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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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    1. Chris Appleford on

      I submitted a request for replacement parts for missing items several weeks ago.

      I was assured that they would be sent, I have received nothing.

      I contacted again and was assured that I would be given contact details for Battle Foam so I could chase this up. I received no contact details.

      I contacted again and was told that someone would be contacting Battle Foam on my behalf to chase up my missing parts. I have still received nothing.

      The last contact was on October 15th, I have since contacted three times, and have had no response.

      I am being ignored when all I want it what I have already paid for.

      Where is my stuff which I paid for months ago!?

    2. Alias the Blue Rabbit on

      6 weeks ? You're optmist. If BF really send only the Zombicide 2 parcels at the moment, they'll only restart the SW process in a month (at least because the Zombicide process seems really slow). So, we'll maybe have the SW wave 2 during december or even january...

    3. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      If comments that Battlefoam have told SW backers who visited that they have dropped shipping of BfA wave 2 in favour of Zombicide 2 at the instruction of CMoN are true, then looking at the speed of shipping being reported (by CMoN) for Z2 on that kickstarter, it would appear that anybody in the EU who doesn't currently have their BfA wave 2 package won't be getting it before November.
      What a shocking state of affairs. How difficult would it have been to complete shipment of one product before starting the next?
      Oh and "EU shipping will also be done soon after" looks to be something like 6 weeks!

    4. Renaat (no more KS) on

      Belgium here: all quiet on the Western front. Except now I've got a ticket number in the CMoN system regarding a refund for this mess.
      I'm no longer interested in any of this SW cr@p. I've totally had it with CMoN and SMV. Their lack of communication was simply the final straw. I'ld rather spend my hard earned money on suppliers/vendors that appreciate me as a customer

    5. Missing avatar

      Joffrey Collard on

      Belgium here : still nothing :( no news, no tracking number, no minis...

    6. Lieven

      well no news for Belgium for now. maybe they fell asleep?

    7. Missing avatar

      Andre J on

      My big thank you to Studio McVey and CMON. Received my package. It was a long run. But lessons are learned i think. Lets see what happens in the future. I can't wait for it.

    8. njl on

      Im living in Holland and nothing here

    9. Missing avatar

      De Winter Urbain on

      @DavidP : Also from Belgium. Nothing for me yet.

    10. Karrde on

      @Jason Less than 67 when you think how many people STILL haven't received anything. I've emailed Battlefoam and CMoN and had no response from either. Such a poor experience :(

    11. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      Sadly somebody does always have to be last (though perhaps it's unlucky that you guys in Belgium seem to draw the short straw every time). What gets me though is that it would appear that CMoN define "soon after" in terms of weeks rather than days.
      Battlefoam started shipping on September 2nd. That's a staggering 6 weeks ago to ship something around 2000 packages (less I think - I seem to recall CMoN stated way back that there were less EU backers than US/RoW). 6 weeks is 30 working days (assuming 5 day weeks) - so they have shipped on average just 67 packages per day. That's just crazy.

    12. Alias the Blue Rabbit on

      @Poul : same situation for me (for Sw and Zombicide S2). I'm in Belgium and it seems to me that some countries are always served last. It seems that Belgium should be renamed Zelgium if they made package by alphabetical order...

    13. Poul Erik Holmelund on

      And still nothing. Guess who i will not throw money after again.

    14. Missing avatar

      Mun Liong


      Just an update that I have received Wave 2. Location : Singapore, Asia

    15. Poul Erik Holmelund on

      Still no mail, no update, no tracking info and no items recived. And the story is the same with Zombicde season 2

    16. Andrew_Roberts on

      @Jason Jardine, Actually the model that both Barkers are cast from were the same. They probably used either a metal of resin cast barrker, modified his arms and added appropriate suit parts to him so before being cast both models would have had the same heft and size origianally - well there goes the argument that they were made intentionally in a more realistic scale BS. This casting product is so bad its laughable

    17. Lieven

      so, I have nothing yet, no mail, no tracking, rien de knots! how about updates C'mon? when are EU being shipped out?

    18. John H. on

      Received Wave 2 last night!

      Terrain looks fantastic, tho the drones & bonecrabs are 2x too large.

    19. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      Guides for most of the models, and all the tricky ones, are up on the SMV forums.…

    20. Franck Florentin

      Do you know if anyone published a video or instructions for assembling some of these minis ?

    21. Roberto Zaghis on


      Did you receive a shipping notification in advance?.
      Thank you.

    22. Franck Florentin

      Just received mine (USA). It's complete, I don't think anything is missing, but I won't know for sure until I assemble everything.

      The terrain pack is very nice. The quality of the miniatures is however not on par with wave 1. The scale of the miniatures is about 20% less, and they lack bulk (even Vin Diesel looks scrowny!). The material seems different as well, a lot more shiny, but that's no big deal since I'll probably prime them even if I don't paint them. Globally I'd say it's a bit disappointed compared to wave 1, but usable.

    23. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      hold the two Barkers up next to each other Tobias - don't you think it might have made sense for them to have the same sized heads and bodies, what with them being equipment variants of the same character?

    24. Tobias.Wolter on

      Another confirmed arrival in Germany: I received my box today. All seems in order and at first glance I can't understand what all the fuss is about regarding the size differences between Phase 1 and 2 miniatures - at least not for the main contents of thr Biohazard Phase 2 package. I didn't order any add-ons. Quality wise, all seems okay to good, too, really like the terrain pack and the bone crabs!

    25. Poul Erik Holmelund on

      Still nothing in Denmark. No reply from the people who are in charge of sending it out either.

    26. Karrde on

      Sadly I don't think they can hear us at SMV or CMON over the piles of money they are throwing at each other. If there was just one issue or delay you'd understand, but something wrong with every part of this operation and then not talking to the customer about it just smacks of dodgy/poor business operations. I still haven't had wave 2 yet but judging from people's response I think I may be having more fun checking this thread than getting the miniatures...

    27. Roberto Zaghis on

      Nothing in Italy...
      Starting to worry...

    28. Kreation on

      Live in Texas; got mine today. All was there.

    29. S Buntenbach

      got my stuff in Germany today

    30. Missing avatar

      De Winter Urbain on

      Another week has passed and no tracking or package for me.

    31. troy on

      remember when they said they were gonna be done with the US last week LOL

    32. Insaan A Solorzano on

      Finally got my Terrain Set, painting guide, and extra miniatures. It took 15 months, but worth the wait. This is my first completed Kickstarter as a backer. Now I have a reference for how long I will have to wait for the other Kickstarter projects that I belong to.

    33. Poul Erik Holmelund on

      Havent recived anything yet and is still waiting for tracking info as well.

    34. MaxPuster

      Just got my UPS mail that its finally in the line :-)

    35. Karrde on

      So tis Thursday now... wonder if mine will ever turn up...

    36. Brian Moran on

      Whats the score with replacement cards for the biohazard minitures? Ive just looked in now and I don't have them.

    37. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Got mine today but it has someone else delivery con note in the box??? Plus the missing some bits as some of the plastic bags where open and bits missing. Having problems on trying to workout whats what. Sent a email to CMoN waiting on reply.

    38. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      I don't think we've been told to do that officially Marek, although it does appear that CMoN are redirecting issues to Battlefoam. I'd say if you hear nothing after the next week (BF do appear to have been quick with responses so far), then it would be worth contacting CMoN as well.

    39. Marek Wiernikowski on

      Got mine a couple of days ago - missing a THI suit that must have escaped through the damaged shipping box. Emailed Battlefront about it, but not sure if that was the right thing to do as a UK backer?

    40. Damon A Simms on

      Anyone needing to see their invoice should go to the pledge manager and check their invoice there.

    41. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      Daniel, compare Hexen with a helmetless samaritan or wave 1 kara (non-resin). Notice how Hexen's head is half the height and half the width of every wave 1 model? and her wrists are actually thinner the the muzzles on any of the weapons? She's a great sculpt, but the scale is ridiculous. Neither CMoN nor SMV should ever have allowed her, the calamity crew, or ridley, ever to leave China. They really should have delayed the project by 3 months and gone back to the drawing board with these models as they are not, by any stretch of the imagination, remotely in keeping with the rest of the set.

    42. PrintMonkey on

      I just received my package today. I never once received an email with tracking, and I've been checking my spam trap folders regularly.

      Quality is reasonable in my opinion, based on a careful inspection of everything. I also received everything I ordered. I'm glad I kept my order notes from the KS funding period, otherwise I would have had no idea if anything was missing. :-/

      As an aside on scale, just think of the SW troopers as enhanced humans. And the rest as not. ;-)

    43. MRiley on

      Good lord...I'm pretty sure I got someone else's package. I've got extras I didn't order, multiples of some characters, and missing half the extras I did order. The level of flash and mold lines on the figures are a lot worse than anything in the initial shipment as well.

      That said, the actual sculpts are lovely and should be a ton of fun to paint once I get them cleaned up. The head crabs are adorable as well.

      I'll have to send an e-mail when I get home so I can get the rest of my stuff.

    44. Notnek

      Got mine, it's terrible. I'm struggling to work out what I should have cos nobody thought to include a manifest.

      I certainly think my view is coloured by the poor public relations in the project but it's still a poor product.

      It looks like it was produced without any love. That's not McVey.

      Also, to anyone making comments about the scale being ok on the extras, just compare them with resin Kara. It's tragic. Unless she's supposed to be some kind of mutant giant, in which case it's an awesome job :)

    45. Michael C

      Mine did arrive on the 25th. I got the email that it shipped on the 25th, also. Per the USPS website it was picked up by USPS on the 23rd. Everything is there and intact. I like the terrain pack the best.

    46. Vince D on

      Got mine today! Everything is awesome, but I got a Ramirez in my Hexen pack... so I have Strain Hexen, and two regular Ramirezes. Check your package!

    47. Lieven

      Nothing yet for EU? (at least, I did not get any shipping mail)

    48. Neilzebub on

      Received my wave 2 today, as scheduled. Everything looks good,