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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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    1. DaveC on

      The open solo rules Beta will be closing at the end of the day next Sunday July 6th.

      If there are any outstanding issues at that time it will be extended unitl they are resolved however a final date needed to be set so that the document can be finalised and sent for formal layout and publishing. If you have any further feedback please do let us know on the forum:…

      You can of course give feedback after the 6th of July however any changes after that date will most likely be in the form of a separate FAQ and/or errata.

      Thanks to everyone that's left feedback so far it's appreciated.

    2. Three Point Comics on

      I've seen a bit of interest in co-op play. Along with designer notes on solo play, I've put together some (unofficial) co-op rules based on them:

    3. Graham Phillips on

      It's going to be interesting if these solo rules help ease some players into actually dusting off their KS copies and playing.

    4. Three Point Comics on

      Update: I just put up some setup diagrams to get started quickly/check that you're setting up correctly, on the SMV forums:…

    5. David Lee Seymour on

      Y'know, I never did get around to bothering to learn this game after hearing about the rules issues, but the wave 1 minis I received were SUPERB! Excellent detail and design. My first box was made with less than quality plastic, but the biohazard extra minis and entire 2nd box were almost at Trollforged quality of material. The terrain set is nice, if a bit of an odd plastic of an entirely different type again, but Wave 2 is where I draw issues with soft details and 20% shrunk minis, but again, I am overly happy with the minis from the base set. I think most of the people who were turned off by the initial run were really just used to styrene and not any form of restic.

    6. Rick on

      Haven't played the game. I'm still angry over the model quality. Downloaded the Solo rules tho.

    7. Riptide X-7 on

      The strain are what really got me into this game. I love the creepy design.
      Still loving this game, glad they made good on these rules.
      Now if only there was an expansion box...

    8. Dorthonion on

      Hello peeps. I still care - the minis are some of the best I have ever seen and I hope to see more developments in future - Arms of Sorrow for starters.

    9. Patrick Stangier on

      Considering Rob Baxter (who was the one who promised to write a Sedition Wars novel if we hit $500k) left the Sedition Wars team I would not count on that novel happening.

    10. Chris Hughes on

      *got at Salute. My last message made me sound like Borat...

    11. Chris Hughes on

      As someone that struggles to get time to play with friends, I'm looking forward to giving this a whirl at the weekend. I'll have an excuse to paint up the terrain set I get at Salute now!

    12. Lee Nordling on

      I still care (if that counts) like Shoogoo it was a large influence on my decision to back.

    13. John "Procrastinator General" Sisk on

      Do we still care about this????

    14. goreshade on

      I hope to take the solo rules and use them for co-op play. I'll let you know how it goes over at BGG.

    15. goreshade on

      Wassn't there any unofficial stretch goal of a Sediton Wars novel?

    16. David Lee Seymour on

      almost there! =) So now all we need are the 'fixed' stats cards for all the minis and The card for the drone to be printed and this kickstarter will finally be complete, right? =)

    17. richard marley on

      Sedition 'rules'

    18. Three Point Comics on

      Michael-- sure :)

      Psych Lops Soft Wear -- I'll be focusing on the SMV forums for general beta support, but I'll try to keep up and note any revisions/read & respond to feedback here, too, for people who don't want to make a SMV forum account.

      The only current revision other than correcting the header error is that one of the spawning rules is being made more prominent because it's easy to gloss over.

    19. Psych Lops Soft Wear on

      It's probably best to go hit up the forums, SMV have been pretty responsive there at least

    20. Michael Martin on

      Good to know, thanks! I look forward to trying them out!

    21. Three Point Comics on

      Michael Martin- the file's rules are correct. The error is the "Closed beta" header.

    22. Michael Martin on

      So is the link above correct or not? If we open the file and it says closed beta 0.2.0, even though the file name is open_beta_1.0, are these the new rules or the old ones?

    23. Bruno Santos on

      Only took them a year and half to get the rules to a beta state. Not sure if this is supposed to be a joke

    24. Three Point Comics on

      So, putting myself out there as responsible for the solo rules... Psych, I noticed the error when the file went up a bit ago and altered the file to correct (don't know why the corrected file hasn't replaced the original, since I'm not at all involved with the tech side of things), and the SMV forums has a list of corrections started.

      The purpose of this file being an open beta is for the general public to be able to catch mistakes or imbalances that were missed. So, this is when you can actually contribute to the game through feedback and criticism, since it isn't a final product yet. I (and the testers and editor) put a lot of effort into this, and think it's a strong set of rules, but I argued for an open beta specifically because I've seen and been frustrated by the errors that have made it past huge gaming companies with whole teams of writers and editors, and believe in the general gaming community as both editors and testers who can make the document even better.

    25. John H. on

      @Rick, to whom is your question addressed?

      "We're excited to hear about your experiences with this new mode! Thank you so much for your support and making Sedition Wars such an active community!"

      Because history shows they did so much to listen to the community when the revamped the rulebook and scenarios, right? They rebalanced the scenarios and resequenced them in order of increasing complexity. And the rules mechanics were cleaned up to make the game smoother, with less unnecessary bookkeeping. Right? That's why there's an active community of several thousand backers and player groups.

    26. Shoogoo on

      Im glad this is happening. Almost forgot that its the reason I bought this game in the first place.

    27. Psych Lops Soft Wear on

      This rules set is now in open beta, before the rules are finalized."

      Good to see that attention to detail that has accompanied the release of all other rules hasn't changed in quality...