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Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
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It's Taco Tuesday Celebration!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Starcadians, report in!

We're now down to the last hours in the campaign and we received exciting news from the front! To account for the Retail Pledges accumulated during this campaign and the support of the Chinese backers, we are able to not only unlock more Stretch Goals but also add some content that many of you have been asking for. 

You requested it. We've listened. It's Taco Tuesday. A celebration is due!

Here's the content that is now Unlocked:


We'll develop a brand-new campaign that narrates the efforts of the Starcadian Alliance against Lord Dusk and the Thornetroopers. This will be a 4-Scenario linear campaign that we'll add to the Thornetroopers Enemy Set!

To find out more about the Thornetroopers Enemy Set, CLICK HERE.

Similarly, we'll create a brand-new 4-Scenario linear campaign to cover the events of the derelict cargo ship that brought about the Zeniths to Starcadia, and the mighty fight to push them back!

To find out more about the Zenith Invasion Enemy Set, CLICK HERE.


Every Monster is the Hero in their own point of view, right? Another popular request, we've adapted some of the Monsters into playable Heroes. The following 10 Hero cards are now Unlocked:

  • Johnny Jet
  • Z-500
  • Supreme Commander Thorne
  • Praetor 
  • Iceheart
  • Gobbly
  • Captain Wet Willy (added to Space Marauders Pledge)
  • Lieutenant Plasma (added to Thornetroopers Enemy Set)
  • Lord Dusk (added to Thornetroopers Enemy Set)
  • Zenith Guard (added to Zenith Invasion Enemy Set)
Please note that these cards are currently under development and are subject to change.
Please note that these cards are currently under development and are subject to change.

*Note that this unlocked Stretch Goal comprises Hero cards only, not figures.

And to complete the set of unlocked content, all backers will get a brand-new set of 2 Officers:

Twin-Peeks are a special set of Officers, as they come in two and are able to use their natural connection and synergy to do a lot together, such as spawn, move and attack!

Twin-Peeks resin figure.
Twin-Peeks resin figure.

For Starcadia… and Beyond!

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    1. Missing avatar

      OJB on

      and +1 for the Omega Launcher, it would be nice to have a big figure, just like Nibbles from AQ

    2. Missing avatar

      OJB on

      Playable monsters makes a lot f sense in this game, that's why they have been seen in AQ, AQI and now SQ. In SQ they are particularly good because of the pvp hollow deck Showdown, of course people want to have a villain team to fight in a hologram simulator.

    3. Jayhad on

      CMON, can we make a plea to add Hero card for Omega Launcher and/or Bulldozer? For those of us interested in Build a Bot, would be great to have a robot or two for heroes.

    4. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      A lot of people wanted that. I saw demands for Iceheart as hero too as soon as the mini was shown. A lot also wanted for Johnny Jet, some were disapointed it was an officer and not a hero. and I saw demands for a terminator character and monster before Z-500 was shown. Gobbly was asked too. Seriously, it's a great addition, it basically add 10 heroes to the roster without costing too much for Cmon, it's a win-win situation. And they don't fight their twins, because you only have one mini of those. it's obvious that you don't put their cards in the officer board if they are presents as characters.

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Monsters as heroes, the moment you know they are running out of ideas for stretch goals.

      Seriously, who requests this? It completely takes the believability out of the game having monsters as heroes, fighting against their "twins".

    6. Sir Frank Radefeldt

      Best update so far :) mind adding some new floor tiles with that new campaigns? :)

    7. Kory Dondzila

      You are right, I forgot you had responded to that little thread too.
      It is possible they are being sneaky. It's honestly hard to say. I sent them a message thanking them either way. I just think it's awesome, well the whole project is awesome to me.

    8. Tony on

      Impressive... most impressive.

    9. PK

      @Kory Dondzila

      If that makes you happy, more power to you. :-)

      I was here during that initial exchange with TA, and, not playing "he said, she said" by any means, I tend to give more credit to CMON for playing clever/cheeky and usually keeping backers happy by whatever means. :-)

      But that's just me. In the end, we get our quirky pop-culture ref, eh? Twin win. :-)

    10. Akira on

      either CMON has moles amongst us or they really love us!

    11. Missing avatar

      battlegoat on

      Well played CMON, best update ever!

    12. Kory Dondzila

      According to Guilherme Goulart, that name came from a backer suggestion.
      Last night I had mentioned Twin-Peeks and Thiago was depressed because they hadn't thought of it.

    13. PK

      I cannot help but think Twin-Peeks was planned all along... ;-)

      and lol @ Weebles- they wobble, but they don't fall down! :-D

    14. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      Caramba. that sure was some meaty taco.

    15. Jon Silvestri on

      CMON, you mad lads, you've done it. I'm so very happy with this update. Thank you! <3

    16. Missing avatar

      Katie Huber on

      Love this! Thank you for taking the time to read our requests and respond in kind! This is why I love CMON!

    17. Kory Dondzila

      They completely listened, I mean I made Thiago depressed they hadn't thought of Twin-Peeks, so he had to get them to do it.
      Not to mention that also got the Peek-a-chew and Peek-a-fight puns (the first I know was basically suggested by various people)

    18. Melina Webber on

      THANK YOU CMON, Isadora, Thiago...!!! This is the best update yet! Can't wait to get my hands on this expanded universe!

    19. Missing avatar

      Craig Patterson on

      This is truly amazing!!!! I'm going to throw more money at this campaign. You did a great job making the MOST of these add-ons! This campaign has been so much fun and FULL of surprises!

      Props for a job VERY WELL DONE!

    20. Alex on

      Amazing update! Very impressed that CMON listened to the backers so much and really smashed it with amazing item after amazing item. I hopeed for Xenos but never expected to get them, let alone the queen, and a terminator as well! And I get to play as Johnny jet, a Zenith and all the other cool baddies, that's freaking awesome! Best CMON campaign ever and I've been backing since the first Zombicide :)

    21. Drew on

      Why is this game taking so long to deliver?

      I don't even have a shipping notification yet!?! I might DIE!

    22. Akira on

      Holy crud! THANK YOU CHINA, XIE XIE for manufacturing the game and unlocking SGs!! also thanks CMON !!! you're still the best and i have no idea why people are banking on another messy SFG gamble instead of this

    23. Missing avatar

      xaxiomatic on

      OMG Is it august 2019 yet?

    24. MEQQA

      Omg, that was the best response to the community during a campaign. Literally a bunch of stuff the backers thought would add a lot to the game and you listened and delivered, ty for the nice surprise on taco tuesday

    25. Jimmy Trinket

      @Kory, nice work!!! And who says CMON doesn't listen to their backer's comments. :D Yay!!! Awesome work CMON!

    26. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      Best. CMON. Update. Ever.

    27. Mike A. on

      Holy crap, they actually added the campaigns. Nice job, CMON.

    28. duz_machines_84 on

      Abso-freaking-lutely incredible. Enemy sets are definitely a must have, it looks like you guys scooped up everybodies final hopes and dreams and made them real.

    29. Missing avatar


      Ah ****, now I have to buy the Thornetroopers and Zenith as well!

    30. Missing avatar


      @Bart Look at the first paragraph again. They were unlocked by Chinese and retailer pledges, but they are for everybody.

    31. Bert M Calentine on

      awesome cmon, you know how to release a great product

    32. KI on

      Heck yes! Taco Tuesday FTW!

    33. Missing avatar

      OJB on

      OMG going crazy

    34. Missing avatar

      Magnus on

      Annnd we made a Pokemon, Pikachu reference. God bless.

    35. It's a secret!


    36. Leberschnitzel on

      Just today I thought "street masters made enemies to heroes and it was probably the cheapest stretchgoal to make", and now this! Great stuff. Also really happy about the adventures.

    37. Kory Dondzila


      My Twin-Peeks!!!!!

    38. Bart Verstuyft on

      Do these pledges only go to retailer pledgers and Chinese pledges? No way for us normal backers?

    39. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      Oh... More shinys!