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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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    1. Major Glitch on

      So I'm looking over the stat cards that were posted as well, and Marikan To (Noh) is shown to be a questing knight. Are there two different units of her available, or will we be getting her cypher if we chose Noh as a faction? If not, will we be able to easily acquire her cypher, Lakmi? The Noh is easily my favorite faction and I'd love to be able to run a cadre based on her. (Please forgive me if this question has been answered elsewhere)

    2. wouter

      That's a beautiful book, with a lot of new art. Despite the typos, it is well worth the wait.
      Thanks a lot!

    3. Brad Scaggs

      Ignore that. Kickstarter doesn't like when you look at multiple things at one time.

    4. Brad Scaggs

      I took my MERCS mat out this morning and it lays pretty well. I would say about an inch on each edge remained curled but would flatten out with a little assistance.

    5. Onimusha on

      I hope this is not already the printed version we receive, I just started reading the PDF and noticed several typos

    6. Gliblit on

      Any ideas if we can get the new minis added to our pledges? Where i come from, the shipping will double to cost of buying them minis. If we can add them to my pledge it would save me a lot of trouble.

      Secondly, can someone confirm if this is the final draft of the rules, i am reading much awkwardness in the the way it is written.

    7. Missing avatar

      Wong Kum Yew on

      All the faction card downloads are working fine now.

      Marikan To is now a questing knight with a cypher. Nice!

    8. Barry on

      No. There are several reasons for that, the easiest is that they've simply got more Noh models shot and painted then the other factions. And THAT isn't some great conspiracy, but more likely a simple side effect of the manufacturing.

    9. Matthew Jandreau on

      Anyone think it's weird that there were 2 pages of Noh models but every other faction only got one page?

    10. Mark Handford on

      Oniakki, print the esper deck using the "multiple sheets per page" option and you can print 9 pages per sheet.

    11. Barry on

      There will be more material in the hardback rulebook. This is ONLY the rules.

    12. Vericlas on

      To those asking about launch time, Deke told me at GenCon that they're looking to get the product out before the end of the year. Make of that what you will.

    13. Marcus Lee on

      Is that all in the hardback rulebook?

    14. Oniakki on

      Hate to ask how we're supposed to use the Esper deck in that format... wouldn't it have made more sense to have 9 of them per page instead of wasting 89% of 45 pages to print them out? At least I assume (haven't actually read the rules yet) that the esper deck is supposed to be a deck of cards.

    15. Jason Massatt on

      @David You should still be able to update your addy in the pledge manager.

    16. Ryan H on

      @David Kelley: You should be able to change your address in the Pledge manager. Just checked, it's still open, you can change your address on the first page.

    17. Missing avatar

      Greg Ciallella on

      Just downloaded the cards. Is anybody else having some of re yellow and orange esper symbols blotted out so you can't read the numbers?

    18. Nasekunibert

      I can not open the files. It says the file might be broken. Anyone else got this problem, or better: a solution?

    19. AGN1964 on

      @CMoN Joking aside, this might be a good time for a delivery schedule update.

    20. Adam Fair on

      @Gerrit - while this is definitely true as a general rule, none of this delay has actually gone into improving the product. The sculpts were largely all completed last year or early this year, there has been no announced delay to the rules (so I'm not actually sure that these are different from the ones we would have been getting in May), the delay is entirely due to increased manufacturing time and perhaps incorrectly estimating shipping times, none of which serves to refine or improve anything.

    21. Brian Spalliero on

      So release is scheduled before the end of next year?

    22. Missing avatar

      David Kelley on

      We have recently moved, what is the method to get my address changed nowadays or will there be a last chance to change it before shipping email like Bones had? Thanks

    23. Gerrit on

      I rather have high quality components and a tight rules system half a year later than expected than getting mediocre stuff on time. The delay has been long and unfortunate, but it is better than rushing the project just to meet the initially announced deadline.

    24. Brad Scaggs

      Thanks for posting. I'm reading through them now!

    25. Matt Razincka on

      Awesome! Looking forward to reading.

    26. Missing avatar

      TP on

      A delay of 6 months has been announced in April, suddenly materializing less than 2 months before the original estimated delivery date and just after CMON had completed the Zombicide 2 Kickstarter.

      Make of that what you will.

    27. S Buntenbach

      when will we see our stuff in our home? ( may 13)