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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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For this Boss, Heroes are like sheep to the slaughter

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Commencing Countdown, ELITE Soldiers!

The countdown continues! We have unlocked the Watch Tower...

...and now Angela has joined us too...

... but there is still time. Can we do more?

Arriving next is the scary image of humanity's future if defeated in the war against the Proxies:

Reaching $620k will unlock for all backers the Kickstarter Exclusive Shepherd, including its figure and card.

Art by Saeed Jalabi.
Art by Saeed Jalabi.

A terrible horror and sadness takes possession of anyone encountering Shepherd in the battlefield. An ominous sign of what the future awaits in case the ELITE fails, represented by the human inside, who demonstrates the pain and sorrow, controlled by the Proxy technology. Emanating powerful mind waves, the Shepherd - as it came to be known by the soldiers who face it - is capable of pushing any Hero within range 3, spaces away, dealing damage while this happens.

Shepherd figure 3D render
Shepherd figure 3D render

Time’s up, squad. Stand by for the next mission update!


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    1. Missing avatar

      BK on

      I think its ability could be potentially interesting, and I don't have a problem with the sculpt itself. However, I have concerns if the human figure inside the watch would be ridiculously tiny compared to the other human characters. Which seems to me like it will be, unless the mini is very big, but then it wouldn't fit on the map properly judging by its base. But prove me wrong.

    2. AJ Carruthers

      I'm not sure why the cyborg seem a to be getting so much hate. It came across as being a failed experiment by humanity rather than something the aliens have created. Essentially it's used the bible to help guide and ground itself through the trauma of it's very existence. Those words are the only thing that makes sense in its ruined mind as it screams at the universe to bring it sweet mercy.

    3. Andrew Yee on

      @Brian Thomas - I completely agree with you. That felt like a huge let-down right at the end of an otherwise enjoyable campaign.

    4. Ray Dexter

      The Aliens engage in psychological warfare?

    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Thomas on

      I don't understand why the Aliens' "best" weapon needs an enslaved human inside.
      And I definitely don't understand why the Alien enslavement pod is broadcasting Bible verses while killing humans. That seems deliberately offensive, and completely unnecessary. It's disappointing to me. I like the looks of this game a lot, but am not sure I want to be a part of something that goes out of its way to associate the Bible with enslavement and mind control.

    6. Simian scion on

      wow, a robot taking a dump. this design is terrible.

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Clark

      Looks like it is in the fetal position.

    8. Erik on

      yeah, good update!

    9. Missing avatar


      Interesting. I don’t hate it, it’s just different.

    10. Foxwhisperer on

      I was expecting for this to show up. I kinda thought it to be on the hero side, but it works as an Alien too.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brandon Price on

      Wow, that is a really unconventional looking ...thing...

      I like it - hope we make it!