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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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    1. Notnek

      They can pay people to ship at a greater rate. Any regular business would do this. They could have planned for this as they knew when they would need to do it. But to do so would increase their costs . . .

    2. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      @Justin - Coolmini are not a distribution company. They are a very very small operation which (like yourself) does distribution as part of its business. You can ship 80 a day, right now they have to ship 4278, and I believe Zombicide is also currently shipping - that's a further 8944, then they have their normal shopping sales and no doubt still some left over shipping from some of their other kickstarters.

      Do the math - this isn't a day's work or even a week's work - they don't employ hundreds or thousands of people, and if they did, we'd be paying a hell of a lot more for our products.

      Phase 1 took about 3-4 weeks to ship. We have to expect (and accept) something similar this time.

    3. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      What a joke. I run a small one man operation and am able to process and ship 80 orders a day from a small office. Coolmini is suppose to be distribution company and can't get orders out in 10 days. This kickstarter is the reason I won't back anything they are involved with.

    4. Jason Potapoff on

      @DeusKalsa I got mine today. Disappointed in many ways, first I thought it was another package which I am much more interested in. But the quality of the sculpts are pretty piss poor. I didn't bother to check to see if I got everything I was supposed to (a fig appears to be missing an arm but didn't look to see if it was somewhere else) as I can't be bothered nor do I even have any idea what is supposed to be in this as it's been so long and at this point I could care less. I briefly looked at a sculp and it's matchbook thin, has tons of flak and I had trouble figuring out what was flak and what was poorly sculpted. So I just opened up the first box and tossed it in with the rest of the untouched figures.

      Perhaps some day I will take the time to remove the flak and start painting these figures but my motivation to do so is next to nil. Why waste my time after I already wasted my money? And the reports that the rules that came with it are poor and I need to print off the redone rules myself gives me even less reason to do anything with this game.
      I considered trying to sell the game on Ebay but do I really want to pass this on to some unsuspecting person? Blah.

      To answer the question in the company's name, I say NOT.

    5. Michael Lawson

      havn't gotten a tracking number yet either...=(

      but I got my zombicide season 2 first shipment today. and I got the emails about packing at the same time on both these projects.....=(

    6. troy on

      also im in the US and still haven't even got a tracking number. i have pretty much given up on this.

    7. troy on

      i told you they would suck by what we saw of the photos on BBG they look like green army men quality. the faces on the Calamity crew are so BAD! just look
      now look at this ones face and tell me they are not bad.
      it's night and day in detail.

    8. Missing avatar

      DeusKalsa on

      I got my stuff today.

      And know I want my money back, the quality is near crap, small as matchsticks, very very bad material and casting on the level of mantic games products.

      Thats not what I have payed for and I am very close to call my advocate to check if there was a chance to get a part of my money back.

    9. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      @Brett there have been reports on the SMV forums of US based people receiving their packages, but getting everything out of the door is likely to take 3 weeks or so. Likely you're still in the queue.

    10. Brett Zeleznik on

      So it has been over a week since this update are the US orders shipping at this time? I have not had any tracking information sent.

    11. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      yeah it does make a difference, and no, I don't work for CMoN, I'm not even a fan of CMoN, quite the opposite if truth be told, but I do feel we need to be fair and find some balance here.

      It's not right that you have tracking info but that your parcel hasn't been collected let alone delivered, not right at all. There's messages running in the comments thread already about this problem (you're not alone), and CMoN did respond to say there's been some sort of issue at Battlefoam (the UK distribution team), though they didn't go into detail about what the problem was.

      Have you raised a support ticket with CMoN to flag up your issue?

    12. Ka Dargo on

      @ Jason

      10 Days - 8 Days does it really make a difference??? after all weren't we ALL suppose to get this shipment in March!!! not September????

      I guess you must work for CMON ....

    13. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      10 days? really? shipping didn't start in the UK until Sep 2nd, and in the US on Sep 3rd, so you got your tracking email before any shipping began?

    14. Ka Dargo on

      Ok guys WTF I've had my tracking email for ten days now?? & it's still not updated to reflect that it has been collected by UPS??

      Once again CMON have failed to treat me the customer with any respect in getting my items out to me & I have to sit and wait for then to get there act together....

      This is the last straw!!! In a long line of disappointments from this project!

    15. K. Davis on

      FWIW, I just got my box, and I checked last night and had no tracking number, so it seems that they are shipping them out faster than they are sending out tracking info.

      I do see at least one problem though, my Morgan in biohazard suit only has one arm, there is clearly supposed to be another bit for the other arm, but it's not in his bag.

      I haven't gone through all the rest with enough care to see if it got mispacked in with something else yet, but has anyone else had a problem with this model?

    16. Andrew Deignan on

      got excited i thought i was getting mine finaly, but alas no the box was something for my wife. Hope tracking or shipping info goes up soon.

    17. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      Update re Vokker posted by Mike McVey in the SMV forums this morning ....
      "Posted Today, 09:05 AM
      I have just spoken to CMON and Battlefoam and there have been some shipments sent out without the Vokker miniature - this is purely a packing error and nothing to worry about.
      If you didn't get a Vokker he will be sent out separately, and all future shipments will include one.
      Sorry for the mistake on this - at least it was caught early...
      mike "

    18. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      hearing stories of UK backers receiving parcels missing Vokker Dargu (the additional sculpt that was added to make up for all delays - update #70). Hope this was a tiny error that's been picked up and rectified already ....

    19. Bolognesus on

      so EU shipping gets tracking too, for this wave as well?

    20. Missing avatar

      Absolutionis on

      Excellent! I'm looking forward to it.

      Considering Monday was Labor Day, US backers without terrain should be receiving it very very soon.

    21. CMON 37-time creator on

      We'll be updating tracking info in batches, it's not real time as the systems aren't connected.

    22. CMON 37-time creator on

      If you're in the UK yes, if you're in the USA then they have already started going out. If you've got Terrain Packs in your order those will ship together with the items when they arrive as mentioned in the previous update.

    23. Missing avatar

      Damien Macomber on

      Does this mean that orders will start going out on Tuesday?

    24. AGN1964 on

      Thanks for the update.

      Are e-mailing tracking numbers?