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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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4,278 backers pledged $951,254 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar


      it is still disabled...

    2. Sam7001 on

      The download link is disabled. Any way to get that reactivated?

    3. Missing avatar

      Drachnien on

      w00t, now only the drone card to be shipped to everyone and the downloadable single player rules and this project will be completed !

    4. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      @CoolMiniOrNot - Katherine - "If you are missing anything from your shipment, please send an email to" - you missed a salient point in @DavidP's post and I quote " I've send a lot of mail about that and never received the mini." - Your words are hollow.

    5. CMON 37-time creator on

      @DavidP @Gareth - If you are missing anything from your shipment, please send an email to


    6. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      @Matthew the lightsout campaign, along with the latest version of the rules, and a firebrand campaign are all available for download on the sedition wars website.…

    7. Michael C

      What about the solitaire rules?

    8. Matthew Edwards on

      I personally haven't had an issue with delivery, sculpts, maps or rules, although the ver 2 rule book is a vast improvement on the ver 1 book.

      While Sedition Wars is currently on my "bring it out casually" list, I have enjoyed the game each time I have played it.

      I like the idea of this campaign, and look forward to trying it out.

      However, I did not get the lights out campaign, is there somewhere I can get the rules so that I can use mission 3.b from Quarantine? Or, did I just miss them in the main book or the quarantine expansions?

    9. Missing avatar

      Gareth Sweeney on

      Never did receive my resin Kara.

    10. John H. on

      I don't have an issue with the Wave 2 minis. It's the rules, mechanics and scenarios that are crap.

    11. David Lee Seymour on

      I love the minis and components from wave 1 myself. Mine were very high quality. The rules were/are iffy though.
      as far as wave 2 , JOHN: Mcvey has already stated that the scaling issues we HIS decision for the future of the line. He picked new artists that sculpted in realistic dimensions ( instead of he exaggerated ones usually used for minis ) and decided to go that route. look it up on his site.

    12. John H. on

      Stop bagging on Mike / Studio McVey. He designed the models, and seems to have done a decent, but slow, job of it. Rules and balance are crap, tho.

      The issues with production quality, distribution, etc. are entirely with Cool Mini or Not. Missing models, that's CMoN, not SMV.

      Don't blame the cook when the waitress gives you the wrong food!

      Of course, the real problem is the backers turning on the game.

    13. Biomage on

      Despite the significant shortcomings of the rules in wave 1 and the minis in wave 2, I appreciate the continued effort. I am not sure how many people are still trying to play this game anymore. After sinking way to much money into it, this game has left a bitter taste and I don't think I'll be going back to it. Hopefully, there are still some gamers out there that can still enjoy it, especially at it's current selling price.

      Good luck to CMoN and Studio McVey, I'll still support you, just not on this one.

    14. Graham Phillips on

      I rallied two friends to also back this game - we spent about $800 all up. I've tried to play the game on numerous occasions but find the rules and components underwhelming. But that's okay - XenoShyft is coming to give us another Dead Space/Aliens/Space Hulk clone. And yes, it'll raise gazillions. Stop blaming CMoN or Studio McVey - blame the rubes (I blame myself too) that keep lining up to feed these KS campaigns. Or, might I suggest supporting Mantic? So far they've shown what KS should be about. Anyway - to the McVey's, I hope you realise your dream one day. I the meantime it feels like Sedition Wars has become an unspeakable thing. Mike, Ali & Rob - step up and be the faces of this product and strive to redeem it. The anger you're hearing comes from passionate gamers who supported your vision and were left with an ordinary outcome. CMoN - don't just post content updates as if your work is finished; address the Wave 2 scale issue (new minis to replace appalling ones yougave us would be a start). Spin this brand back into something with integrity. Just don't carry on as if you've all published the best game you could have - because that clearly isn't true.

    15. Steve C on

      "Be respectful and considerate," is the direct quote to the left on every 'post comment' button on Kickstarter -- so I say to you Mike McVey, shouldn't you have some integrity and own up?

      I'm glad that I, and many other backers, helped make you nearly a million dollars on this debacle.

      Please, in the future, continue to not try to do anything.

      Because I sure as hell won't support you.

    16. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Oh excuses to pull out the miss-scaled cringe worthy minis from the last wave......well the ones that were half decently cast anyway >_<

    17. Alias the Blue Rabbit on

      "Now that all the wave two miniatures have been delivered"... are you kidding ? I (and a lot of EU friends of mine) did never recevied the resein Kara. I've send a lot of mail about that and never received the mini. You didn't put them in EU wave 1 package AND forgot to add it in wave 2 sended from US (because there was a lot of forgotten EU backers in wave 2 process from UK).

    18. John H. on

      Ha, I completely forgot about this.

      Is this the last open item?

    19. Missing avatar

      CMO on

      Awesome! Can't wait to play it. Thanks!

    20. Tasker on

      Nice. I:-)

      It's just a shame the game's dead to my gaming group and i'll never get the chance to play it.

    21. Andrew Hayford

      Thank you!

    22. Missing avatar

      Hlubocky on

      Oh I got excited for a minute, thinking these were the solo rules.

    23. Ropya on

      Is there a reason this was uploaded to Dropbox 6 weeks ago and just now being posted?
      Or did I miss something somewhere?

    24. Thomas Arendsen Hein on

      Thank you! Now I hope the queue is cleared for the solo rules?

    25. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Damien - Updated! Sorry about that!


    26. Missing avatar

      Damien Macomber on

      Any chance of linking to that errata?