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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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    1. JB on

      ALL IN FROM FIRST KS PLEASEEEEEE!!! Money printing time please!! Im in!!

    2. Kristian Korvus on

      Good point ARIAKAS. CMON can you answer these questions?

    3. ARIAKAS on

      Pretty excited for the new Blood Rage Models though I went all-in last time. However, in case anyone at CMon ever actually reads this: I would like an addon for alternative Clan-Sheets + Rules to differentiate the clans from one another. As it stands, I already have 6 Clans that are playwise identical, so why should I want another (except for the Minis, of course)?

    4. mmculber

      Ok so is the Blood Rage "exclusive content" talking about digital only or will the new KS campaign allow someone like myself to get the original physical stuff since I missed the first BR campaign.

    5. Kristian Korvus on

      Make the Blood Rage "Ragnarok Pledge" reprint available as well please! I wish to go all-in this time..

    6. PK

      Great- so I'll have to get a computer game I don't want to get BR minis I do want? Can't the game stand on its own without the FOMO bundling "incentive"?

    7. Missing avatar

      Juanjo on

      Great campaign, thank you CMON from Mallorca, Spain.

    8. Daniel

      When you write "New versions" are we talking alternative sculpts, or are we talking About different gameplay effects as well? The mystic troll is Pretty useless in the version it Got shipped as, for example.

    9. Missing avatar

      Graeme on

      Great end to the campaign - props for unlocking those final stretch goals! Biggest Kickstarter I have backed, and I have no regrets!

    10. Yannick De Vos on

      @ CMON Thanks for unlocking the box and the bag and also te give the extra miniature that is really awesome. That box will make a huge difference ass the horde box did with green horde.

      But I have one more plea for you guys, one that is requested many times so I hope you consider it.
      Could you please expand the crossover set? You would make a whole lot of people really really happy. If cost are an issue I would not mind if you add it as an extra additional buy in the pledge maneger if production cost would be the issue.

      Anyway thanks for unlocking the final things and keep up the great work.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Call me Viper. Awesome last SG.

    12. Twin Comet on

      Last minute Plissken...YES!

    13. Todd Ferrullo on

      Well hopefully they investigate having the digital version on GOG as well as Steam. Otherwise, I think it is a pass for me.

    14. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Hmm, looks like 2019 is gonna be pretty Viking-y for CMoN...

    15. Pretay Nomah

      Thank you CMON for the box, the bag, and the Jake.

    16. Erik on

      Great campaign! Now to save money for the add on's :D

    17. SplitTheAtom

      +1 for pledge that only includes the physical game stuff. Not personally interested in the digital.

    18. Ant on

      Agreed that I hope the BR campaign includes an option for the original Kickstarter.

    19. Ken

      Thanks CMON

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Trost on

      Awesome. I've been trying Top get my hands on those BR minis for years!!!

    21. Missing avatar


      Just to be clear on what I mean, I don't mind backing the digital version but I would rather have the game physical. I barely play any video games. I hope you guys come up with a pledge to allow people to back your game and get the physical version as well (along with past stretch goals and add-on) please consider, CMON.

    22. Jake S.

      I appreciate the *Jake* mini ;)

    23. Missing avatar


      I hope this allows people who missed out on the original Blood Rage KS campaign to back this to get that along with all the KS stretch goals and add-on. because honestly that's I want.

    24. Rueco on

      Great "final" update!!!

    25. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      Unlocking the Box, a new hero, the dice bag AND a glimpse into some awesome Blood Rage promos? Simply AMAZING! Thank you Cmon! =D

    26. Streams

      The issue I am having with the BR digital is that I do not play video games... at all.... but I do want the minis to use with the BR board game I have... ... ... quandry

    27. Patrick White on

      I'm a little confused are the blood rage promos going to be for the board game or the digital version?

    28. Missing avatar

      Johannes Thaler on

      @ CMON: Thanks! And a great Snake Plissken, by the way! One more thing: Expand the ZI:Crossover with cards of Allied Aliens, Alienship Rescue and Deathmaw Valley miniatures to use them in ZI and I will buy these expansions in the plegde manager, too.

    29. Andrew Yee on

      Thanks, CMON, for all of the extra goodies and for a great campaign! It's going to be a long wait to finally play this game...

    30. Andrew Flansburg on

      It may have not hit the millions and gone completely nuts, but very respectable run.
      A hearty thanks to the retailers and Chinese backers !

      Also, is that a transgender werewolf?

    31. BrewersFTW on

      Fantastic news all around! What a great way to finish a fun campaign!

    32. Missing avatar

      Samuel on


    33. Missing avatar

      Dennis Howe on

      So happy I backed this. 😁😁

    34. Lukas Buergi

      And a nice extra hero it is to boot! And the dice bag, thanks for that. Details like that really make a difference, especially with storing the game after use.

    35. Streams

      Wow... nice way to finish off a campaign... looking forward to BR