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A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
A horror board game with amazing miniatures, where a handful of heroes must face the terrifying corruptive forces of the Seven Sins.
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    1. Judgement Dave

      They're here...

    2. estrus on

      "corrupted politicians" is redundant. ;)

    3. NecroNuke9

      Yes! Corrupted Cops. Called it from day 1.

    4. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      I still don't like exclusives. I got Arcadia Quest + Exclusives and they plays a lot in the enjoyment of the game. They screwed up Arcadia Quest from a good chunk of replayability for the non KS backer (I cant recommend to buy the game now to anyone due to this).
      I'm pleased to see CMON doing things right.
      Getting a great deal for his backers without screwing the post KS players that will be able to enjoy the game in its "COMPLETE" form.

    5. Bill the Raven on

      @Matt, for some experienced like CMON, I'd say they had 98.325% of the SG planned out before the event even went live. This isn't CMON's first rodeo. :)

      Also, dispute my defense of exclusives (and those who want them) I also prefer more free expansions to exclusives. I have no problem with exclusives (as long as I'm on the side of getting them :)). Peace out, and it was a nice discussion! :)

    6. John Corley on

      Stretch Goal $1,000,000 - all my s#@t painted!

    7. MRiley on

      Wouldn't corrupted politicians just be normal politicians?

    8. Chris Reaume

      My 2 cents: Exclusives are cool. Gimme Gimme Gimme! Free Non-Exclusive retail also cool. Gimme some of that on the side.

    9. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      All we need now is some corrupted politicians.
      Maybe add the Mayor and Chief of Police, etc.

    10. MRiley on

      You know, I really like the Greed figures but I am going to be constantly confusing them with Gluttony. I do love the little grabby hands, though - that's suitably greedy without entering glutton territory.

    11. Kenna

      I love the Greed Controller with the mouth in the stomach. Reminds me of an old Ghostbusters cartoon character.

    12. barry morgan on

      @batei +1

      the best long exclusive for non scalpers is exclusive pricing rather than content. for example if cmon were to package the KS exclusive survivors from zombicide for $20 peer set of 4 - we are still getting an awesome deal on KS paying $100 for $70 of core game plus $100+ of freebie add ons, but folks can still get everything later at retail by buying it at a fair cost. and I say this as someone who is sitting with a ton of exclusives from several CMoN kickstarters carefully boxed away in my garage for selling on ebay at a later date.

    13. Batei on

      Free is better than exclusive. Exclusive screws up the market post KS. If you want exclusives, then I suspect you are nothing but a scalper and planning on Ebaying your stuff. You've been judged.

    14. Matt Gilbank on

      @Bill Actually the constant KS style greatly puts me off. I still in many ways believe that KS should be for helping out the little guys who are trying to get off the ground. Not for established companies that have made a ton to remove all risk from their business model. Though you did say they have a smart business side so I guess if you can do it, it is quite smart.

      I have no problem with some exclusives and absolutely no problem with discounts. I generally prefer to see alt art/sculpts than full on game changing things. As far as discounts go I doubt we are really getting as big of a discount as you might believe. I have talked to many store owners who tell me most of the time MSRP is about 60% up on what the publisher ends up with. So they could roughly double the content we are getting and still end up 20% pure profit on top of whatever they were getting before. That is not even including all of the add ons.

      Some of the stretch goals show that. The wording of the soundtrack certainly implies that it was either completed or well on its way to completion. We had to "earn" it being made available to us. I can take a file and get a link for it with unlimited downloads put up a lot of places for no cost. I would assume they had this already factored into the initially value of the KS just incase the campaign does not fair as well as Zombicide or Blood Rage had. I doubt the smart business side would have had that arranged and started without ensuring the campaign would cover it.

      The system is the reason I am here only because I like the look of the game and it sounds really cool and hits a lot of buttons for me. But also I know that if I did not back I would not bother with it at retail. If I did it would be when it landed in a clearance bin if it had followed previously established exclusive practices.

    15. M Lawler on

      Eh.. exclusives and bonus content are the "only" ways I'll buy board games with $70+ price tags (not just talking about this one). I'm not so much of a board gamer as to put that much on them, I'm in it mostly for models for use with RPGs and tabletop games. If it did not have the model volume or variety of poses from extra sculpts, etc. then I wouldn't go near it.

      My point is, there's people on each side of that spectrum. We're both posting here so it's probable that we both find this acceptable (at least to the point where it is on this KS) if not ideal.

      The Dungeons and Dragons boxed board games retail for about $50 each and have scades of models, tiles, cards, counters, and full color printed material. I would buy this type of box all day at retail. That's my ideal scenario. Decent price, no waiting with bated breath, just a retail purchase of something that's ready to go and I'm out the door.

      I took a chance with CMoN on Rum and Bones, and I'm kicking myself for missing out on their previous KS campaigns because I won't buy those products at retail since they tend to have IMO high price tags. The quality is there for sure, but the content value at the KS level for R&B vs the retail is so offset that it's staggering. I was interested in Blood Rage and a few of their others but wow. No way. I late pledged Black Plague luckily but only just.

    16. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      CMoN knows what their doing... have faith. :D

    17. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      @Matt Gilbank
      Nope. I'm right there with you. Lots of exclusives makes me a lot less likely to back. Give me a good deal on a completionist package that means I pay less than in retail and I'm down. I'm not really bothered by some cosmetic/graphical exclusive jazz, but anything exclusive gameplay-wise makes me want out.

      I'll never get zombicide, ever. If I get a game, I get it all, and getting zombicide exclusives won't happen. Same with a gazillion other games, and I know several others with the same idea. Same goes for companies prone to give out exclusives at cons without releasing the same stuff later, I just stay far far away.

    18. jphoenix on

      It is better they don't. In every campaign CMON adjusts the goals based on the pace of the funding. This ensures that we do get pretty much everything. As you can see they have already lowered sg gaps here where in zombicide Black Plague they got even larger because of the massive funding. As opposed to setting high goals all in advance without knowing the demand and then we may never hit the goals.
      On Blood Rage they even combined multiple goals into one to try and get funding going which they would t have done if all the goals were pre released

    19. Bill the Raven on

      @Matt: I don't think you are in a completionist minority. In fact some level of completionist is likely in many of the backers already signed up. They've been burned before (maybe we missed the exclusives from the first Zombicide), but they sign up for the others early so they won't be burned this time. This whole mania is what makes the CMON kickstarters so successful. Believe me, they would much rather you buy the game directly from them (in kickstarter), than via a retail partner.

      As everyone knows once these games do hit online retailers, they start getting discounted (to the point in some cases that the early loan discount doesn't seem like that good of a deal anymore). Exclusives likely go up in value, so they are ultimately the hedge guaranteeing that what we pay for now would surely cost us more later.

      Anyway, CMON delivers awesome products, and they have a smart business side too. This combo is why we are getting so many great games from them. If they didn't do this discount/exclusive business model with Zombicide 2/3, would we even have been given Blood Rage and The Others? Their system works. It has you and I here, right! :)

    20. jphoenix on

      I admit it Jacob. I love exclusives - those are the only kickstarters I back, or I would go broke if I backed every single game that looked good. So I agree, bring them on!

    21. Marc Parra on

      Man I wish cmon would make a massive goals list that shows you at what numbers we unlock everything at, they can hide what it is bUT let us know. I feel that right now unless we hit zombicide numbers we are going to be missing out on stuff .

    22. Matt Gilbank on

      I have to say the extreme use of exclusives has kept me from backing previous CMoN campaigns and means I will probably never purchase many of their games at retail. I don't mind a few but I believe having heavy exclusives hurts a game at retail. Though maybe I am in the minority as a completionist who wants everything that could be counted as actual game content.

    23. Bill the Raven on

      CMON needs to give some combination of discounted prices and exclusives to give us incentive to loan them money. This is what Kickstarter is all about. Exclusives are just a way of inflating the value they are offering us (since EBay prices on the exclusives are through the roof after release in many cases). So in that sense, even exclusives are just another form of discount to the pledger. If CMON did none of these techniques, their Kickstarter funds would be a fraction of what they are. Take a look at other game companies that do neither (exclusives nor discounted pricing). There kickstarter a seldom break six figures, while CMON's kickstarter's regularly break seven figures. Desire for exclusives and discounts is not selfish, it is just a sign that the person giving CMON a large loan is not a sucker.

    24. Kenna

      But take note that Greed box will be FREE to us, while non-backers will have to buy it at retail. I can handle deals like that, too.

    25. Jim Burzelic

      I don't need exclusive, but I do like bonus stuff not in the basic retail package, like the Greed box.

    26. Gavin Meakings on

      Jacob, Zombicide Black Plague has very few exclusives compared to previous campaigns. I expect we will see more exclusives but I would expect 80% of the items to be non exclusive.

    27. Jacob

      magicpimk I am speking for myself. CMON campaigns are usualli exclusive-heavy. AND YES- i don't think i'm selfish because i want to have something others don't if i pay for the game 7 months or so before it's delivered.

    28. Syco54645 on

      That third policeman sculpt is freaking awesome!

    29. Missing avatar


      Speak for yourself, Jacob. I don't want exclusives, I want everything available to everyone. Quit being selfish.

    30. WarWolf on

      Very cool love the cop sculpts

    31. Jacob

      Is this a diet Exclusive campaign? I guess the socialist epidemic struck CMON....
      We want exclusives! yes i know - i'm evil for wanting something only for myself but i bet a lot of you feels the same but just won't admit to it.

    32. Crimson Ghost on

      im more surprised that the greed controller isn't wearing a suit and tie...

    33. Judgement Dave

      (Though saying that doesn't mean I don't think they look excellent.)

    34. Judgement Dave

      Thought you may have cleaned up the mould lines... Though I guess it shows that they're cast rather than 3D prints (unless you've purposely added them to make a 3D print look cast)

    35. "The Mad Rabbi", King of the Undead on

      They're awesome. Can't wait to get them.

    36. C on

      Someday, a creator will release civilian miniatures that don't have a gun in their hand. Or a tentacle coming out of them. :D The guy with the sunglasses will be fun to paint!

    37. Ole Ingvar Stene

      Those 3rd type cops are COOL!