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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Noh Empire Battle Box

Posted by CMON (Creator)

With their ravenous god Nozuki driving them ever forward, the Noh Empire has preyed upon the stars since time immemorial. The Noh Empire Battle Box features Zineda, her cypher Spite, two Kyojin Berserkers, and one Render. 

The Endless Hunger must be fed, and there is perhaps none more adept at fulfilling Nozuki's desire for destruction and suffering as High Priestess Zineda. Though priestesses of Nozuki are meant to stand above the politics of the Noh Dragon Fleets, Zineda's rivalry with the Relic Knight Kasaro To is well known. Nozuki encourages such blood feuds, for they keep his children strong.

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 Next up, Doctrine!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Val K on

      @Darryl I'll probably use my Reaper Dark Elf skin-tone triad - it's essentially different shades of purple. Probably heavier on the lighter end, maybe with some more lavender or add more white in for highlights.

    2. AndrewDrexler on

      @Pedwidge: Thanks for the linkage.. Its just not what I had in mind though. Guess I just need to grab a spare figure and the airbrush and see what I can come up with.

    3. David Lee Seymour on

      @Ed XD One could only hope. I wonder if KD:M will even GET a retail release of itself though, and even then the pinups will more than likely be online only. I'm actually regretting not selecting Noh now though as these minis are very nice.
      On a side note of being completely wrong: I have pondered the idea of playing KD:M using SDE minis for shits & giggles. =)
      Can't wait to see Black Diamond !! =D

    4. CartoonHero on

      Fair enough Dan!

    5. Edward Farkhiev on

      I hope this stuff sits proudly next to the pinup models for Kingdom Death: Monster ;)

    6. John H. on

      Well, then, let's be darn sure not to have any historical aircraft nose art in that shop, either!

      And comics? How terrible!

      Of course, if they want to look at nekkid girls, pretty much any Internet device provides that on demand.

    7. Dan Hess on

      Oh, and I would count Heroscape as a kid friendly minis game, too.

    8. Dan Hess on

      Cartoon, like I said. it doesn't bother me...but to say it's ridiculous for someone to find a particularly "well proportioned" character wearing sleeves and a ribbon (barely) as lewd is, in it's self, ridiculous. It is, by design, a lewd design. Which is fine, nothing says it can't be. But, it does make it difficult to display on a shelf in a store that may be family friendly.

      If a store were to sell only Relic Knights then the argument is moot. But, if the store sells, let's pick something off the wall like Pokemon or the my little pony CCG as well, and a parent comes in with their kids to buy that and sees something that can be reasonably interpreted as sexually provocative on the shelf next to it, it will color their views on the store as a whole. It affects more than just the product line, when it's seen as a retail product. That's what my point was. Not "this game is offensive" as you seemed to hear.

    9. CartoonHero on

      The idea that anyone would find these figures offensive, dangerous or lewd is just so ridiculous and overly sensitive that it just makes me sad and frustrated... if your child is so impressionable and simple minded that a miniature could compel them to suddenly blossom into their sexuality or ride a motorcycle without proper headgear, well, I don't think we can blame the collectibles.

    10. Missing avatar

      LC Weiss on

      Um...since when have there ever been any truly 'kid friendly' miniature games? O.o

    11. Anthony on

      @Dan Hess: I completely agree with stores being careful about those two factions. Noh are blood thirsty slaves who are very violent: not very kid friendly.
      The Speed Circuit would also give young women a wrong impression: riding vehicles without a helmet is NOT COOL. Not to mention the potential gambling/gangster backstory.

    12. Pedwidge on

      @Darryl I used this painting video as the basis for my purple skin painting and it worked well, although I painted over black primer.…
      With a character model I do the first highlight with the thin base coat mixed with glaze medium after the wash for a more gradual transition. I like that guy's painting videos since they are simple and effective for table top quality.
      I can't wait to get these minis. Noh and Star Nebula look great, so I'm happy with my faction choices.

    13. John H. on

      Oh, yeah, I'm super glad I got the Noh Faction Starter. Yes!!

    14. Adam Rosowicz

      Those look incredible! So glad I picked Noh as one of my factions

    15. Dais on

      Is the first berserker model missing wrist pieces? it looks like there's tooling there for additional parts. It might be detail but if so the shape is unfortunate.

    16. Shammar on

      I assume it is my pc, but I cannot get the Video to come up.
      Does anyone know anything I am missing?

    17. Michael Finigan

      @ David - that is Spite. She has a snake body, that is what you are seeing in the footage.


      Who dislocated that lady's hip in the last shot? That looks awful.

    19. David Jackson on

      It looks like they messed up on Zineda's cypher. I thought she came with Spite not the mermaid...

    20. Kyle Ricks on

      @Dan Hess - I agree with you

      I really like how the Noh Berzerkers came out because I can use them in Asian Fantasy settings as well for Ogre/Oni. Glad I selected Noh Empire and got all the things.

    21. Major Glitch on

      The Noh Empire is what finally pushed me from watcher to backer. I'm glad these look amazing and I can't wait to get these guys painted and deployed.

    22. JP Chapleau on

      Hummmm nice. Don't care. Just send me my minis. You are over a year late.
      C'mon man!

    23. Dan Hess on

      I don't mind it, personally, but this box and the Cerci box could be a little hard for some stores to display prominently. Depending on the kind of customers they have. Some shoppers may be turned off by the more risque nature of those two though.

    24. AndrewDrexler on

      Now I just need to figure out how to paint convincing purple skin.. lol

    25. AndrewDrexler on

      Great googly moogly… Those are going to be fun to paint… you could get lost in all the detail…

    26. Michael Salt on

      I'm actually quite amazed that Zineda is (almost) a 1-peice model!

      Once again the quality is shining through, and i can't wait to see my favorite faction tomorrow :)

    27. Richard Anderson on

      Beautiful looking models.

    28. Lycane on

      Zineda is looking HOT!

    29. Garm on

      I've been waiting for this all morning. Not disappointed!