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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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    1. Rueco on

      I love the crossover. I hope they increase their content (heroes, boss, abominations... ).

    2. Tyrell on

      This crossover won´t be avaible on retail, only here on this kickstarter. Why do not also crossover the P:E SG Heroes to Z:I? ROOK?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven White

      I'm fine with this set only applying to the base game.
      The KS edition pack-ins and add-ons were rewards for supporting that campaign and intended as added spice for that game. As a secondary purchase this had to be designed so anyone who didn't get everything could enjoy it.

    4. Missing avatar


      In for now, but not sure if it's enough

    5. Missing avatar

      yanir hanan shalev

      I want to suggest the possibility of using maps of Zombicide: Invader.. for this game. Just need an explanation and an end / defense point

    6. Frank Schulte-Kulkmann - on

      +1 to Edwin Dale Sanders. It would be nice to get Zombicide crossover cards for the additional characters unlocked in this campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      The Matriarch + Plaguelings also look like a pretty good Abomination + minions for Zombicide: Invader.

    8. Missing avatar

      Edwin Dale Sanders on

      Since the Zombicide: Invader Crossover is Kickstarter Exclusive, could it at least include survivor ID cards for the Kickstarter Exclusive Project: Elite Heroes? (As getting the crossover would mean getting the Hero figures anyway.)

      Since there are Xeno Cards for using Biters as Workers, couldn’t there be Xeno Cards for using Runners as Hunters?

      What about Xeno Cards for using Shooters for Flingers or Fliers for Xenomoths?

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      If you could at least make the Runners available for Z:I and make them act like Zombie Wolves, I'd be much happier. Please consider it.

    10. Ian short on

      Glad we got a crossover pack, but disappointed by how little content is being made available for invader.

    11. Foxwhisperer on

      I would have liked to use Vicki in Z:I also, but I guess I just need to proxy her now.

    12. Pierre Colette on

      Thank's! That made my day and help me change my mind.
      I'm back as an subscriber, that was an beauty full idea, that will complete my pledge for Zombicide Invader.

      Keep the good work.

    13. Francis Hope on

      Are these just for the base version of invasion or kickstarter components too?

    14. Ken

      I'm backing this project, just for the added minis in invader!

      Would be good to get more cards for all the minis to be used, I wouldnt mind paying more for the added content. :D

    15. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      I didn't get in on Z:I.. But i guess i could proxy them then decide later if I want to get the retail Z:I. Adding this to my pledge!

    16. mitchell king

      So awesome and great price

    17. Galitos

      This may be the reason I'll keep my pledge. I went all-in on Invaders so more Bosses would be great

    18. Sarkin on

      Magnus is awesome 9 health!!

    19. Scott C

      Can we get a crossover, but without mixing the 2 games?

    20. Agis Neugebauer on

      Call me happy!
      I was a bit unsure if i keep my pledge up, since i really dislike the frantic 2 Min dice roll, BUT with the crossover i have enough value anyway... :)

    21. Robert R

      I'm okay with leaving out the KS exclusives in the crossover kit, but ignoring Dark Side, a standalone expansion, just doesn't make sense to me.

    22. Missing avatar

      Unleashed Paul

      Always find it strange that this is a KS exclusive yet it does not allow for all content for all the KS stuff. More disappointing is they are not using all basic bosses from elite.

    23. Ant on

      Personally I just really wanted dark side to crossover since those are the coolest minis from Z:I. That said make another pack entirely for that core and I'll buy it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      I don't have Zombicide and it seems I am not alone.
      Why don't you make 1 ( or 2) extra optional buy(s) only for the figures? In that case I would also be buying the figures from Zombicide!


    25. Sarkin on

      Thank you thankyou!!
      We have been talking about this over on invader for a month and many sent emails requesting this as well.....Very pleased the art is so spot on between the 2

    26. Jan Turck on

      +1 for Scotty & Black Plague crossover. I've also got a really nice river troll from Green Horde....

    27. Brian on

      @Scotty you can do whatever you want - but Fantasy and Sci fi don't mix for the art - so CMON is xing over with the other scfi game :)

    28. Charles Phillips

      And so it begins.

    29. Missing avatar

      Scotty on

      Why not make it any Zombicide.... I could easily swap BP character models in and use them the same could I not?

    30. Electronic Scavenger

      Nice.. count me in... maybe we can get the others in another crossover.

    31. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      To be honest I was expecting something more thorough...

      If not including all stretch goal characters, the basic characters of all expansions at least would be a minimum.

    32. Curtis Rose

      dang it... was hoping for all three times of aliens in this to be added to zombicide... but that was a pie in the sky dream that i was just hoping for... but awesome! and thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      I like it....unfortunately i'v lost zombicide invader kickstart....maybe i will found it in the future 😊

    34. Missing avatar


      I didn't get Z: Invader, I hav too much Zombicide already, but I'll get this add-on up and if I like PE I'll buy an Invader base box as an expanion and stow what's not crossed over.

    35. Sharkey on

      This definitely caused me to back. If there are more crossover packs for more content I’ll happily throw down the cash! ;D

    36. Joaquin

      Yes please!!! Thanks CMON!

    37. Missing avatar

      Agustin Medina on

      Coolest crossover ever!

      I just wish in both cases they would port the whole rooster of Xenos and survivors from Invader (including expansions, SGs, etc.) to Elite and the whole rooster of Heros and aliens from Elite to Invader! (Even if it is more costly than this version)

      I had an all-in pledge for Invader and planning to do the same for this one. It would be great to be able to use all of the content for both.

    38. Sandstorm on

      Crossover is rarely (if ever?) for previous exclusives. Always for core box stuff as that is available to everyone.

    39. Lionhunter on

      Finally...thank you

    40. Michal Valvoda (Miremarsh Mushroomer)

      Oh... That tips scales for me a lot :-)

    41. Kjetil Hope on

      But what if we want to use the kickstarter exclusive figures in both games? Do you create crossover material for them?

    42. Tony on

      I don't have or want Zombicide: Invaders, but I think it is awesome that you are offering this for folks who do. Thanks for listening to the community!

    43. Missing avatar

      Jose A Hernandez Jr.

      I miss the zombicide invader kickstarter will there be an add on here to get it in the Pledge Manager

    44. Kory Dondzila

      Same question as Marine

    45. the Apparatus

      Buy it retail

    46. Missing avatar

      Marine Desprez on

      @CNOM great ! But I miss out on the zombicide invader. How can I get it ?

    47. Rivsung

      YES! Thank you!

    48. Leonardo Reis on

      haha Niiiiiiiiice!