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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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4,278 backers pledged $951,254 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Paul Smith on

      I didn't get a tracking number, but my order just arrived... missing most of the items listed on the packing slip!

    2. kyle on

      No news on my end. I would really like some news. A update would be really nice

    3. Matt "X-Com" C on

      I haven't received my USA shipment or tracking info, either. I've had a lot of problems with this kickstarter, from communication issues, quality control, and endless delays. But at this point, I highly doubt that I'll ever do business with CMON again.

    4. Michael C

      Still no update and nothing in my CKPM stating my phase 2 has shipped. Any news?

    5. troy on

      i live in the US and i still have nothing. looks like it's gonna be a long time. they have tards doing the shipping there

    6. Missing avatar

      Cedric on

      Still no news. (no CKPM info, ...)
      Shipping started almost a month ago. While there are a lot of backers, I am wondering how CMON manage Xmas shipping. It should be faster than a month.
      Anyhow, hope I am just ranting for nothing, but living outside of Europe/USA makes shipping a lot longer and unpredictable sometimes.

    7. Jason Windedahl on

      Still no tracking or shipment for me... Have all US shipments dispatched?

    8. AGN1964 on

      @Michael, I agree, CMoN really should give us an update this evening. They did say they would be finished (US/ROW) at the end of this week. Is that today, Saturday or Sunday?. I understand an estimate is an estimate, but I also believe they should pass on more accurate information as soon as they have it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lee on

      Glad to say my Parcel arrived in the UK with a terrain set. I was one of the people issued with a tracking number on 03/09/13 which wasn't collected until yesterday. So rest assured if you have a tracking reference it is 'live'.

    10. Michael C

      So are the last of the US shipments going out today since it is the end of "next week" from this update's perspective?

    11. John H. on

      USA shipped by end of next week, so all US backers should have their stuff by the first week of October. Sounds good to me!

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Jones on

      Any info on when Australian backers might receive advice on shipping? Or when their missing Biohazard component will be replaced? Or even when their queries about missing components will be addressed?
      It's service like this that makes me question your product quite seriously and want to ask for a refund.

    13. An Angry-Muppet on

      Any info on when Australian backers might receive advice on shipping?

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lee on

      Personally I find the update again very vague: "Battlefoam has now corrected this and this issue should not recur. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience caused."

      This means nothing to me as someone who received a tracking number on 03/09/13. Is this now invalid and I shouldn't bother checking it? Should I expect another reference once my pledge has been dispatched? As it stands I have 1 tracking reference stating waiting for collection and only a comment that the mistake has been rectified. Not really helpful!

    15. Quintangible on

      It's called SmartPost. Basically FedEx delivers the package to the local post office, and USPS actually delivers it to your door. UPS has a similar plan called Innovations.

    16. Gerald Collins

      By the way I was confused. When I got the email yesterday (Friday) it said Fedex, and probable delivery on Saturday. Since I expected to be out most of Saturday I asked a neighbor to keep an eye out for the truck. Got home today and they said no truck, but when I got the mail, there was a package from the USPS with the delivery. Since when does Fedex use the USPS for delivery? (smiles) All's well on that part at least, because I got it, but it was confusing.

    17. Gerald Collins

      I got my tracking number yesterday, and the package today. But I think there's a problem. I need to double check what was supposed to be included. I got the "We've got movement!" package, and there's an odd number of items in the pack. There's definitely one missing figure, but I think there's more as I wasn't able to pair up all the remaining items. I'll contact coolmini once I know for sure what I've got.

    18. troy on

      @Andrew Deignan
      oh yeah everybody that has got theirs are saying this. they are of green army man quality

    19. Brendan on

      I got my tracking number today.

    20. Andrew Deignan on

      I got mine today USPS, and I have to say, i kind of wish that I was still anticipating my box. What a let down. The casting and quality is really a let down compared to what i thought was I was getting. I've backed almost every CMON KS leading into this one, and I think this one has now officially thrown me off the train.

    21. Lee Sweeney on

      I hope it is for us, but for them I hope it goes forever.

    22. Gs_topcow on

      no number here either, i do need it as this is mailed to my forwarding address...

    23. Missing avatar

      De Winter Urbain on

      Still no tracking number or miniatures for me.

    24. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      close Surprize - I think it's 3, but two of them are on tea break !!

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. sickhase on

      i've got no tracking number and no miniatures yet :(
      hope i get them soon

    27. Necrobot vulture on

      never got tracking, but i did get my minis!

    28. David Wolf on

      Well I live in NJ and have not seem a tracking email or anything yet.. wonder if I fell out of the system... will keep hoping

    29. Arsonor

      I haven't gotten my info either. I think we are just at the back end of the list. I'd check again after next week though for sure.

    30. Missing avatar

      David Finn on

      I had the same question as Brendan. I had a lot of minis out of wave 2 but didn't see any info sent. Is that normal, still inkling, or contact support?

    31. Brendan on

      I haven't received any shipping info for wave 2. I am a US citizen.

      I added on the Calamity Crew and the updated rulebook (and I upped my pledge via Pay Pal).

      Should I contact support?

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      The nightmare is almost over!

    33. Robert L Miller on

      Thanks for the update! Glad to hear it is all finally coming together! : )

    34. SacredRoach

      Good! Glad to hear it is finally shipping!

    35. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Zero Tracking info is scanned and uploaded in batches - international mail to Canada will take about 1 to 2 weeks to get to you depending on where you are in Canada.

    36. Missing avatar

      Zero on

      So why haven't any of us in Canada without terrain packs received anything?

    37. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Anthony This should not apply to you - if it's a Fedex number that isn't tracking please get in touch with - our response time will be a little slower due to the higher volume we're experiencing, but we'll make sure you get your items.

    38. Mike Kirkham-Ingram on

      I was wondering why I haven't received my parcel, but seeing the new stuff all ready on sale on eBay has annoyed me a bit seeing I now have to wait ....again.

    39. Anthony B

      Does this also apply for US backers that received tracking info that isn't live? I got my number one week ago, and it still doesn't register on the tracking site

    40. CMON 37-time creator on

      Yes, Canada ships from the USA. Any destination that is not in the EU ships from the USA.

    41. Paul on

      Can we Canadian backers assume we're bundled into the USA shipping?