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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Doctrine Battle Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

For millennia the Doctrine has tied its fate to the United Planetary Alliance, but the unprecedented destruction of the Darkspace Calamity has driven a wedge between these once mighty organizations. Now the codifiers and lorekeepers of the Doctrine seek their own path to protect their people and discover a solution to the ever encroaching Void.

Unfortunately, the long period of reliance upon the Alliance and the paladins of the Six Peers for security has left the Doctrine more vulnerable than even the wisest among them could have foreseen. As the Calamity unfolds they are increasingly forced to rely upon their youngest citizens. Only time will tell if they are able to rise to the challenge.

The Doctrine Battle Box includes Delphyne, her cypher Ekhis, one Librarian, and three Novitiates.

Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture of the dashboard and the Battle Box is now in the post trying to make its way to Templecon in time.
Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture of the dashboard and the Battle Box is now in the post trying to make its way to Templecon in time.
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 Next, the Order of the Shattered Sword are here to hold back Calamity!

Deke, Soda Pop Miniatures

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    1. Dan Hess on

      Umm...which one of those quotes comes from the "an 8 year old girl should be imagining more wolf balls" argument?

    2. John H. on

      @Dan: look below:

      "This probably is so close to obscene due to the subject matter (ie school girls)."

      And in the Noh update?

      "It is, by design, a lewd design. Which is fine, nothing says it can't be. But, it does make it difficult to display on a shelf in a store that may be family friendly. If a store were to sell only Relic Knights then the argument is moot. But, if the store sells, let's pick something off the wall like Pokemon or the my little pony CCG as well, and a parent comes in with their kids to buy that and sees something that can be reasonably interpreted as sexually provocative on the shelf next to it, it will color their views on the store as a whole. It affects more than just the product line, when it's seen as a retail product."

      "this box and the Cerci box could be a little hard for some stores to display prominently. Depending on the kind of customers they have. Some shoppers may be turned off by the more risque nature of those two though"

      That's White Knighting / pearl-clutching "think of the children" right there.

    3. David Lee Seymour on

      @Dan LMAO too true XD . I was about to attempt reminding people of the espr/cypher concept here, but looks like you beat me to it lol...and so eloquently ^ ^

    4. Dan Hess on

      Holy crap this is funny!

      Anyways, no one has ever said "think of the children!" when then swooned, as you probably imagine. What they, and I, am saying now is more "think like the children". Ekhin is a psychic manifestation of the esper in Delphyne. This means two things. First, there is no "anatomically correct". That is unless you have an anatomy chart for energy. Second, it means that her mind created the entity. This is where that all important distinction of "think like the children comes in. When a kid draws something like a dog or bear or whatever, they don't draw the dangly bits. They draw fur, teeth and claws, because that's what the thing is to them. This is a big, bad, wolf manifested from the mind of a little girl. It represents protection and safety. If your idea of safety is having balls at eye level...well...that's you than. a small girl isn't going to even have that cross her mind when she's imagining something that's there to protect her. And as that is the case, the physical manifestation of that which is in her mind...shockingly...also won't.

      The entire argument is predicated (ostensibly) on the lack of "realism". So, the fact that there is no basis, at all, for the detail to "realistically" be present means the argument is over.

      Either that or you are just really into wold dong. If that's the case, there's a whole wide internet to search. You don't have to find it between the legs of an 8 year old's imaginary friend.

    5. John H. on

      @Anthony - go watch the early Dragonball Z episodes as shown in Asia... Or even non-American cartoons in general.

      I see a shocking amount of unnecessary (and hypocritical) pearl-clutching prudish Puritanisim in American adults, which is frankly, embarrassing. Especially the "think of other people's children" refrain. People should have the balls to say what you think, and whether you, personally are offended, and not throw up a smokescreen pretending to know what others think, or White Knighting under some sort of "look how noble I am" nonsense.

      And if you re-read, I said he needed a sheath. Not a penis. If you've ever had a dog, you'd know there's a difference.

    6. John H. on

      Nope. But, then, neither am I some kind of maladjusted toolbag who needs to make ignorant assumptions about other people's childhoods.

    7. Anthony on

      I wounder what Soda Pop's opinion on the matter is. :)
      I know some animes would add the little star butthole to a dog though.

    8. Anthony on

      Exactly: the models are anime/cartoon inspired and stylized in such a way that a level of detail needed for miniature genitalia would look out of place.
      Not to mention first impressions being "this model needs a dick, I will tell the internet!" is socially awkward. As mentioned, it has it's place and this isn't it.

    9. DrLegend on

      Let me guess John. You were the kid that always used to write nasty letters to Warner Bros because Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck never wore pants and yet, showed no junk.

    10. Arthur K on

      @DrLegend: Shouldnt it be the other way around and it is a clearly "what a clipper is for" situation?

      Btw, am I the only one who is trouble by the size of the thighs and arms? Shouldnt it be thinner?

    11. John H. on

      And totally loving the pearl-clutching "think of the children" smokescreens in the past couple posts. Grow up, people.

    12. John H. on

      Only in America would anyone think a child wouldn't know about animals or people having genitals.

    13. Dan Hess on

      We don't care. We just want our Okama Gamesphere.

    14. Anthony on

      WELL, this took a turn for the weird.

    15. Pedwidge on

      I was on the fence with Doctrine, but now I don't feel bad about passing on them. I can't look past the Novitiates huge shoes and the micro skirts are just too silly. I do like the Librarian. It was a great concept and they made it into a great model.

    16. Bradley Zakany on

      @DrLegend I believe that is a fair stance to take. Especially since this is a, mostly, family friendly line of miniatures. Look at all the pretty colors. I mean, teddy bears don't have their junk hanging out. Lots of toys don't have their junk showing, unless it is specifically meant to educate or titillate. Or it is flat out an adult toy.

    17. DrLegend on

      I've defended this Kickstarer for almost 2 years from people complaining about delays, mold lines, lack of communication...

      Sorry, but I'm drawing the line at wolf dicks. If it's that important to you, green stuff exists for a reason. Just be warned, I'm sure you'll get a lot of odd stares from fielding a model with its junk hanging out... Even more so when you try and defend it.

      Just saying.

    18. Bradley Zakany on

      @John There is a very good reason the big wolfie has no junk. The little girl's mommy listened to Bob Newhart from the Price is Right and spayed or neutered (I can never remember which is for which gender) the wolfie. And it is the cypher of a girl not even in puberty yet and might not even realize such an anatomical part even exists.

    19. John H. on

      @David: I was deadly serious. The way the model is posed, it flat out doesn't look right without genitalia. But if the big bad wolf isn't male, then it'd need to have labia, not a Ken doll crotch. And it's not that there aren't other such miniatures of similar size with "realistic anatomy" sculpted out of the box. This is a big dog, so it should be sculpted as such. Same as if there were a big stallion or bull. Making it a she-wolf / mare / gelding defeats the entire conceptual purpose of the model.

      Second, I am a *very* proud backer of Kingdom Death : Monster, thanks. I'm securely non-prudish to not be scared of bodies or body parts. Particularly on tiny, inanimate little toys standing less than 3" tall.

    20. Doug Chapman

      Hmm. Put a girl in a swim suit and it's okay. Put a girl in a swim suit AND a skirt and now it unconscionable. ;)

      My girl friend looks at these and says 'cute models'. She kinda gets that they're little plastic toys. And she doesn't mind the boy in the skin tight pants. Go fig.

      At any rate, love 'em or not, they are definitely well sculpted models. Not one of the factions I picked, but I will have to get red and wolf just because I love the interpretation.

      Thanks Soda Pop

    21. Chris on

      I love the models the only problem I have with them are the shoes *sigh* it will be fun painting the rest of the models seeing as their for the wife I guess she'll be telling me what colours to do them in. Whats a bit of fan service if its not your thing then easier enough to cover it up as many on here have already mentioned.

    22. Tyler Tinsley on

      @david, to be fair plenty of european manufactures include such details on their models it's not as odd as you think.

    23. David Lee Seymour on

      I can't help but find it amusing that people are having problems with these. Compare them to say sailor moon cartoons that used to run on network television. If there was no skirt then you'd just assume they had on some gymnastic-like attire, like thousands of other kids anime characters. but really just make them leggings and all is easy.
      it IS funny though isn't it, considering everything else we've all seen everywhere that these innocuous characters give us hesitation . Can't help but laugh =)
      ...and John...what the hell is wrong wit'chu man? O.o LOL I'm hoping you were joking anyhow, but if you wanted to paint scrotums and such you should have backed KD:M =P because that is probably the ONLY miniatures line that would have included such things.

    24. Tyler Tinsley on

      lol @ john h's comment. it's cypher not a real wolf. also maybe it's a girl wolf? it does have a big bow on it's head.

    25. Steve Rynders on

      Can't wait to do a Kill la Kill paintstyle on Fiametta - maybe the novitiates will be the other 1 star goku uniforms.

    26. Martin Dickson

      Tights and an over-skirt looks like the easiest conversion IMO, just trim away the underwear lines and paint the legs as leggings.

    27. Anthony on

      Painting the underwear like the anime style gym clothes found in most school-based anime (red, or blue for swimming trunks) would be an alternative as well.

    28. Dan Hess on

      The questing knight/cypher combo in every starter box is exclusive to the starters. So Delphyne and Ekhis won't be sold separately. The librarians will, however.

    29. John H. on

      @Ben: I have to imagine that the Librarian and Wolf become available later, for those who don't want the starter box.

    30. Edward Farkhiev on

      I'm not playing this faction so it's not an issue to me but I see no reason not to paint their legs as if they're covered up. The skirt would just be there as extra detail.

    31. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Williams on

      I really hope that Librarian goes on sale individually. It's the only Doctrine thing I didn't already own prior to the Kickstarter.

    32. Missing avatar

      LC Weiss on


      ....Yeah, cheeky bunch of characters here....
      well, for 2 of them, a chop and redistribution of hair will work wonders, but the other 2...

      ...GS backpack?
      ...GS bow with long tails? (honestly, probably this option)

      The 2 guys could use some sculpted folds to look like they aren't wearing tights...too...

    33. Rinion on

      Hmm dont like the Novitiates at all, either =( As big a fan as i am of sexy things

    34. Missing avatar

      Grindar on

      Ekhis seems to have a lot of huge gaps, odd considering how the others all turned out.

    35. AndrewDrexler on

      The big bad wolf (Ekhis) has a lot of nice flat areas that just beg for some directional brush strokes (think confrontation Wolfen before the pre-paints). Odd though, I was looking forward to Doctrine the most and now its last in my painting que.

    36. Ropya on

      Personally I'm no bothered by it.
      But I can't imagine why they made the skirts so short.
      I mean then could have doubled the length and still been risqué.
      And while I know it's anime and all that, but if girls dressed like that at my school in wouldhave never accompl ished anything.

    37. AndrewDrexler on

      I get the wink and a nod to the source material (Anime), but those skirts are really pushing it.. I foresee the first tutorial being how to lengthen the skirts. Lucky there is an assembly point between the torso and legs, so skirt lengthening will be a straight forward proposition.

      This probably is so close to obscene due to the subject matter (ie school girls). The Noh questing knight is showing even more skin and I did not have the "that's just WRONG" reaction.

    38. John H. on

      Not a fan of the clown shoes at all.

      I definitely like the Wolf,but he needs testicles and his penile sheath, tho. It's just not right without proper anatomy.

    39. aaron on

      @Kyle an option would be to paint the legs like she's wearing tights, that's what I'm going to do cause ya those skirts are way too short lol

    40. Deku Lord on

      Please say that there is an option for a longer skirt. That thing is way too short.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Kelley on

      Yeah, I think i will have to try my hand at green stuff to lengthen those "skirts"

    42. Fenrir Werewolfe on

      The new Delphyne sculpt is beautiful! Too bad i don't like at all the novitiate scultptor style, but I guess there's nothing we can do about.

      Can't wait to hear some news, now that we have some photos, and I'm getting more and more into the rules i'm really getting hyped!

    43. Matt Dorangricchia on

      Cheeky. The three factions I have coming have been shown at this point and all I have to say is "bring 'em on!"

    44. Barry on

      @ Sleet - I'm going to have the strangest conversations with my wife. "Hey honey, what color do you want me to paint the panties on the schoolgirls? " :) :) :)

    45. carcharodon carcharias on

      They only have one box of each, and it's these they will be previewing at TempleCon. I'll be keeping an eye out for feedback from those attending who get to hold these in hand. All the videos I've watched so far aren't showing any sharp detail, even Ekhis on the one above isn't crisp...

    46. Missing avatar


      Thanks for these updates, Soda Pop! These boxes are looking great.
      @Barry: Yeah, the Novitiates changed quite from the look of it. It almost makes the old raised-leg pose look reserved. :p

    47. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      He just mentioned express shipping them to TempleCon. After I posted I realized it could also be to show them off and build excitement for the game.

    48. Barry on

      And I thought Marilyn Monroe had dress problems!

    49. Oniakki on

      Unless you bought one of the pledges that offered fully painted miniatures, those are final pieces. (Though I recall vaguely there was some trouble with the painter people too but that was supposedly all dealt with directally with the few pledgers that opted for painted miniatures)

    50. Shammar on

      I think it is just one Doctrine starter for Demo at TempleCon.