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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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They come to bring peace... by eliminating Proxies

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Commencing Countdown, ELITE Soldiers!

The recruitment process into Project: ELITE is long and arduous, after all, only the very best soldiers make up Earth’s last defense squad. But special circumstances require special measures. Today, we’re proud to introduce you to the 2 most exotic members of Project: ELITE!

The Terran territories were not the first targets of Janusian invasion. The alien menace has enveloped and consumed over a dozen previous civilizations as its titanic fleet edged along through the galaxies. Survivors of these conquests hate the Janusians almost more than Terrans do – which is why it came as no shock when a pair of aliens arrived planetside and offered their help to Project: ELITE. Two esteemed members of the elite within the Plu’htonian royalty, Royal Envoy Apollo and Duchess Aloria, have come to Earth to help deal defeat to the Janusians – just as their people did decades ago. It might come at a price down the road, but for now, any help is good help in such a dark hour. The ELITEs need all the help they can get defending humanity, even if it comes from beyond the stars.

For $12, this new Optional Buy brings Apollo and Aloria to Project: ELITE including:

  • Royal Envoy Apollo figure 
  • Duchess Gloria figure 
  • 2 hero Dashboards 
  • 2 Event cards

Not only do these advanced alien warriors bring their own brand of anti-Proxie Abilities to your table, but they also add unique Alien Ally Event cards to the game, showing that the Janusians remember their defeat at Plu’hto – and it really makes them mad!

Art by Saeed Jalabi.
Art by Saeed Jalabi.

Though Apollo is often seen as severe and somber in his diplomatic dealings, in the field he’s a remarkable asset, making use of Kinetic pulses and blasts to the Janusians’ dismay. Both his Abilities are triggered with Locking slots, the first stunning all Aliens in Range 1 on their sides, stopping them from activating, and the second dealing damage to Aliens within Range 2 upon a successful roll.

Apollo figure 3D render
Apollo figure 3D render
Art by Saeed Jalabi.
Art by Saeed Jalabi.

With her temperature-based powers, the newest member of Project: ELITE brings a very unique set of Abilities to the game. Duchess Aloria’s Cryokinesis allows her to push Aliens in any direction after killing one Alien, and her freezing aura forces all Aliens within Range 3 to move away from her upon a successful roll. 

Aloria figure 3D render
Aloria figure 3D render

Alien Allies Events

When playing with Alien Allies players must shuffle the Alien Allies Event cards into the deck of Event cards, one per Alien Help in game, replacing regular event cards. The first of these, ‘Long Memory’, makes Janusians move towards Apollo or Aloria - which can be a benefit or a hindrance! The second, ‘Janusian Rage’ diminishes the Aliens’ chances of damaging Heroes, but deal extra damage to Apollo and Aloria when successful.

Time’s up, squad. Stand by for the next mission update!

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    1. Rueco on

      Two miniatures for 12 dollars ... I think it's a bit expensive compared to other addons. :/

    2. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Even there, Tumult's arms aren't crossed and he looks like he's ready to do battle. Does his kinetic pulse emanate from his body in all directions and if so, why doesn't it affect his allies? I just don't see a thematic reason for the Area of Effect ability. I'm in it for Aloria as well.

    3. Kai

      I'm with Nicolas Corai on this one.

    4. Nathan Stiles on

      @Joshua Apollo is a reuse of the Sedition Wars Tumult, here was Tumult's flavor text, "Seen here in his Envoy form, he appears as a tall sleek humanoid. Apparently unarmed, he is still a dangerous opponent with many micro weapons concealed in his frame."

    5. Brian on

      Aloria is awesome, maybe Apollo will grow on me. But I'm getting this for Aloria!

    6. Jon van Oorschot on

      12$ for 2 minis that actually change gameplay a little and comes with a pretty big dashboard seems like an allright deal to me. What do you pay for an AQ mini these days, especially the rare ones...?

    7. Missing avatar


      Heroes and monsters with boxing "Alienship rescoue expansion" should be part of "Zombicide invader crossover" !!! (Please...)

    8. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Yeah, I can see it, but he needs a board. Still, not an action pose what-so-ever, is he trying to intimidate the Janusians to death in a bouncer-at-a-night-club kind of way. I just can't picture him moving around the battlefield especially in comparison to Aloria.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      @joshua I was thinking silver surfer for some reason

    10. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Is Apollo a cross between Dr. Manhattan and Iron Man? The guy doesn't even have a weapon; how is he dealing all this damage or sedating the aliens. Even Sandman from the original P.E. had a gun. At least Aloria has a thematic reason for her pose and to be sporting a sword.

    11. Missing avatar


      What is up with Apolo posture ? is he supposed to be an oscar statue or something like that ? do not seem to fit the game. Will pass sorry

    12. Nathan Beitler on

      Actually, $12 for two minis is about right. Look at the Fantasy Flight Star Wars minis (from either Imperial Assault or Legion). Those are more expensive than these are. $12 for two minis is certainly cheaper than what you'd spend for two 40K minis, too.

    13. Erik on

      12 for only 2 minis, I'll pass on this one, This should have been a SG instead.

    14. Nicolas Corai on

      @Max Maloney - for a 2018 comparison (with a CMON campaign no less) Z:I had three hero packs at $15, with 5/6/6 minis respectively. And before using economies of scale (as in, fewer backers to recoup the cost of mini design) to justify the $12 one, you'd have to ask yourself why a CMON Kickstarter that is a follow-up to a reasonably successful game with good ratings and praises from two well-known game critics is doing comparatively so poorly.

      But, to me, the problem is not so much the price as the content (or lack thereof). So far this KS campaign has been light on meaningful add-ons, so many things are still missing while the total price keeps on climbing for dice nobody asked for and 2 minis that would have shocked no-one if they had been unlocked as SGs a day or two ago.

      True, nobody forces me to buy them, but again the campaign promised an improvement on the gameplay of the first version, not fancy dice and more minis (regarding mini quality, I usually like minis but here I don't care much for the look and lack of cohesiveness of the CMON bosses).

      So far, as far as I'm concerned, the second edition looks like a step sideways more than a step forward, the Alienship Rescue expansion excepted. We'll see how the second week looks but, as of now, color me unimpressed.

    15. Nathan Stiles on

      @Max Maloney, it's not been enough years for inflation to really factor, #2 CMON is reusing designs from prior projects and possibly molds (if they are still viable). Only #3 is most likely true, but it doesn't mean CMON isn't still over charging for this latest update.

    16. Max Maloney on

      @Gregg R. Truthfully, this is not a story game. There are other games that do this with the theme, such as Galaxy Defenders. This is a short-playing, frantic, tactical game. The closest parallel would be Escape: the Curse of the Temple, which also has no campaign or story.

      Enjoy this for what it is. If that’s not your cup of tea, it’s wise to pass on it. I find the game tremendous fun and get my campaign fix from other games.

    17. Max Maloney on

      You’re not going to get the same price as the original P:E. Reason 1: it’s years later and costs increase over time. Reason 2: it’s higher quality materials. Reason 3: CMON knows the costs of a game like this very well, whereas Artipia had never done a minis game and probably undercharged for the time and materials they had to devote to completing the game.

    18. Gregg R. on

      I would like to see more boards... and storyline. So far looks more like mass rolliing until overran... little tactics, group play,mystery. Sorry nothing that makes me wnat to go YES, and here is my money

    19. TheGoodTheBadAndTheMeeple on

      Add more of these mini paymore SG and you will lose backers... price is already largely higher than original campaign for less...
      Better to give more SG, admitting SG management error, to bring new backers than get 12$ from people already confident in what you propose.
      Moreover, the 2 moulds will be done for less backers ... here is why it is so expensive.

    20. Nathan Stiles on

      @ALDI, I know Aloria was Zorya, but who was Apollo? Also, I think that $12 for reused sculpts and no additional rules (like companion rules that Z-cide added) is too pricey.

    21. olerock on

      @scotty CMON have run dozens of campaigns, this is just how they operate.

    22. BlueSan on

      Not interested in making this game any easier to be fair so not interested in this expansion/add on :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      Why not have all these add-ons already available?!?! That would bump the sales way more than slowly releasing them, how many people passed on backing, thinking there weren't any Add-ons...

      If you have expansions, show them already :(

    24. Missing avatar

      OJB on

      If they don't do add ons then you don't get free sgs, you need tens of thousands of backers to get all that stuff for hardly anything. After 2 days people have not come in, therefor only way out of it is add ons. When we get to the next sg I think we will start to see some parallel sgs, if not then this ks is not going to go anywhere fast.

    25. Max Maloney on

      $12 for two minis is nothing. They do come with cards and dashboards. I bet the MSRP would be more like $15-20. Complaining about this pricing is being out of touch with what things actually cost in 2018.

    26. Stephen Kuch on

      Agree. Sorry, but releasing stretch goals as add-ons seems very much like nickel-and-diming. This is my first CMON campaign, but every other game I've backed has upgraded dice as a stretch goal - not at an additional 1$/die price tag. And $12 for two minis? Is this a joke? The longer this campaign goes on, the more disappointed I become in CMON and the more I consider backing out.

    27. Nicolas Corai on

      $12 for two minis? No thanks
      So far this project has made quite a bit more money than the original for way less content (I'm not even considering the free shipping from the original because that was clearly a mistake), no mega-bosses, no special aliens, no extra maps in the base game, no improved components, and now this?

      This second edition was supposed to be about all the ideas the designers hadn't had the chance to implement the original. Well that's true, they hadn't implemented nickel-and-diming.

    28. Celestial Fortitude

      Here we go..... campaign is let's make those stretch goals we were going to give you for free....into an Add On. FS

    29. Sharkey on

      I would LOVE to see a Biter add-on with 15-20 minis so I can have more for my Invader crossover kit! =D

    30. Missing avatar

      Randall Espinoza on

      Apollo needs to add a glute day to his gym routine.

    31. Lars on

      If you introduce Rocket as an add on I will cry happy tears.

    32. Andrew Yee on

      This was totally unexpected, but looks like fun. The minis look great, especially Aloria!

    33. ALDI on

      Two great sedition wars resin sculpts updated and now usable in a game! Glad these characters have made it in :)