can get to that level when painting them. (Doubt it)

    5. Ric Tomsett

      Love the painting on Leah

    6. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      Will we be getting background details for the members of the Hell Club like we are for the members of FAITH? It would be interesting to find out who they were and how they came to be what they are now.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      The PVC minis should paint up nicely, but clean up will be terrible compared to those resin casts. This means that depending on the location of the mould lines some details will never look as good as on those resin minis, BUT if CMON/Parente's factory took care with their planning and design, those won't be on the prominent parts. Rum n Bones is a bit mixed in this regard, I hope I can judge BR soon and more.

      PS: RnB backers got CMON to post a painted plastic production mini, maybe we should pester them a bit ;)

    8. euansmith

      Is there any chance of a size comparison between these minis and say, Zombiecide or another range of minis to give some idea of what to expect?

    9. CMON 37-time creator on

      We forgot to mention in the update, but these miniatures were all painted by Robert Karlsson. You can check out his painting service Facebook page here:

    10. Thiago Aranha on

      @Mary Death: Well, sorry to disappoint, then...

    11. Bill the Raven on

      So how about painting examples of the actual plastics we will be getting? Maybe a painting guide (with details listed for each Sin avatar), might be a good add-on/SG. :)

    12. Mary Death on

      Two times "NO"wil dissapoint me a lot and you "NO"
      it... Thiago ;)

    13. Mary Death on

      @Thiago:1. will we be able to get already painted mini's?
      2. Will there be a option to buy only Mini's?

    14. Selwyn Ward

      I rather tentatively backed the painted miniatures option on Space Cadets. It seemed an extravagance at the time. Now they've arrived, I'm really glad I paid the extra for the painted versions. It would be nice to see this as an option on this and other Cool Mini Kickstarters.

    15. Ben "Who Let The" Robz "Out"

      Those painted minis are crazy! I would like to have that talent when i paint...

    16. Thiago Aranha on

      @AGN1964: Yes, these are resin casts. The front page and other updates show the actual production plastics you'll be getting.

    17. Todd Ferrullo on

      Thanks for showing these off. I hope to see the various corrupted acolytes in a future update. Any chance that we will see some of the SG added figures painted before the campaign ends (or at least before delivery)?

    18. AGN1964 on

      The painting and sculpts show are great.

      Here is a pet peeve of mine. Showing greens, renders and resin casts during the KS campaign and not mentioning at all that we will get something different. Yes, Relic Knights, I'm looking you ;-)

      This could be an example. Your italicized disclaimer at the top implies that the only difference between these and what we get is the painting. But I think these are resin casts and we will get something that is different. Or am I wrong? Are these production plastic minis?

      @CMoN Let us know what we are looking at!

    19. Bill the Raven on

      Wow, it might be too much to ask, but is there any option (costing a pretty penny I know) to have some or all of the figures one buys studio quality painted? I'd love to at least see the 7 sins looking this good (and I don't think I have the painting skill to pull this off right now).

    20. Teowulff

      Morgana's artworks looks A LOT better than her mini!! ;-(