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    1. Leo Borg on

      Maybe it's me to just add the dice bag to the pledge, as there are just over 600 shares at the moment, far from 2,500...

    2. Missing avatar

      Jonas Lindgren on

      Watchtowers? Excellent! More things for the playing board, please! Love the alien eggs as well.

    3. Strogar on

      Never used Facebook and never will even for free stuff.

    4. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      Trinity from the Matrix, somersaulting over a proxy with guns blazing and landing on the other side.. Sounds cool! =D

    5. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm thinking of the Resident Evil movies though...

    6. Jon van Oorschot on

      I know where Nils from the ROOK team is going now... :)

    7. Gregg R. on

      will locked stretch goals still come out later for purchase...?

    8. Jon van Oorschot on

      I believe CMON in the past have given the unlocked SG to backers anyway. Hopefully they will be nice again (looking at you Mr. Dicebag).

    9. Gregg R. on

      maybe a terrain, hero, and crazy ninja space goblins box set.. oh yeah with another double sided tile or add on tiles for alienship.

    10. Aonline

      Character design is fantastic on Angela, love the blue hair. Unfortunately...what is happening to her breasts in the 3D minis render? Is her chest absorbing and melting the fabric?And I guess low gravity bras-less boobs can float.....ugh, logical anatomy and fabric representation is a lost art-form.

    11. VHD on

      Artwork for Angela is great - but breasts in the 3d model are a bit ridiculous. I agree with Aonline that she needs proper fabric and more realistic anatomy.

    12. VHD on

      That leg + knee armor is a really nice touch.

    13. Tony on

      Like the towers. More heroes never hurts. But, I'm really hoping for at least one more boss before this is over. The base pledge is at unlucky 13. Plus, I've read these add a good amount to replayability.

    14. Missing avatar


      Yes, please. One more Boss Alien as Final SG :D

      Best regards.

    15. Batei on

      I agree with everyone below, her breasts need to be much bigger and bouncy. At least I think that is what I am agreeing to... right?

    16. Justin Schuber on

      @Batei I'll agree to that as well.

    17. Braxandur

      For me it is also mila jovovich from the resident evil movies. The strange hair color can be a nod to 5th element (style wise) in which she was also the lead actress.

    18. olerock on

      Do we know how the watchtowers actually get put out?

    19. Tony Åström

      The 3D render of the Cluster tokens looks like a first draft... A bad one... I hope they get a lot more details. Hopefully looking more like the drawing next to them.
      Otherwise good job :)