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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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A new kind of enemy is added to the war

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Commencing Countdown, ELITE Soldiers!

As we enter the final 48 hours of campaign, Dante was already unlocked to all backers acquiring the Alienship Rescue Expansion:

And now Mizi is unlocked, to all backers acquiring a Deathmaw Valley Expansion:

Finally, we've also unlocked the double-sided Kickstarter Exclusive Adrenaline Map!

 In case you missed, don't forget to check our latest addition to the Optional Buys, the Ammo Pack HERE.

As for our next goal:

At $530K we'll unlock to all backers a host of Exclusive Alternate Sculpt Shooters, bringing their deadly firepower to the battlefield!

Shooter Alternate Sculpt 3D Render
Shooter Alternate Sculpt 3D Render

But that's not all!

We still have one more parallel Stretch Goal to reveal, so let's get to it!

 Next, we have some sort of a Alien that is a big smart-bug.

When we reach $520k we will unlock for all backers acquiring the Deathmaw Valley Expansion the Kickstarter Exclusive Arachne, including its figure and card.

Art by Saeed Jalabi.
Art by Saeed Jalabi.

The Arachne may no be the toughest Alien boss, but it is certainly one of the fastest. Not only it moves 4 spaces when it activates, but it also demands more caution when exposing the Heroes to this creature, making the Action Phase short and intense, with 20 seconds less whenever it is play.

Arachne figure 3D render
Arachne figure 3D render

Time’s up, squad. Stand by for the next mission update!

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    1. Jonathan Ow on

      The concept for this model will probably change between now and final product.

    2. Max Maloney on

      The Arachne mini is cool, but I actually like the old version of this boss better (“Chronovore”). What does a spider have to do with reducing time? I liked it better when it had an actual time-anomaly theme.

    3. Edgar Michaels on

      Okay, the arachnid is badass.

      I'll take ten.

    4. Nathan Stiles on

      Shouting out other IPS on the Kickstarter is probably a good way to lose the SG.

    5. Missing avatar


      The bug from Starship Troopers!! YES!!!. Set 15 more as sawrm aliens with add-on PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!. :D

      P.S: Is posible changes the pose of Mizi and set in a Attack pose?.

      Thanks for all and VERY, VERY Good Work!!!.

    6. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      Agree with Adam, there's an error, the Alternate pose shooters shown is actually the original pose. @isadora

    7. Qeqtoxii on

      The only good bug is dead bug !!

    8. Prime All

      When are CMON going to reboot Starship Trooper by the way?

    9. Missing avatar

      The House on

      If you kill the Arachne before the turn is up, do you get your 20 seconds back or is that set at the start of the turn?

      Also +1 for arachnid swarms!!!

    10. Sharkey on

      Can you please add the Arachne and 2 Deathmaw Heroes to the Invader crossover kit? I WILL TOTALLY ADD IT THEN!

    11. Nicolas Corai on

      Well, no baby Deathmaws then, dang! I don't get the KSE tail though. Will it be purely cosmetic and ignored by the mission book (which has no KSE missions)?

    12. Missing avatar

      Adam Nagy on

      I think the large picture shows the original shooter sculpt, not the alternate one.

    13. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      Holy.. The bug from Starship Troopers!! Oh man.. So tempting! Now all we need is... the brain-sucking bug! =D

    14. Dan Rasch Restorff Tønnesen on

      If you add the brainbug - I’m all in! (dammit)

    15. Blitzpear

      Very much like an old boss from the previous game taking more time off the clock only thing it runs right at the group. Just like the spider in centipede an immediate threat

    16. Blitzpear

      Nice centipede reference

    17. Andres on

      Starship troopers Boss is coming... great Sg... we need now 15 small ones for Swarm Aliens pleeeeeeeeease

    18. Stuart Fern on

      LOVE the Arachne. Imagine if we get a boss that is a giant brain looking bug that sucks your brains out and controls all the other aliens!

    19. Missing avatar

      Wouter Palsterman

      Love the Arachne! Just wish there were more of them.

    20. Celestial Fortitude

      So happy to see this boss sad to see it's a single figure and not a type of swarm.

    21. Rueco on

      This sg (arachne) should have been with the core box!

    22. Dan Rasch Restorff Tønnesen on

      Starship Troopers! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    23. olerock on

      My predictions are holding so far...