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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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Welcome to Deathmaw Valley!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Commencing Countdown, ELITE Soldiers!

Art by Stefan Kopinski
Art by Stefan Kopinski

The Proxies have released a foul new bio-weapon – the ravenous Deathmaw! After suffering the unstoppable hunger of the segmented titan scuttling through cities, its mandibles shoving anything they can grasp into its waiting mouth, the tacticians of Project: ELITE put together a plan. They lured it into a tight valley with high-radiation salvage bait and closed off one end with heavy ordnance. The Great Worm has only one direction to go – into the deadly firepower and traps of Project: ELITE!

The Deathmaw Valley Expansion is an Optional Buy that we are offering to backers for $50. This product is estimated to later hit retail at a $60 SRP.  

The Deathmaw Valley Expansion comes with:

  • 1 Deathmaw Multi-part figure with:
  • - 1 Head segment 
  • - 6 Middle segments
  • - 1 Tail segment
  • 1 Set of Armaments:
  • - 1 Beacon
  • - 2 Missile Turrets
  • - 2 Laser Turret
  • - 2 Flamethrowers
  • - 1 Thumper
  • - 2 Charged Lance
  • - 3 Land Mines
  • 6 Event Cards
  • 12 Deathmaw Activation Cards
  • 12 Equipment Cards
  • 3 Acid Cards
  • 1 Alien Boss Card
  • 1 Reference Card
  • 6 Poison Tokens
  • 1 Bio Sample Token
  • 10 Mission Tiles
  • 1 Crashed Shuttle Tile
  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook

Backers who get the Deathmaw Valley Expansion during this Kickstarter campaign will also get the Kickstarter Exclusive Hero Captain Ronan, including his figure and dashboard! 

Art by Saeed Jalabi.
Art by Saeed Jalabi.

As an expert marksman, Ronan Cleary ranks up one of the highest kill tallies among the ELITEs. In game, he’s able to convert some Action dice results into Weapon attack results or others, making him a very reliable asset when it comes to shooting enemies down.

Ronan Figure 3D Render
Ronan Figure 3D Render

The Deathmaw Valley Expansion brings a brand-new Epic Boss, a new double-sided game map, 6 new Missions, an arsenal of plastic Armaments for the ELITEs, new Equipment, plus all the cards and tokens that accompany Deathmaw and the new Missions!

Deathmaw, the Great Worm is a special type Boss that can be encountered in the Valley or its Burrow. It is made of its Head segment, Tail segment, and 6 Middle segments. In equally special form, the figure for Deathmaw is a very specially crafted piece, composed of 8 modular pieces that connect and can be removed to represent its status during gameplay.

Check out the video below to learn more about the Deathmaw figure:

Deathmaw figure 3D render
Deathmaw figure 3D render

There’s a number of ways that Deathmaw can appear in the game. While some Missions have instructions on its initial placement, Deathmaw can also be spawned as the result of a Boss card, or even summoned by the players through the use of the new Thumper Armament!

Attacking the Worm!

The Worm is constantly moving, and the ELITEs can only target a specific body segment when attacking from up 2 Spaces away. If they attack from farther away, they have to roll a Hit die to determine which body segment is hit. Deathmaw’s Head and Tails segments have 10 Health, and each Middle segment has 6 Health, all of which are tracked individually in their segment cards. As each part is destroyed, the corresponding miniature part gets removed and segment card get flipped to reveal a special effect!

Deathmaw’s Movement and Attack

As Deathmaw isn’t exactly part of the swarming invading force, it doesn't move or follow arrows just like a regular alien. Instead, the Great Worm uses a special deck of movement and attack cards that define how it will act every time that an Alien face comes into the die rolls. The special deck allows Deathmaw to bring a plethora of tactics to the encounter, being able to burrow underground and reappear as well as tap into a wide range of attack possibilities, from using its crushing maw, to body slamming, to spraying poison.

The 6 New Missions from Deathmaw Valley add a survival style experience to the game:

Out for the Worm: How the Great Worm interacts with the Aliens is still unknown to us, but every invasion swarm in the Valley region seems to be followed by this mysterious creature. The ELITEs must hold for the whole invading swarm while setting traps to then confront the Worm.

The Great Hunt: Amidst of the chaos from an Alien invasion, armed with a single Thumper as a bait, the ELITEs must hunt and capture the Great Worm or die trying.

Rescue in the Valley: The ELITEs are sent to the Valley to retrieve samples from a crashed transport shuttle. But it seems that the Aliens have other plans for the fallen ship.

Fight another day: With their transport ship having fallen in the Valley among an Alien swarm, the ELITE team must leave the ship and clear their way out before they become surrounded.

Destroying the Lair: The ELITEs are tasked with destroying Deathmaw’s lair, and will try to use the lava around the Burrows to fill the Worm’s tunnels.

Down Below: Intel reports a sudden change in Deathmaw’s behavior. It’s believed that it may be preparing a nesting ground, and the ELITEs are sent out to investigate it.

The new double-sided map shows the Valley on one side, and the underground Burrow on the other. This map has a unique rectangular layout, surrounded by cliffs on both sides, making it a long corridor with only two ways out!

Freshly deployed into the Valley by the Project: ELITE Research Department are a set of special Armaments made available to fight Deathmaw. Each Armament brings its unique trigger and effect. In game they are governed by special Equipment cards that the ELITEs can carry on their dashboard to be activated when desired. When Aliens step into a Space containing an Armament it gets disabled until the end of the Round, and will be ready to be used again next round.

Beacon, Thumper, and Land Mine figures 3D render
Beacon, Thumper, and Land Mine figures 3D render
Flame Thrower and Missile Turret figures 3D render
Flame Thrower and Missile Turret figures 3D render
Laser Turret and Charged Lance figures 3D render
Laser Turret and Charged Lance figures 3D render

By default, each Armament gets activated once per Round, right before the beginning the Action Phase (except for Landmines):

Flamethrower: Can hit 3 squares in a line (orthogonal or diagonal), with 2 damage on a 2+ To-Hit.

Missile Turret: Fires up to 3 missiles. Each missile hits a target in any range, with 3 damage, 4+ To-Hit.

Laser Turret: Infinite range fire in orthogonal or diagonal line, with 3 damage on a 3+ To-Hit. 

Thumper: Forces the Great Worm to appear at the Thumper location with its ‘Surprise Attack’ or ‘Digging the earth’ cards.

Charged Lance: Infinite range in orthogonal or diagonal line; hits on a 5+. If the Great Worm gets hit, it doesn’t move in the next round.

Beacon: any Hero adjacent to the Beacon can heal one Damage resolving a specific die result.

Landmine: deals automatic damage when a figure enters it Space.

 Time’s up, squad. Stand by for the next mission update!

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    1. Missing avatar

      cheuk28093 on

      I don't know is that I missed notification or what. I don't know is it available to buy add on. When will available to buy?

    2. olerock on

      We still haven't seen the burrow...

    3. Blitzpear

      This is just like centipede! Remember folk these new stretch goals are for add ones sometimes. Like Arachne.

    4. Missing avatar

      VisionsOfReptar on

      I was really excited about this expansion and then I saw the price vs what you get. I don't understand how the price is justified from the content provided in this expansion. For all of those people who criticize CMON for being greedy, I'm starting to understand what they mean...

    5. Gregg R. on

      you always need a wet team for cleaning things up...believe me. Now buy two Deathmaws combine the tile to a extra large map and the "worm" with extra sections coming at you... Good luck

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      In it for the Deathmaw? Nope, in it for the Sniper! I mean c'mon, every team needs a sniper, and how can he miss with a target that big?

      Also, why does the UN have a sniper that is essentially a contract killer for criminals and terrorists? Aren't UN forces mostly peace-keeping in nature?

    7. Kai

      Cool addon. Sadly too pricey.

    8. Missing avatar

      Martin k on

      CMON, I love this both expansions so far, but $50 USD for each is a bit much I think. I feel like this could be cheaper at retail. I'm in for one, but not the other :(.

    9. Azrael188

      While my wallet is not enjoying this ks, I'm glad to see 2 new expansions that bring different and interesting mechanics into play.

    10. Missing avatar


      Looks a bit like that thing you had to fight in Mass Effect 2.

    11. Ken

      Will add if there is Zombicide Invader crossover content added.

    12. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      That's a huge Boss! And the gameplay mechanisms sound interesting and fun. But man.. 50 bucks is quite pricey indeed.

    13. Missing avatar

      flashburn on

      I agree with others, seems a bit pricey for what we get. It does sound like fun though.

    14. Nathan Stiles on

      While I'm glad CMON got to produce a type of mini they've never done before-- it's sadly lackluster.

    15. Nathan Beitler on

      That laser turret looks like something out of a 1950's sci-fi movie...

    16. olerock on

      @nicolas true. I guess we've got a new map then! Not a very interesting one at that, but it could be combined with other modules to make something nice. How about the valley map + the enraged cards from the rook expansion + regular swarms + armaments?

    17. Nicolas Corai on

      @olerock - I don't see the need for arrows on the Valley side. Any straight-ahead or diagonal location is acceptable.

    18. olerock on

      @CMON please add arrows to the new boards, it would greatly increase the value of the expansion without any material costs, by giving us an extra board to use in normal games!

    19. Nicolas Corai on

      @Nathan Beitler - Guilherme Goulart from CMON answered in the Comments:
      "Yes, the Armaments can be used in the base game, where they are shuffled in the Search deck."

    20. Hugh G Rection

      Boardgame Centipede!

    21. NZ Nick

      kinda pricey...

      Not sure I’m gonna get this...

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Bouchard on

      Love the idea, love the described gameplay... kinda pricey...

      Not sure I’m gonna get this...

    23. Brian on

      Thiago in the video we miss you :) Pretty neat, I'm assuming they will have some plan for dealing with the figure in real time.

    24. Joaquin

      Moving deathmaw in real time will be difficult with so many segments... and it ignores arrows on the board instead using its own movement deck.

    25. Nathan Beitler on

      Here's a question for you: Are any of the plastic weapons going to be able to be used in the base game? Yes, they may make it easier, in some ways, but they looks really cool and I'd hate to have them only be usable in these few specific scenarios. Sometimes they may come in very handy in a difficult mission, anyway.

    26. Matthew Brewster on

      @Michael C. Rodriguez - I don't think that the time taken to detach segments will be a problem at all, since all the real-time aspects like combat happen during the 2 minute real-time phases. The detaching of segments will be happening in the non-realtime regrouping phase in between.

    27. Gloomy Squiky on

      I might take this one... Depending on how much it costs to repair my car that broke today :c

    28. Aonline

      Awesome add-on, more of this type please.

    29. CMON 37-time creator on

      @Cody Davis: The Deathmaw Valley missions are played exclusively in the Valley and Burrow maps, as they're designed around the new layout. However, it is possible to bring Deathmaw as a special Boss in the Core Box Missions, where it is spawned and activated by a Boss card normally, and has fewer links in its body to be able to maneuver around the base maps.

    30. Larson McCade

      Thanks Moshe. Missed that. Skipped over yet another hero to see what the expansion was about 😂

      Still, most points still stand.

    31. Joaquin

      too pricey for what it is...

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael C. Rodriguez on

      My question's a real time having to stop from rolling dice, use both hands to carefully detach segment(s) and then reattach mini....will most certainly slow the pace of play. Would the Deathmaw be the ONLY thing fighting during this scenario or are there still other aliens that have to be dealt with? Ugh....this looks sooooo cool but, takes it to past the $200 range.

    33. Grigorij Kutuzov on

      OMG, I love this idea. Great Job CMON!

    34. Missing avatar

      Cody Davis on

      Can this be mixed with base game maps and missions? What I gather is that the missions seem tied to these maps

    35. Moshe on

      @Larson McCade There ARE exclusive components -
      "Backers who get the Deathmaw Valley Expansion during this Kickstarter campaign will also get the Kickstarter Exclusive Hero Captain Ronan, including his figure and dashboard! "

    36. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      I feel like so many of these could have been SGs at a different pledge Tier rather than nickel and dime everyone

    37. Larson McCade

      Cons: no KS exclusive components, not a significant discount over retail pricing (considering CMON pockets a greater margin: paying KS fees, avoiding higher FLGS margins), an additional freight cost...

      Pros: getting it all at once, slightly ahead of retail.

      I know no one's forcing me and I'll probably get it, but it's a little disheartening nonetheless.

    38. Sebastian On Board

      Yeah stop pretty please, it hurts being squeezed like a lemon and don't have the strength to keep the wall locked...

    39. Nathan Beitler on

      Wow! Really cool idea for a boss and boss miniature!

    40. Galitos

      Well, that is the kind of monster I was hoping for. 🤯. Cmon take my money

    41. Missing avatar

      Dennis Howe on

      I'm probably gonna hold off on this one. This one is already pricey.

    42. Lance Banson

      Guys, stop.