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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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4,278 backers pledged $951,254 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      De Winter Urbain on

      Already got a reply email. They are looking into it.

    2. Missing avatar

      De Winter Urbain on

      Email sent, from Belgium.

    3. Roberto Zaghis on

      ... Playboy Bunnies, obviously.... :-)

    4. Roberto Zaghis on

      "We've completed shipping from ...... EU warehouses for wave 2"

      Yeah, sure, and the EU packages will be delivered door to door by Palyboy Bunnies dressed up as Samaritan troopers....

    5. Chris Rance on

      Czech Republic here (they are sharing the love). Email sent.

    6. Brian Nors on

      Another onr from Denmark.... Email sent!

    7. Karrde on

      I originally Battlefoam as CMoN were not answering my emails who washed their hands (as you can imagine) and said only CMoN could help me (cry) but did give me a US phone number (I'm in UK). Has any one tried ringing CMoN to see if that gets anything resolved?

    8. Alias the Blue Rabbit on

      Hum. It seems that there's impossible to find at least one guy in Belgium who has received his package. I think that they sort parcels by countries. It could make sense for the transporter ("ok postman, today, you'll have 100 parcels to take off for Germany, tomorrow it'll be 150 for France"). It's probalby easier to work like this. And I believe that the Belgian (and probably Duthc) serie has been completly forgotten :(

    9. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      there was an issue a couple of months ago where packing slips were printed before the figures were even in the warehouse and this triggered emails going out to say stuff had been dispatched. Could the same thing have happened again? Will we be seeing another update in a few days, saying ' Sorry, we're not really done. Again'?

    10. Alessandro S. on

      Red Squid: It's Italy, too!

    11. Red Squid

      Looks like it's mostly Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark by the way... weird. Hope they can give us some more information on the status of our packages soon...
      Or the actual packages themselves of course...

    12. Red Squid

      @raspoutine: their customer service IS not excellent at all! Ok, it might have felt that way to you, but one case is not a good basis for making a claim that the entire customer service is excellent :| Apparently there are a lot of customers that have also sought contact, but didn't even get a reply, or a reply that only told as much as, "hold on, we're working on it" and then a couple of months no news at all.. Don't tell me you think THAT is excellent customer service..?

    13. Michael Meyer on

      e-mail send from Denmark as well... looks like EU shipping is seriously messed up

    14. Missing avatar

      Craig Parent

      So now will you check your messages so I can get an answer about the DVD that only has 40-something seconds on it? Thanks!

    15. Karrde on

      @Neilsen and @Andy E. That's exactly what they told me a week ago...

    16. Andy E

      On a (somewhat) positive note I emailed CMON that I hadn't received my tracking number and had a response within 15 min.
      The only (potential) downside is that my response was exactly the same as Nielsen's "Your packing slip has been printed and once your order ships, I will email you your tracking number." Hoping it's not a automated message...

    17. Nielsen on

      Just got an email back that they have printer my packing slip and will email a tracking number once they ship my stuff.

    18. Shoogoo on

      Get your shit together, CMON.
      E-mail sent.

    19. Matt Dorangricchia on

      Big time bummer for those still waiting. Talk about confusion.

    20. Søren Staugaard on

      Maybe they just lost track of their progress and messed up the packing slips or something, and now they want a helping hand in getting that sorted ;-)

    21. Stijn Van der Jonckheyd on

      Another one from Belgium here, email sent.
      So what happened, did they all get stuck in customs or maby quarantine cause like, you know there's like this nano virus inside that turns people into like technozombie things... just kidding :-)
      Hope this gets sorted out soon.

    22. Søren Staugaard on

      Denmark here, e-mail sent.

    23. wouter

      I'm from Belgium as well, email send!

    24. Missing avatar

      George Bozikas on

      E-mail sent from Greece.

    25. John Pope on

      Now that I'm home to see, my package was received safe and sound in remote Oz. :)

    26. Joris on

      Email sent, I'm from Belgium ...

    27. Roberto Zaghis on

      Email sent from Italy :\

    28. njl on

      E mail sent

    29. Matt Payte on

      Fuck me. It got shipped to my old apartment a month ago. Here's hoping the package didn't get thrown away. :/

    30. wesley decloedt on

      do we actually have to got some sort of shipping conformation or do we just wait a couple of days for the post office to do their work ?

    31. Daniel

      Denmark here. E-Mail sent.

    32. Alessandro S. on

      Man, I didn't realize it was that bad! Is it just us in the EU having these problems? Time to give a stern lecture to the guys of Battlefoam!

    33. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      @raspoutine you're lucky. Nothing received here and I have got a reply to one in about seven emails and queries I have sent CMON.

    34. SchuleinP

      Nothing received. The Netherlands.Blah! Email sent.

    35. Henk de Nijs

      So it seems most of us in the Netherlands AND Belgium are forgotten? How can it be that two countries have not recieved their packages yet?
      Hope this is an isolated incident, and this doesn't repeat itself for other CmoN projects. really want my Zombicide2 to be delivered on time

    36. Renaat (no more KS) on

      I'm from Belgium; Email sent....

    37. Lieven

      @RED: I'm from BE too and did not receive any info at all. sent mail to cmon.

    38. Alias the Blue Rabbit on

      @Red : it could bne a good idea if everybody here notify his (her?) country. It seems to me that French backers has been served but I can't find trace of delivery for Belgian or Dutch. Is it possible that they forgot a whole serie of countries ? Btw, I'm from Belgium.

    39. Henk de Nijs

      @Red, a friend of mine recieved his in the Netherlands about a month ago. He didn't order the scenery pack so I assumed those orders got out of the warehouse first

    40. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Hope everything works out well for everybody....including myself. Email time.

    41. Nielsen on

      Email on its way.

    42. Red Squid

      I noticed that most Dutch people didn't get anything yet, does anyone know of someone in the Netherlands that did receive their package..?

    43. Henk de Nijs

      seriously? How is this possible?
      Well, e-mail on its way...

    44. Alias the Blue Rabbit on

      ok...15 forgotten backers comments in what ...15 minutes ? And tonight (EU time) when guys will come back from work and check mails, it will be 100 ? 200 ? How can you "forgot" so many backers ?

    45. Evert Koopman on

      Forgotten as well :(.

    46. Missing avatar

      raspoutine on

      I contacted CMON support and the service was excellent. I was contacted fast (within 48 hours), and was kept updated throughout the process. My package was sent quickly and I can only recommend that you get in touch with them if you have a problem. Their customer service is excellent.

    47. Bart on

      nothing here either... I'm actually glad we got this update, I completely forgot about Sedition Wars meanwhile... (auch, that I even dare to admit this here...)