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Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
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Here Are We Sitting in a Cardboard Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

<Ground Control to Starcadians>

Report in!

We're down to the last couple of hours of our campaign and we're still crushing through Stretch Goals! Thanks to your support and dedication, we've just passed the $900k mark, unlocking the Kickstarter Exclusive Hero Cybot for all backers!

But before we call it a day.. do we have time for one more? Put your helmets on, Starcadians, for we shall try!

That's right! If we reach $930k we'll unlock for all backers the Kickstarter Exclusive Space Oddities Box, a storage solution to encompass the unlocked Stretch Goals from the campaign. It may be only a mockup for now, but we're very excited to reveal this Stretch Goal to you!

Space Oddities Box Mockup.
Space Oddities Box Mockup.

Can we do it, Starcadians?

Let's hear it for Starcadia… and Beyond!

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    1. Patrick Stangier on

      @Adam Aldridge
      I am very, very happy that we are getting a storage box.

      That said the box might not "cost" CMoN as much as you think it does. The items need to be packaged anyway and by consolidating them into a single box you save on individual packaging. More importantly however a single box containing lots of small items is much easier and cheaper to handle than lots of individual items. Part (or maybe even all) of what these boxes cost in production will be offset by lowering handling fees, customer service expenditures and similar expenses.

      CMoN does these boxes as much for the backers as they do for themselves.

    2. Missing avatar

      Johnny McNabb on

      Hey... the butt man mini made it on the box !

    3. Missing avatar

      Adam Aldridge on

      Keep in mind that nearly everyone will be getting a Space Oddities box. Currently that's over 6,300 boxes they need to make. As someone who has worked in shipping before I can tell you... cardboard ain't cheap. Also each box needs the vac-u-formed plastic insert for all the minis. Between that and the box are they aren't really making too much money on that 30k Stretch goal. Besides, you are all getting a nice storage box for your KS exclusives for free! Be happy! :D
      (This is similar to previous campaigns also. The Guildmaster Box from AQ Classic and the Hell of a Box from AQ Inferno. They didn't do a stretch goal for those boxes and I am sure they had to pay out of pocket for those)

    4. Roy P

      @Jacek $30k = 6,000 boxes plus $30k worth of pledged for materials.

    5. Jacek on

      +30k = box?

    6. Drew on

      The minis go in IKEA cases around here, so a storage box isn't a big deal.

      I guess I'll have my choice of which box to keep the tokens and tiles in.

    7. Missing avatar

      Martin k on

      If the storage “solution” is anything like the one from Green Horde, please don’t waste our money. The one from GH was a simple vac-tray that wasn’t really practical for regular gaming.

    8. Carlos M. on

      We simply cannot miss this!!!! Where will we be storing all the minis and stuff??? Reusing a painted amazon box is not appropriate for a 300+$ BoardGame

    9. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      Going by the name I would imagine it's only for the base pledge SGs

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      Great add-on going to look great on the shelf next to all the AQ boxes

    11. Forsetius on

      Nice - will it contain the Bots and Pirates SG's as well?

    12. duz_machines_84 on

      @Akira: Game Over Man!

    13. Space Buccaneer Zip! on

      Is this box gonna have inserts for build a bot and arrmada exclusives?

    14. Sir Frank Radefeldt

      It seems that we unlocked most of the SG, this is a great result after a relatively slow start. Hope we will get this box as well :)

    15. duz_machines_84 on

      Shmexy box. I like how it looks as if the gooblies are in a movie theater watching a cheesy sci-fi flick. Arcadian Science Theater 3000!

    16. Bert M Calentine on


    17. Missing avatar

      BitboBaggins on

      hope we have the option of add on if this doesn't fund, really want a box to put all this stuff in

    18. Missing avatar

      Jordan Miller on

      Awesome, this will be amazing, the cardboard boxes are always depressing if they are just brown

    19. Akira on

      that's cool too.. hopefully last SG takes the place of the "engage" word bubble