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A brand new science fiction miniatures game full of over the top anime action!
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Battlemat production sample at Gencon.

Posted by CMON (Creator)
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Here's a quick look at a production sample of the Battlemat. Looks (and feels) great!
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    1. wouter

      Looks amazing, nice clear colours.

    2. Onimusha on

      Did they have more models at Gencon, I am still waiting to see the plastic One shot model and the finished troopers for black diamond

    3. Brad Scaggs

      Man, how did I not see this when I was at your booth....oh wait...I remember why.

    4. Kyle Gagnon on

      Oooh, I am loving the battle mats. That destroyed truck on there looks... I dunno. I can't quite tell if that truck is drawn on the map or if it's a prop. If it's drawn on the map it looks really good. I guess most maps I've seen are pure top down, on account of how it would look if viewed from other angles. Like if you're starting your army behind the truck.

      From this angle it looks really good.

      Or is it a prop? In which case... we aren't getting that are we?

    5. Mer on

      Wow, looks great!

    6. carcharodon carcharias on

      @Craig H

      I checked my Pledge Manager last night and it's still unlockable, so you should be able to open yours and add any extras you fancy...

    7. John H. on

      Good sized map! Do they fit together to make a bigger map?

    8. Mike Norris on

      This was my big selling point with RK....since I have 0 terrain.

      I am so filled with joy to see it looks amazing!

    9. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      Hmmm.... is there any chance to add one now ?

    10. Missing avatar

      Craig H on

      Well that's annoying... I though for sure I ordered one - but don't see it listed in my order. But as others have mentioned, it might have been postage that deterred me.

    11. Dai on

      Perfect for skirmish games and not just RK.
      Well eager for this stuff the more of these pictures we get to see.

    12. Tasker on

      Would have really liked one of of tese mats but the extra postage made it a no go.

      Pitty as it looks really nice.

    13. carcharodon carcharias on

      Fab, so glad I ordered this baby!

    14. Adam Fair on

      Yes, certainly a bit more colourful than the Deadzone ones I ended up going for - shipping cost to the UK was a barrier. Although DZ's for 2x2 or 2x4 rather than 3x3! One of the benefits of everything shipping this winter is that there's going to be a bit of cross-project synergy with terrain...

    15. SacredRoach

      OK...I had forgotten how large that mat is. Looks great!

    16. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      It really looks awesome.
      It was a bit expensive so I hope is worth it.
      And if it's good, I hope you release more if the game is successful.

    17. Adnapoleon Choudhaparte on

      Damn, that looks excellent. I regret not getting it :(

    18. Ian Hunter on

      Looks really good! Any chance of getting a couple more pictures?