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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. James One of Many

      If she's a power lifter champion, the mini should be... thicker, I'd say.

    2. WarWolf on

      I'm aware most of the sculpts are done and not changing just like the idea of more fighting poses and they could add a few figures during the campaign or alternate sculpts for a figure that may be considered popular amongst backers. I like both types of poses and who knows someday maybe like the zombivores in zombicide maybe we can see the same idea in the future products where each character has an alternate sculpt, I'd pay for that as an optional buy. Like this sniper pose
      Still I think it is a great mini anywhichway

    3. wikiro on

      lol the picture looks ridiculous in full. She looks like a dwarf that doesn't know how to dress herself. Mini looks cool though.

    4. gawain_77 on

      @Christian: You are welcome :-)

    5. Christian Cavicchio

      I lived in Schleswig-Holstein for about a year... I loved there!

    6. gawain_77 on

      @adamthesonofgod: Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein. Sorry, I thought you were refering to all of criticism and suggestions around here. Your post makes sense for me now, and yes you are right about artistic rights and gender discussion. Glad you don't get offended easily, so you didn't get offended by my last post :-) I'm apologizing for getting this wrong.

      The debate about objectifying women raged on in every CMON camapaign I took part in. I myself expect to see some female hero/survior miniatures like that in a game with Zombies or monsters in it. Its part of the theme, its inseparable connected. There are enough heroes/survivors to choose from so that everybody should be happy with some of them as long as the art matches the miniature of course ;-)

    7. adamthesonofgod

      @Gawain: Greetings from NRW. I was referring to the conversation farther down the update comments about artistic representation and gender, it can become a disruptive topic, especially in enterprises like this where the creator interfaces directly with the customer. I'm not that easily offended.
      Your feedback about miniatures dimensions matching art elements seems spot on, that's exactly the kind of dialogue I like to see in the updates. Checked your altered version on BGG and it is a closer depiction of the miniature.

    8. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Was hoping for a Hellboy like hero, oh well there's 24 days to go.

    9. gawain_77 on

      @adamthesonofgod: Whats wrong about telling our opinion? We pay for it, can't we say what we would like to see? The worst thing that can happen is that they don't listen or some of us back off. There are some designers around that listen to their supporters. Altering the art a little bit so that it fits the miniature wouldn't be that big deal for the designer. Sorry but I'm the kind of gamer that likes to have miniatures on the board that look similar to their pictures on the dashboards. Btw. CMON can do way better, they proved it already and I'm really wondering about the difference. Just don't read the comments if you feel offended by them, nobody got angry here, they only said what they like to see or don't like to see. Please don't try to educate, let CMON judge by themselves if there is a valid point in the comments.

    10. adamthesonofgod

      Artistic license belongs to the artist. This is kickstarter and I would in encourage the complainers to launch their own project and I genuinely wish them success. In the meantime, please keep the gamergate drama out of someone else's campaign. CMON keep up the good work.

    11. gawain_77 on

      1) There is a word duplicated in flavour text: "but she still has doubts ABOUT ABOUT her current".

      2) Others already mentioned it. Imo it looks weird that the proportions in the picture are completely different to the miniature. It just don't fits. I don't think they will change the miniature, but then please change the art. It costs about 5 minutes to do that. I invested one minute by myself in Photoshop to show a preview:…

      (leave head and sniper rifle as it is and transform the rest to be more slender. Thx.

    12. Crystal Groves

      I'm glad to finally get some Filipinas in these kinds of games but I really wish she wasn't so impractically dressed. Not a deal-breaker but still a bit disappointing. I'm looking forward to getting her so I can paint and play her!

    13. euansmith

      I can only assume Nichole Tumibay is going for the Power Girl distract your foe with clevage tactic... I can't help but think that an opening like that is going to be a real dust trap and so rather uncomfortable.

      It is a shame that the sculptor appears to have got the weight on the wrong side of her body. To support a heavy object like that, her right hip and shoulder should be raised to brace against the weight rather than sagging under it.

      Other than that, and the beewbs, that's a nice mini. The coparacolites are cracking.

    14. Mist_Wave on

      My wife will love this character, she will eaven rp her with tagalog! #FilipinaWifeFTW

    15. Doug Chapman

      +1 @ Utter Fool - Thank you; the one-sided war does get tiresome. :)

      Love the character and the mini, though I have to agree with Gunter that the mini looks a bit light compared to the artwork.

    16. Happy Sunshine on

      Don't listen to magicpink! He is a hypocrite, he complains about a project but does not have enough spine to back out of it.

    17. Utter Fool

      While we are talking about objectifying . Do you notice how half the men are walking around half naked. They have unrealistically chiseled abs and pecs. This leaves me with unrealistic expectations of what men living in a FANTASY HORROR WORLD should look like.

    18. Denis Maddalena


      Regarding covering it up... speak to any female in the military, and they'll cuss all day about body armor. Weapons and armor tend to be built for men, and unless you have no chest and broad shoulders, armor will interfere with a female's fire more often than not. Of course, this is regular armor, but the plate carriers can be more comfortable. A sniper, meanwhile, is even less likely to wear anything binding. A plate carrier isn't out of the question, though.

      Anyway, on everyone's thoughts about modeling pose versus fighting... the only other reasonable pose would be a walking one. Or a slung rifle with sword out. Unless doing one of those really fancy kneeling poses (see Infinity Haqqislam Djanbazan sniper), being in a firing position for that weapon would require her to be prone. In all cases it's going to obscure a lot of the figure. And coolmini tends to give no damn about this sort of stuff anyway. They've already got a master. That's too much time and money to redo a figure. They're sneaky... so many models are already done, waiting for stretch goals, all to get the game to us quick.

    19. Cmeeu

      Anyone else look at that and wonder/worry that they're parodying "The Jersey Shore" and that's our Snookie model.

      I hate that I even know that reference...

    20. Max Maloney on

      I hope we get some more supernatural FAITH agents soon. The base seven are over half inhuman but all four of the bonus agents we've seen (Calavera plus three stretch goals) are vanilla humans.

      I don't see players choosing the regular humans very often compared to werewolves and demons,

    21. WarWolf on

      a game that might be less offensive to you. Or simply don't use those figures that don't appeal to you.

    22. WarWolf on

      This has a hell raiser vibe to it so sit back and be prepared to be offended by the horrors in the world of the others or go find

    23. WarWolf on

      MagicPink do you join these kickstarters just to start complaining about an artist choosing to add some sex appeal to his/her product. It was obvious from the imagery preceding this kickstarter that there would be some skin exposed on some of these miniatures. Look at the guest line up. So why did you join this one or the others I see you commenting on complaining about the same thing. Don't support them if you are offended by what you are seeing instead of you trying to shape things to your liking changing the vision of the artists involved.

    24. Mackenzie Upchurch on

      I like this model! Looks different from the other models that I have!

    25. Missing avatar


      Great, can we get some females that aren't so fucking objectified now?

    26. Judgement Dave

      "fighting pose > Modeling pose"
      Need a fighting pose and anyone who wants it more model-like will just have to paint on a smize...

    27. C on

      Well, I'm glad to see a female model that's on the plus-size. Most of the plus-size women I know have a fair amount of cleavage.

    28. soulchief on

      Yea, fighting pose > Modeling pose

    29. WarWolf on

      Cool miniature but I wish more were in fighting poses instead of looking like they are posing for a guns and ammo shoot.

    30. Swordfist buttwiper on

      And every woman has two boobs, for the most part. So there are twice as many boobs as there are men. We're outnumbered and it's overwhelming. We're powerless, and we have to accept it.

    31. Missing avatar

      Nicole True

      As a practical matter I would think that a female warrior would want to cover her chest (not out of modesty ) but because there is a vital organ behind that cleavage.

    32. Missing avatar

      Choppy! the chipmunk eating lawnmower on

      Of course she couldn't be from the Philippines, she had to be an American, the daughter of immigrants, pretty much like Will's story. I see all international fluff will be "children of immigrants that bleed red white and blue".

    33. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      Okay, awesome artwork, even the MGSV "sniper cleavage" doesn't stick out that much. She looks fierce and ready to kick ass and chew monster gum.

      Her mini needs at least 20 to 30 pounds more to be as good. Then she would'vr be my favourite hero tied with the devil bruiser (Thorley?).

    34. Raymund Tesoro

      cool! a filipina character!

    35. Mindless-Focus on

      Yet you didn't hear all us vocal people asking for more sins...

    36. Devil Inside Productions

      And now those same people whining for more female characters will whine that there's cleavage... :)

    37. Ole Ingvar Stene

      "Thumibay"? Really? Someone call the pun police.