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Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
Lead your heroic Crew in an action-packed space adventure, blasting alien monsters and competing Crews through a fast-paced campaign!
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Upgrade it, slot it, flip it, play it!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Starcadians, report in!

We managed to reach Blu, unlocking the Heroine to all backers!

And we're getting closer and closer to unlocking the Peek-Axe officer to all backers with a Space Marauders pledge.

For the next Stretch Goal, we have the answer to all of your problems!

Ok, ok... The answer to maybe a rather specific nuisance. Watch the video below and prepare to have your world turned upside down!

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The views and opinions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Starcadian Alliance. No cookies were harmed in the making of this video.

Well, that was... something. So... Stretch Goal!

Reaching $500k will unlock for all backers 4 Plastic Dashboard Trays!

But what is a Plastic Dashboard Tray, you ask? Didn't you watch the video above to learn about this incredible piece of futuristic technology and why it is paramount to have it in your life?! Well, simply put it's a clear plastic overlay for your Crew Dashboard that has slots to hold in place you cards and tokens. Not as exciting when you make me spell it out like that...

For Starcadia… and Beyond!

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    1. 8-bit Video James on

      When we unlock the plastic dashboard trays, can we also have them as an add on to buy extra?

    2. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Chuck: I agree. Also. Both in Arcadia quest and in the Starcadia the rules implore you to exhaust your items before rolling. Which is fine in Arcadia. But after you've flipped the token. You can no longer read it. Which will be annoying i you don't have a photographic memory. The other way around you can forget to exhaust the tokens, which is why the rulebooks want you to exhaust first. So yeah, in more ways than one, an inferior solution. But I guess it comes down to sales. They want to change their product enough so that it feels new and that you're not buying the same thing again.

    3. Chuck Hurd on

      I also don't understand the use of tokens instead of cards. I'm concerned about storage space in the box, wear and tear on the tokens (for to sleeve the tokens will compound the issue of storage space in the box), awkwardness of shuffling and genearlly handling the tokens during drafting your crew, and because the tokens have to be more expensive than cards to produce we are paying more for these awesome inconveniences. IMO it a strange direction for them to have moved.

    4. Azrael188

      Great video + great idea. @CMON Wondering whether you might consider spots for health points like in Masmorra dashboard and have holes cut for it in the new dashboard rather than having to count health tokens - which removes another fiddly bit

    5. Michael Boyle on

      Ignore my last comment.....reading down I see this was already answered. (affirmatively)

    6. Michael Boyle on

      Does the design of the Starcadia Quest Plastic Dashboard Tray allow room for sleeved cards to fit into the dashboard? (Or do I have to choose between protecting my cards and using the tray?)

    7. Paul Cartwright

      @Kodesh yeah sorry I mean the footprint on the table. I would have been fine with cards as well, I can just see why they used token's and I'm happy with that.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Timothy: I guess a solution would be to have plastic tray in crew colors and skip the cardboard one. Now that I think about it. Isn't this an overall better solution?

    9. Steven Crane

      Yeah sliding quality seems to be becoming a major CMON issue, on top of the "Aquacadia" Quest aliens. Meh.

    10. Timothy Clark on

      I like how he still has to support the tray with one hand to keep the player dashboard from sliding out from under the plastic tray. Would prefer what they did with Cthulhu Death May Die plastic snap trays. Gonna be just another fiddly bit. Free SG makes it worth trying out. Now, where’s our plastic token upgrade pack?

    11. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      I’m looking forward to the cookie add-on

    12. Steve on

      Video and acting was amazing. You made my morning with that! The trays do not looks as good of quality or heavy as Z:BP for instance and I wonder if it will be constantly sliding off the dashboard; producing the need to continually be fiddling with it in order to keep it lined up. It would be nice if the bottom slid into something, sort of temporarily mounting it. That said, I am happy we got something like this, so thank you!

    13. Sir Frank Radefeldt

      Great video! :)

    14. WILE.E on

      @ creator : any chance for this type of tray seeing the light of day for Arcadia Quest ? The paper guild boards are the only gripe I’ve ever had with this game

    15. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Paul: I presume you mean on the table? Because in the box 100 tokens will take a lot more space than 100 cards (Arcadia equipment size).

    16. Forsetius on

      Love the video! :D

    17. Paul Cartwright

      They already answered that a few posts below ;)

    18. Krzysztof Olszewski on

      Does it support sleeved cards?

    19. Paul Cartwright

      Nothing wrong with token's, they have all the info you need, plus with the amount of equipment you can have cards would take up much more space. As for the trays I was hoping for these after the ones we got in cdmd.

    20. Mike A. on

      Open notches on the sides for flipping tokens. Well thought out.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      Tokens instead of cards is btw the only change I don't like. Everything else seems like a step in the right direction.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      It's nice with a tray but I'd like to know why you even decided to go with fiddly tokens over the original in the first place. Sure. You can flip it. Which is cool but takes longer than the original. And how will you draft with tokens in single scenarios. I'd like to see you handle 6 tokens as easily as 6 cards. And you can't sleeve tokens. Or well you can but that would be weird.

    23. Eric Lemay on

      I like the trays very much!

    24. Mike Pierce on

      enough tentacles and cyclops minions....Bring on the Borg and the Cylons.... Where's buck Rogers and Twinkie, R2-D2 and C3po, Jean Luc and Riker, 7 of 9, Buckaroo Banzai, Ripley, Hicks, Metroid, etc....Are we getting a huge based monster

    25. Kory Dondzila

      Those are external KS add-ons.

    26. Missing avatar


      Thought we can get some kind of dragon or similar in 500K..

    27. Chamber42 on

      The tray is missing one very important feature, taco holders!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Disney

      Add on for Arcadia Quest?

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      Yes this what I really wanted shame AQ doesn't have something similar.

    30. Matthew

      Spielberg styled filmmaking at its finest!

    31. CMON 36-time creator on

      @Philipp Romberger: We are very aware that some people sleeve their cards. The tray will be able to hold sleeved cards.

    32. GregleDieu on

      Omg !! This acting level over 9000 !!

    33. Missing avatar

      Philipp Romberger on

      Don‘t forget that Cards come in Sleeves!

    34. Enrique

      Now, all we need is a Cookie add-on.

    35. Que Parker on

      Hahaha love it..

    36. JazzFlight

      Lol, great video. Trays look awesome.