Project: ELITE


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonas Lindgren on

      Hooray! He looks great! :)

    2. Streams

      MOR ALYENS PLEAZZZZZ...!!!!!!!

    3. David Y.

      THANK YOU for returning to alien bosses! I own the original P:E and have been hyped about this CMON version, but my thoughts are similar to a lot of those that have already been expressed during this campaign. I immediately pledged but dropped to $1 after the penis-monster boss (the guy with the toothpick arms and another guy coming out of his crotch). Glad to see the move away from the body-horror stuff that is starting to look very samey in a lot of products. I'm going to stick at the $1 pledge for now, but I am hopeful I'll ramp back up at the end.

    4. Missing avatar

      Stewy on

      Looks great!

    5. BrewersFTW on

      Okay, this one looks pretty cool.

    6. Curtis Rose

      this is my favorite sculpt so far... a little bit of horror and a lot of Sci-Fi... this is better than some of the previous sculpts and hope more are similar in nature to this going forward

    7. Nicolas Corai on

      Picture shows $290K but text states $295K. Which is it?

    8. Palmiro Bonafidem on

      Agree with other backers this style of enemies fits better. Already seen lots of horror themed adversaries in last times, old\new sci-fi styled figures are welcomed IMHO.
      Great work CMON!

    9. Nathan Stiles on

      @Nicolas Corai, $290 confirmed in the main comments section.

    10. Sandstorm on

      Hooray for Bounty!
      Bring on the sci-fi!

    11. Andrew Yee on

      Bounty is amazing!

    12. Gregg R. on

      yes. Alien not mindless mutation

    13. Simian scion on

      finally a good looking boss! hopefully CMON will listen and recosider the design of some other bosses...

    14. Nathan Beitler on

      This one looks really good! Bring on more like this!

    15. Stuart Fern on

      Ooh he is nice. Just adding another voice to those saying this sci fi style alien is what we want.

    16. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      *Throws money at screen* NOW THATS WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT! Bring on more Aliens like these!! =D

    17. Rainer Åhlfors

      Bounty looks and feels like a legitimate boss, and like a legitimate alien. Well done!