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A Deep Space Horror board game with 50 amazing miniatures from Mike McVey!
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4,278 backers pledged $951,254 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Rand Chua TL on

      Calamity Crew = Firefly Crew ^_^

    2. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      to add to Orlando's comment below ...

      from update #70

      "Also, don't forget that because we're late (boo) every Biohazard and above set is getting an additional fig" (vokker dargu)

    3. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      plane! oh my - I need more coffee !!

    4. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      to be fair though John H, terrain shipped by plain from China only a week behind wave 2, and wave 2 has been in CMoN warehouses for 2 weeks. The terrain ought to be in stock by now.

      I suspect though that CMoN have set themselves up to clear all the non-terrain requirements first and then cover the pledges that include terrain afterwards - should make much of a difference. I just hope they are throwing a little more man power at it than last time - this next stage should take 2-3 days not the 2-3 weeks in took last time.

    5. John H. on

      Terrain shipped from China and through Customs. Doesn't mean ground to Atlanta, and received by CMoN, ready to ship

    6. saiqlo on

      Coolness! Thank you for the update!

    7. Missing avatar

      Murray Quarmby

      Thanks guys. I am really looking forward to this.

    8. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Biohazard Stuff (per set)
      6 Bone Crabs
      6 Mini Drones
      Gnosis Kara
      Aphid Suit Barker
      Biohazard Morgan
      Cyber Akosha
      Keegan Kor
      Jada Lily
      Painting DVD
      Revised Cards (inc. Tech Com Kara and Cthonian Drone)

      Resin Kara (for EU backers who didn't get them in wave 1)

      Vokker Dargu (the 'sorry we're late' mini, not sure it this is one per Biohazard or one per backer)

      Paid Add Ons
      Niven Banks and Strain version
      Ridley and Strain version
      Ramirez and Strain Version
      Hexen and Proto Phaedrus
      Calamity crew
      THI suits
      Terrain Set

      Revised Rulebook (if you bought it by unlocking the pledge manager in the last month or so)

    9. Dai on

      Best news I've had all day! Great!

    10. John Dominguez on

      Is there a summary of what figures are shipping this wave?

    11. Jalister on

      Great news. I need my Calamity Crew.

    12. AGN1964 on

      Great news ... for some backers, at least!

      When are the terrain shipments expected to start shipping? Perhaps there was some confusion, I thought they were shipped to you from China some time ago.