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    1. Simian scion on

      I loved District 9.

    2. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      Interesting.. A boss that commands and makes the swarm more effective..and Nice sculpt too! =)

    3. Nathan Beitler on

      The stinger tail I could take or leave. It seems like - for the price - the Deathmaw valley should have already included that piece. That brings the total number of pieces of the creature up to nine, and adds one additional specific molding to that set, though the creature only had three moldings to begin with. Besides, crossing a caterpillar design with a scorpion design looks a little bit weird. I’m not very enthusiastic about this one, unfortunately. I was figuring it would be the alternate sculpts for the shooters. We all know that is coming, right?

    4. Igor Jeremic on

      After all - a strech goal for add on? I am leaving this campaign.

    5. Galitos

      @Simian. You hit it right... i knew they were coming back

    6. Missing avatar

      Cody Davis on

      @Igor and a new boss for the base. Which sounds really good.

    7. Simian scion on

      They came for the cat food...

    8. Paul Cartwright

      @Igor have you not been part of cmons latest Kickstarters because this isn't anything new. And the add on stretch goals are PARALLEL, they are not taking any stretch goals from the core game but just adding stuff to the expansions on top of the normal stretch goals.

    9. Nicolas Corai on

      I can imagine that another head is coming for Deathmaw, along with a Lair mission to eliminate the two baby deathmaws.

    10. Missing avatar

      Steven White

      Dude said he was coming back with an army

    11. Missing avatar

      Agustin Medina on

      The modular sections of the worm are magnetic/click or how are they supposed to stay together?

      Either that or are we supposed to move every piece one by one each time?

    12. Dexter Frankenstein

      Christopher Johnson!

    13. Missing avatar


      @Agustin Medina: The pieces of the worm snap together. There's a video in the update introducing the Deathmaw expansion in which Thiago shows off the figure.