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Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
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Get Ready to Build-a-Robot

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Starcadians, report in!

After years of research and development we’re proud to announce a brand-new technology that many Crews have been craving for: companion Robots! The Build-a-Robot Challenge is brought to you by SpaceBook Expanded Enterprises:

Here at SpaceBook, our extreme data-mining has at last pinpointed the one thing everyone in the galaxy would absolutely love. No, not galactic peace or free tacos. Everyone wants their own robot! Therefore, you may have received a package in the mail recently containing a piece of your own bot, and that’s where the challenge lies! SpaceBook’s primary mission is building connections between users. What better way to do that than getting everyone out into the galaxy and working together to build robots? Robots with wheels, legs, and hoverdiscs! Robots with arms, claws, and multi-tools! Robots with lasers, rockets, and—wait, weapons? Umm…. That wasn’t in the plan. … Marketing did what? Quick, someone update the Terms-of-Service!

Starcadia Quest: Build-a-Robot brings not only a whole new branching campaign, monsters, heroes and Upgrades, but it’s also a modular expansion that introduces companion Robots, a new system that can be added to any Starcadia Quest Scenario!

Starcadia Quest: Build-a-Robot comes with:

  • 6 Robot Top Parts
  • 6 Robot Bottom Parts
  • 5 Monster figures (4x Y-Shot + 1x Bulldozer)
  • 2 Hero figures
  • 3 Game tiles
  • 4 Robot dashboards
  • 38 Cards
  • 38 Tokens
  • 4 Counter Bases
  • 1 Campaign Sheet Pad
  • 1 Rulebook

Playing with these adorable new companions is quite a new experience! The first thing Crew members should take notice is that every Robot is comprised of 2 parts: a Top Part and a Bottom Part that snap together and rotate freely. These parts are interchangeable, allowing many possible combinations! Each Robot Part is represented by a plastic figure and a mini card. The combined Plastic figures are deployed into the game along with the Crew members, aboard their shuttle, while a Robot Dashboard houses the Top and Bottom cards that create this particular Robot. The Top Part of each Robot contains a condition or situation that will trigger its ability, while the Bottom Part contains the effect of its ability will generate. So each combination of different Robot Parts will create a unique ability for players to explore and use to their advantage!

And backers who get Starcadia Quest: Build-a-Robot during this Kickstarter campaign will also get the Kickstarter Exclusive Robot Companion Laser-Tilt, including its 2-part Robot figure and Robot cards!

The Laser Robot Top part is triggered when an Ally rolls any Crits on Attack rolls. Pew-pew! Meanwhile, the Tilt Robot Bottom part goes clickity-clackity all throughout the station, and bugs out the Weapons of multiple enemies in its Line of Sight, exhausting them!

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

Thanks to their relatively small profile, Robots can be quite useful. Note, however, that SpaceBook regulation allows each Crew to have just a single Robot at a time. Robots don’t count towards the 2-figure per Space limitation and can move around the board (with 4 points of Movement, like Heroes) waltzing free of Guard Reactions. Nifty! Robots get to move during each of the player's turn and can move before or after the Hero has activated or a Rest – but they can’t attack! Robots only get to perform their ability when the condition specified by its Top Part is met - triggering the effect listed in the Bottom Part.

Perceptive SpaceBook users will also notice that Robots are not only highly customizable - they’re also upgradable! When playing with Build-a-Robot, Crews can collect a new type of Gadget: Robot Pieces! Whenever you overkill a Monster, kill an Enemy Hero or simply take the tokens from the board, Crews collect Pieces in their dashboards, and can discard a set of 3 Pieces to Upgrade its Robot. Upgrading a Robot allows players to take one unused Robot Part from a deck and replace it on their Robot. This also increases the Upgrade level in the Robot Dashboard, potentially improving its base stats and numerical value of its ability!

Robot companions are nothing without Heroes to guide them, and we’re proud to present 2 new Heroes that come in the Build-a-Robot expansion:

As a sharpshooter, Kylee enjoys picking targets from far away (and bragging about it later!). Her Ranged attacks on Enemies that are on a different tile than her deal double the hits!

Kylee's resin figure
Kylee's resin figure

With his highly sophisticated systems, Leotron is able to unexhaust any one Boost at the beginning of each turn. It just keep going, and going, and going…

Leotron's resin figure.
Leotron's resin figure.

Supreme Commander Thorne would not sit idly while the forces of the Alliance bolstered themselves with robotic advances. He’s devised a robot line for his service and purpose, and these baddies are programmed to ruin your day!

Y-Shots may be the rank and file in Thorne’s Robot army, but they bear a special grudge towards companion Robots, who they see as complete sellouts. When attacking, Y-Shots get Rerolls based on the target Crew’s Robot Level.

The Bulldozer is not only a new type of Villain, it’s also massive, very sturdy, shoots well and gains extra dice for each Level on the target Crew’s Robot. Owie!


The 3 brand new Game Tiles that come with Build-a-Robot not only further increase the replayability of the game but also bring immersion into new areas, where Robots are built, repaired and stocked, and feature not only Portals, Gadgets, and Monster Spawns but also the new Robot Pieces token!

With its many technological advances, the Build-a-Robot expansion also brings shiny new Turrets! These deadly machines are as threatening as it gets and they are used by players to protect their interests. They are a modular piece and can be used in any other scenario, its really easy to integrate, but be careful, it can (and it will) be used against you. A Hero standing in a Space with a Computer Terminal can forgo their Attack to instead remotely control any Turret to roll a Ranged Attack against any target in its Line of Sight with a whopping 5 Dice Attack!

How about we take a closer look at what each of the Robot Top and Bottom Parts from the expansion do?

The Buzz Robot Top Part is triggered when any Enemy in its Line of Sight is killed. The Clap Robot Bottom Part likes to make some noise and is able to Exhaust Boost Upgrades from multiple enemies! 

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

The Cyber Robot Top Part is really good with computers and triggers whenever it enters a Space with a Computer Terminal. The Bot Robot Bottom Part changes the color of a Portal within a certain distance!

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

The ever-watching Hyper Robot Top Part triggers whenever an Enemy Hero in its Line of Sight is attacked, while the Shot Robot Bottom Part is a mean machine that deals 1 Wound to multiple enemies in Line of Sight when triggered! 

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

 The Omega Robot Top Part triggers every time it enters a Space Close to an Enemy. Meanwhile, the Lift Robot Bottom Part moves a Close Character multiple Spaces, without triggering Guard Reactions!

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

 The Turbo Robot Top Part is triggered when a Close Ally is attacked, so it’s best employed when moving alongside Crewmates, while the Blip Robot Bottom Part is able to bring back a dead Ally, placing them in a Space with a flexible distance from the Shuttle!

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

 The Uber Robot Top Part is an intense piece of machinery, triggering whenever a Close Ally performs an Attack. Meanwhile, the Drive Robot Bottom Part darts speedily across hallways, dealing 1 Wound to multiple Enemy Heroes in its Line of Sight!

Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.

For Starcadia… and Beyond!

*Please note figures come unpainted.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mikkel Bjerregaard on

      Plastic token info was in update 34: Many backers have noted that they don't want to be forced to mix cardboard and plastic tokens on the board. To prevent that unholy union, we're going ahead and adding plastic versions of the 12 "Robot Piece" Gadget tokens from the Build-a-Robot expansion into the Plastic Token Pack Optional Buy! Yep, it's the same pack, just now it has 12 more tokens added to account for the remaining tokens from the expansion.

    2. Missing avatar

      Aviran on

      Buying plastic tokens will provide robot upgrade token as well?

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Dobson on

      I will buy this if i know the Plastic Token upgrade will also get me Plastic Tokens for the expansions....

    4. Dario Ferretti on

      @Maximilian also is weird to have guild sheed with plastic dashboard, and robot sheet without it

    5. Maximilian Eberl

      If you purchase the plastic token add-on and the new Robot expansion, do you get plastic tokens for that expansion also? It would be weird to have some plastic and some cardboard tokens.

    6. Missing avatar

      Judith Groen

      This is cool, gonna be an expensive all in... uguu

    7. Missing avatar

      fayezzang on

      I want box side design coordinate with the others!

    8. Timothy Clark on

      I am totally magnetizing the tops and bottoms! This is going to be great user created fun!

    9. Jacob Fratus on

      How many scenarios does the expansion campaign have?

    10. Timothy Clark on

      OHHHHHH! YEESSIRR! Thank you CMON. What a great additional buy. This is what I wanted from Cthulhu Death May Die; More Options!, but I am CMON around with the attention your guys are given to helping us bling the Stars out of our games the way we want. All in. All on. CMON!

    11. Snake McJones on

      wow a new campaign! and modular expansion! AND ROBOTS! I'm running low on gold pressed latinum, but I can't pass on this.

    12. Missing avatar


      Hmm... this is actually making think of lowering my pledge. If the complete set becomes enormous and bloat-y, might as well just get the pieces you care about. I feel like this may add more set up time.

    13. Drew on

      Robots look pretty cool. It strikes me as odd that I can't build a Claptrap, but I suppose I can live with that.

      At $40, I think this falls into the "wait for retail" column for me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Trost on

      Very cool addition.
      Gut the sniper ability seems very powerful - Targets other than close ones seems like an intuitive

    15. Win Phan on

      @breezing I really don't see any "greed" here. They make a product, you decide to buy it or not. You are not entitled to have CMON please almost all of your demands. CMON has to put out multiple expansions so everyone can be satisfied with their own taste, be it robots or space pirates.

      Same would be for @Jeffrey. I mean, there are quite a few who didn't like space pirates, so maybe the robots expansion is for them. More content worth for less money doesn't mean anything if you don't like that content to begin with.

    16. BreezingThrough

      @Kory was just about to ask the same thing.
      I can not see that it will, but they should at least upgrade the token in this expansion for a mini... the cost alone would cover it. I mean $40 is half the price of the full game, yet it barely offers 1/10 the content. Sooo... if it did not include the upgrades, or WORSE yet expect us to pay extra for the plastic tokens... then as great as it is, I see no reason to get, as it just feeds CMONs greed at this level.

    17. Alex Radcliffe on

      Maybe I missed it, but how do you "build" your bots? Draft cards before the game? Personally I think it would be super cool if bot "pieces" were laid around the board, and you had to collect a top and bottom to build your bot. And then maybe pieces can randomly spawn during the game, and you can "edit" your bot by picking up new pieces (limit 1 bot per crew).

    18. Jeffrey Haager on

      Ok this is Pretty cool BUT, we give you a Half a Million Dollars so far, and we get a Item we can pay $40 More for ? (that's near $200,000 More total for you.) I paid $120 for the Space Marauder pledge... Core Set, Armada Expansion and all applicable stretch Goals, which is turning out to be a lot of ($120+ so far) Add-Ons.

    19. Terrorpin

      Build-a-Bot Workshop!

    20. Paul Cartwright

      Amazing expansion!

    21. Robin on

      So is this the ”pets” expansion for starcadia?

    22. Missing avatar


      @Fernando Costa - Nice one!

    23. Missing avatar

      Christopher Thomas on

      This xpac actually looks interesting. I was planning on not buying anything extra, but I might just get this xpac.

    24. Kory Dondzila

      Will the plastic token add-on include tokens for all expansions?

    25. Fernando Costa

      Can't wait to use Uber Lyft!

    26. Forsetius on

      Very nice addition!

    27. Guilherme Goulart Collaborator on

      @Kory Dondzila: Nice catch and still in time for us to fix :) The 'Bot' part changes the color of a Portal within a certain distance from it! Thanks!

    28. Nephastus on

      Okay. This is awesome!

    29. Kory Dondzila

      The Clap and Bot bottom pieces appear to have the same ability, I assume this is an error.

    30. Matt Freilich on

      I like this expansion better than Pirates one that's inclded in the higher pricing tier!

    31. Aonline

      hurrah! This is very exiting :)

    32. TeamDagger on

      ...this is awesome!

    33. Missing avatar

      Fareed Taha on

      You're killing me Small's. I am going to need a second job for all of this!! ... You guys hiring? LOL