Rising Sun


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    1. Kenny K.

      that's an incredible mini...

    2. Akira on

      cool! loving any non humanoids at this point!

    3. Zach McAnally on

      Super creepy.... love it!

    4. Daefyd Wyr


    5. Akira on

      but, 130K? ugh the money isn't going to keep pouring in like today

    6. Re-pat Mike on

      DUDE... that is awesome!

    7. DerricDice on

      Holly f*** that's creepy. Not sure if I like this as much. �

    8. Oliver Schaaf on

      Fantastic..... Best sculpt so far!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan Williams on

      How big is the box going to be to fit all these huge monsters... Pretty soon we'll be at more monsters than regular figures.

    10. Missing avatar

      Remington on

      Big fan of the skull tree but would prefer to unlock all the gods for the kami mode first

    11. Jeff Pratt on

      Oh yes, absolutely loving this one.

    12. Kris Verbeeck on

      If the next update is as big as this one , everyone will need the bigger map.

    13. Xavi on

      Really nice, congrats!

    14. KuantumSuicide

      That's awesomely creepy!

    15. Raha Spoons on

      Wondering why the next stretch goal was a monster instead of another Kami to finish out the Kami options.

    16. Pedro Nunes on

      Best miniature so far

    17. Clint Lee Werner

      Oh this is a terrifying little nasty. Great miniature and what looks to be very sinister rules.

    18. Missing avatar

      Zach grizzell on

      Pledging here vs retail means we unlock way more stretch goals. Which makes it easily worth picking up here vs waiting.

    19. Jim on

      Amazing mini! Seems to go well with the Bonsai clan to boot!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Ricardo on

      If we keep getting awesomely huge monsters, I'm definitely going to have to pledge for the bigger map! :)

    21. Raha Spoons on

      I do really enjoy the figures of the moon clan being inspired from Guan Yu, Zhang Fe, and Sun Wukong.

    22. Missing avatar

      Kris Hickman on

      There are 7 Kami... so we have a lot to go.

    23. Raul on

      Do you know if with this expansion the game its now up to 8 players??

    24. The REAL Bill Richards

      @Raul 6 players ... read the comments this question is asked again and again and again and again, it's almost as if the answers are in a different language

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Batista on

      It might be a good idea to update the FAQ section with a lot of the questions that been asked repetitively over the course of this kickstarter.

    26. Failtasmagoria

      Holy Hannah that art and sculpt are amazing!!!!!!!!!

    27. Arun Nayar on

      Am I right in that only 3 optional buys have been added so far. I dont want to miss a thing with this game...being my first KS pledge and all!!

    28. Daefyd Wyr


      Correct, there have been only the 3 optional buys - coins, play mat, and Invasion.

    29. Ian Hennes on

      Ya @Raul, din't you read all 15,329 comment?! Haha, a little patience on the repeat questions is needed, or a more extensive FAQ.

    30. Zzy

      does anyone else noticed the Ryujin typo? kanji => 龍神

    31. Missing avatar

      PJ on

      Holy cow, just realized the spooky tree inspired the Pokémon Eggexecutor

    32. MaxPuster

      Nice tree....

    33. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Nice, the Human-Faced Fruit Tree! Always liked that creepy monster.

    34. Christian Morgan on

      @Ricardo - if the bigger map was a Scythe-style extension that gave you 50% more play area then sure. But it's 20% bigger and doesn't fit in the box.

      No thanks.

    35. Michael Racel on

      Is this the beginning of Kingdom Death crossovers?!

    36. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Awesome forest! Very KDM!

      Hoping to see a Bamboo forest at some point too!

    37. Paul Lenkic

      "Who knew a tree could be so scary?" You obviously haven't seen The Evil Dead! ;)

    38. N Jones on

      @Christian - it is a 44% larger play area. 20% increase on each dimension. 1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44

    39. Michael B on

      Arun Nayar, if you check the campaign page, you can see everything that's going on so far, and they update it as things are added, you can also read the updates page for more details on the various add-ons and stretchgoals

    40. Michael B on

      Why is the add-on play mat such an issue that it doesn't fit in the box, you don't buy a trailer and expect it to fit in the boot(trunk) of your car..
      For starters, they would need to either make a second production line to make a bigger box (which you would likely need to have those backers fund that bigger box), then do you replace the original box for those who got the playmat, or put the original box into the bigger box (do you ship the empty bigger box separately). how do you prevent the core box or its contents crushing the playmat in transit or by the backer.
      For a map to fit into the current box, it could be made of linen, but then you need to iron the map occasionally..

    41. Pajík Jakubík on

      yes michael, bigger box, next time non-foldable game board, so the box is 1,2*1,2m. Keep up the good work and ideas...

    42. Phil on

      A bigger upgraded cardboard main board could have been folded into the box.