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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Shattered Sword Battle Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Protection of life above all else. The United Planetary Alliance was forged by the paladin orders of the Six Peers. It is through their dedication and sacrifice that civilization flourished, ushering in a time of prosperity almost beyond the scope of comprehension. Greatest of the orders, the Order of the Shattered Sword is the thin line holding back the chaos of Calamity—it is more than that. It is a shining beacon. It is a rallying cry! It is a promise that the Void will be stopped and life will prevail.

The Shattered Sword Battle Box comes with Francis Malory, his cypher Quill, 2 Paragons, and 5 Swordsworn.

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 Next Leopold Magnus and the mercenaries of Black Diamond!

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    1. Tyler Tinsley on

      These shinning white knights are guardians of the friend zone!

    2. Jim Wrench on

      My take on it is that a unit of five models that is comparable to a unit of two is in the power level, which is to say that the knights individually will probably fold like a house of cards but make up for it with "swarm" tactics.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christine Child on

      Those are looking pretty darn good - glad I chose shattered sword!

    4. Ape2020 on

      One problem going Suicide Queen is that if you included her she would have likely have to come with the Helles Belles and Pacebot instead. That's alot of big mounted figures upping the price.

    5. David Lee Seymour on

      @Dan Right? that bird is HUGE! lol I expected it to be a tiny lil cypher, but I guess it's based off the characters spiritual power.
      I almost went in for this set. it's lookin good, but still glad I went for BD. It figures they'd keep the one I want to see for last. Maybe the Best for last?? ^ ^ crossing fingers =)

    6. Dan Hess on

      I was surprised to see 5 different poses for the swordsworn. Also, Quill is a lot bigger than I expected too. I think this will be a popular starter, wen it comes to retail.

    7. Evan Ralston on

      @John It's not just about the amount of plastic that is in each box but they also wanted them to all be target towards being balanced around the same amount of points.

    8. John H. on

      For how much stuff is in this box, the Corsair box, and (presumably) the Mercs, I just don't understand why Cerci wouldn't have Suicide Queen in its box - that would have made a lot of people happier. Oh, well, too late.

      These look fine, and I look forward to seeing the mercs tomorrow!

    9. Raymond Barajas on

      BD is the one I wish to see as well.
      So far I have been flipped on the ones I thought I would like. The ones I was so-so on I am now impressed with and the ones I was excited for have underwhelmed me.
      I do like the last knight in the second image, looks like he's going on the sound of music poster.

    10. carcharodon carcharias on

      Roll on tomorrow, I've been waiting all week for the Black Diamond mercenaries!

    11. Garm on

      Not particularly excited about the pose of the first figure but that's what my exacto knife is for. Everything else... woo hoo! The lancer guys (Paragons, whatever) look amazeballs.