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Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
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Attack of the Thornetroopers!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Starcadians, report in!

We have a special - not to mention somewhat alarming – announcement today: a brand-new set of enemies have been sighted, and while thankfully their shots seem to be missing more often than not, they look rather dashing in their sleek matching uniforms.

Not long ago in a quadrant far away, Supreme Commander Thorne put in motion a plan that has been kept in the utmost secrecy. Special orders were issued and the recruitment and training of a dedicated elite force started in earnest. This army of dedicated soldiers now stand ready at Thorne’s disposal, much to the dismay of Starcadians all across the galaxy!

For $25, the Kickstarter Exclusive Thornetroopers Enemy Set Optional Buy brings a slew of new enemies that can be added to any Starcadia Quest Scenario, expanding the possibilities of available enemies for backers, and bringing their *ahem* charming personality to your game sessions.

The Thornetroopers Enemy Set comes with:

  • 4 Thornetroopers 
  • 2 Thorne Commandos 
  • 1 Lieutenant Plasma 
  • 1 Uber Transport 
  • 1 Lord Dusk 
  • 5 Monster cards

So, shall we inspect our troops?

Thornetroopers are always wearing their state-of-the-art armor and rifle, and they sure pack a lot! Their basic Ranged Attacks rolls a whopping 7 dice! And that alone would be incredible… if only their aim was a little better, after all, Thornetroopers only manage to score a Hit when they roll a Crit!

Thornetrooper resin figure.
Thornetrooper resin figure.

Issuing loud orders have become second nature to Thorne Commandos, which makes any other Monsters in their tile actually roll extra dice on all rolls! Whether that boost comes from being inspired or angry is subject to debate!

Thorne Commando resin figure.
Thorne Commando resin figure.

Lieutenant Plasma is not only known for being a severe and dedicated leader: her sharpshooting skills are the stuff of legend, and her long distance shots really count! Whenever her target is at least a few Spaces away, she gets extra dice on all her rolls!

Lt. Plasma resin figure.
Lt. Plasma resin figure.

Moving around a space station inside a huge armored transport does have its benefits. Not only is the Internet reception that much better up there, but the transport itself packs a lot of defense, reliable firepower, but most of all, it’s able to Shove enemies out of the way when it enters any Space!

Uber Transport resin figure.
Uber Transport resin figure.

With an ever-present fury and a raspy voice, Lord Dusk knows that people get anxious whenever he’s around, and secretly, he savors it. His latest technique makes him particularly proud, as he’s able to instill in others an uncontrollable cough - how’s that for revenge? - that makes any Saves that are scored against his attack actually deal Wounds the defender! Quick, someone bring him some water!

Lord Dusk resin figure.
Lord Dusk resin figure.

For Starcadia… and Beyond!


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    1. Rand Chua TL on

      Want to see all their ability cards!

    2. Jay Ogden on

      And @dim im pretty sure you have to roll to save. So basically have to roll an potentially take even more damage. Seems pretty straight forward

    3. Kory Dondzila

      It's possible it's exclusive for the reason of it being Star Wars parody. We don't relly know the whole situation with it.

      To those mentioning having it be rideable. it might actually be looking at the size of the circle space on top compared to the base of the characters.

    4. Plumyoen Benjamin on

      Here is where I don't understand CMON exclusivity politic. This box would be a must-have for anybody buying the game on retail. And yet, you are making it an exclusive that will be sold excessively expensive on ebay. I can understand for the others SG because they are not supposed to appeal to absolutely everyone. But given Star Wars' popularity, that box would be a boost for retail's sells. That's why I don't think that making it a KS exclusiv is a bad and unfair idea.
      That and no Doctor Who reference. ;)

    5. Trueflight Silverwing on

      Kind of funny that everything else in this game seems to be a random mishmash of themes, and yet this fits so perfectly. Had they taken the same effort with the core game as they did with this add on, I think there would be a lot more backers.

    6. Jimmy Trinket

      so can a mini actually ride on the transport?

    7. Marco on

      This. This right here sold me.

    8. Roy P

      REALLY happy with this. Everything fits well for theme and it sounds like they will play super well too. Great addition.

    9. AlexC

      Hilarious! And awesome!

      Hoping there be one based on a Star Trek Away team (with Picard),
      or the Firefly/Serenity crew,
      or Marvels GotG :)

    10. Petr Sorfa

      I've got to admit with this expansion and the build-a-robot I rock solid behind this campaign. You guys have all the hooks.

    11. Sir Frank Radefeldt

      Yay :) that’s a nice surprise! Upped my pledge :)

    12. Bert M Calentine on

      ah crap, just take all my money.......

    13. Paul Cartwright

      Wow amazing!

    14. Missing avatar

      Manuel Gracia on

      Please please please do these characters:

      Rian Johnson
      Rose Tico
      Vice Admiral Purple Hair
      Jedi Temple Nuns


    15. Missing avatar

      Adam J Hodnichak on

      God damnit just take all my money...

    16. Henry Clark on

      This looks great!

    17. Anthony Nguyen on

      Why fear a potential cease and desist? The unpainted models don't look that close to their "homage" franchise, but the flavor and lore (and names) is what ties it together. The Uber Transport, perhaps my most favorite model in this box, reminds me more of ED-209 than an actual scout walker.

      CMON, please alter the Uber Transport to allow a model to ride it, and include AQ Rider crossover rules with it!

    18. Alex on

      This is the coolest thing ever but I fear it'll never see production due to the chances of a cease and desist. Would love to see a full Chibi style game with this theme, I wish CMON would do licensed games considering the quality of their minis/kickstarter campaigns.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Thomas on

      @Matt What makes you say this is the last boss? Nothing about the info given represents this. Are you projecting?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jazam on

      @Dim, well if he rolled say 2 hits and you rolled 2 defence, that would deal 4 damage. If you rolled 3 defence and he only rolled one hit, then it'll still do 4 damage. So quite a neat mechanic as opposed to just ignoring defence dice...

    21. diversionArchitect on

      @Dim it encourages you to avoid wearing armor against him- more def dice actually can hurt you.

    22. diversionArchitect on

      Matt these mix perfectly with the original enemies though. Dusk could command Peeks, or Thorne could command these troopers. Very easy to blend them. That’s why more monsters is such a huge plus.

    23. Anthony Nguyen on

      Will owning multiples of these boxes actually change the game in any way? Cause I would want to have a battalion of Thornetroopers!!

    24. Matt Freilich on

      As cool as these guys's a little irking that the actual thematic bad guys for the final boss are a paid add-on, rather than having been standard with the core set from the start. I'd have liked to see some cohesion to begin with, and have all the weird aliens be stretch goals and add-ons instead. That...or the final boss could have been a large alien overlord, while the original boss was bundled with this new add-on.

    25. Missing avatar

      Hugh G Rection

      Holy shit!

    26. DeathWarden


    27. HeartOfTheBacker on

      You guys are killing it.

    28. Alex Radcliffe on

      @dim Compare this to $25 for a dragon...I'll take it.

    29. Aonline

      Fantastic! True, play content would be better long-run but pop references is what gets me giddy.

    30. Celestial Fortitude

      8 models and a biggature. Poor show. And what is Lord Dusks ability.....he attacks you...and basically auto wounds....what's the point of his ability being that Saves actually cause wounds might aswell say you can't roll defense die against his

    31. Sebastien (Space Pirate) on

      Holy crap. instant add, but I fear that's there's a risque of change in the future.

    32. Arthur Tiberius 2.0, King of the Apes on

      I wanted to see cmon shot at boba fett

    33. Missing avatar


      Lol, awesome

    34. Missing avatar

      Manuel Gracia on

      Absolutely amazing

    35. Robin on

      Would have liked a tile or some new mission or anything extra besides just figures.

    36. Juan Tron

      Incoming cease and desist....