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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Factory visit and production planning

Posted by CMON (Creator)
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We'll be visiting the Relic Knights factory next week to review the tools (both complete and in progress), and plan production for both the Kickstarter and retail.

Our plan is to begin production next week and gradually ramp up - we're still on track for a November ship out if everything goes according to plan.

On behalf of Soda Pop and CMoN, thank you for your patience - we're almost there!

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    1. Jon Webb on

      With Kingdom Death announcing that they are switching to Styrene for their game, I'm amost tempted to say I wish CMoN would make the same decision for Relics... doubt it will happen at this stage and sure the noise would be horrendus, but it would make for such a better product overall...

      A pipe dream, but we live and hope ;)

      I'd take another delay TBH.

    2. Antonio Garcia

      Wait... we can still add stuff with the pledge manager?

    3. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      @David Kelley

      for the pledge manager, pick your project from there

    4. Missing avatar

      David Kelley on

      What is the link for the pledge manager? I cannot seem to find it (need to change address). Thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Warlordounnet on

      to azoxystrobin: go to the pledge manager, their is a link to unlock your pledge. You can change what you want or add more stuff (you will receive a paypal invoice).
      (Is it normal that I listen a small voice in my head saying do it again, do it again)

    6. Dai on

      Lovely news and still time enough for me to get my gencon candyncola painted up prior.

    7. Missing avatar

      Barry Ween

      Im glad the pledge manager is still active so that I was able to remove the Penny Arcade guys.

    8. azoxystrobin on

      Where do we update pledges already?

    9. Matthew Jandreau on

      I have to admit, after seeing the rules for the new cards I've upped my pledge by over $100 from the original end of the kickstarter! I'm super excited for this game and can't wait to hit the tables with them!

    10. Adam Fair on

      Thanks so much for this - just a quick status update and my confidence that this might be an actual tangible thing soon has skyrocketed!

    11. Alan Garvey on

      I think I'll wait for the arrival of our pledges before I enthuse.

    12. Fei on

      Thanks for the news :)

    13. Tyler Tinsley on

      Assembling my LE candy cola from pax has upped my hype for this project. Those two are some of the most dynamic minis i have!

    14. Martin Heslop on

      Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

      Awesome news to wake up to. Fingers crossed that everything goes well at the factory.

    15. Jetfire99 on

      Badass to hear this.

    16. John H. on

      Thanks, Brian. Maybe get that much-needed sleep instead of posting? ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      Josh Rea on

      Is the window still open to add items to our order if we want?

    18. Gliblit on

      Awesome news, i hope you will write an update of maybe ten thousand words to tell us how are things going so far at the factory ;) By the way, just a note, a picture is worth just about a thousand words :P

      I do have one real question, will WoK be made by the same factory? So far from what i have heard is that WoK quality is really super, I am hoping that by extension RK quality will be just as good.

    19. Brian Oz

      Gah! I retract my earlier statement! I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep in last three days. I was thinking back to earlier "no communication" periods on this. Sorry! You guys are right, they have been more communicative.

    20. Vericlas on

      I won't dump on. But it seems if you want more regular updates you should 'Like' Soda Pop Miniatures on Facebook. Since they usually have new art and such up on there.

    21. Happy Sunshine on

      I am willing to bet something does happen to delay it.My prediction: actual sipping to KS backers end of January. I would love to be wrong!

    22. John H. on

      @Brian: What's your problem? There have been at least 5 updates in the past month - average is basically 1 per week. That's a fair pace, and much better than before. This is the sort of communication we should have gotten from the beginning. To complain now that CMoN is doing a fair job is stupid and pointless.

    23. Barry on

      @Brian - What are you expecting? Daily updates?

    24. Barry on

      Arthur K - They do all the setup and mold making first. Once that's done, production is rapid.

    25. Brian Oz

      I know Zombicide has been the cash cow and total focus for CMON but geez - throw us a bone once in a while. This lack of communication from you guys has really killed the once extreme enthusiasm I had for this game.

    26. Sining on

      No offense, but as someone who has a lot of experience dealing with chinese factories; if that IS where you're getting your stuff produced, you're very likely going to hit some delays if it hasn't even started production yet. November may be the date they SHIP it to you, not the date you manage to ship it out to us

    27. Arthur K on

      Correct me if I am wrong, no production was commenced even for all those sculpt that you already have during the kickstarter?

    28. Missing avatar


      Great news! I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out, I want to see this game be as high quality as you guys envisioned.