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Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
Join the ranks of Project: ELITE to defend our planet from a massive Alien invasion in this frantic real-time cooperative board game!
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    1. Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      I absolutely LOVE it when games have a solo mode. Not just that - but when it's not just slapped on but it's built specifically for solo mode. That makes me wicked excited to play this game! I'm also excited to play it with others of course - but having that solo mode just makes me want it more. All of the changes sound like they are in a positive direction. Can't wait!

    2. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Hm. I liked the locked dice mechanic for searches and attachments etc personally. Made you think and plan as to how to spend dice during the next action phase because you don't want to be short on dice early on. Kinda skeptical to the take 2 and pick 1 thing too. Deciding on cards in the action phase? Recipe for trouble right there if you don't know every card by heart.

      However the event/boss deck thing seems like a very nice change to mix things up, and also making heroes a bit more different.

    3. Alvin Ong Loke You on

      Loving all the new changes, especially the rule where searching no longer locks a die, plus the functionality of the new dashboards is great for keeping track of health n items!

    4. Stuart Fern on

      This is what i really needed. As an original owner i need to be convinced to buy a new version when the first one is still insanely good. I remember Artipia were talking about some different maps back in the first kickstarter. One had the start in the middle of the map and the aliens come from all around. The other had starts at either end with the aliens starting in the middle trying to break out to the edges. Both of those offer conpletely different play styles, not just a slightly different feel to a map.

    5. Max Maloney on

      @BlueSan This game doesn't thrive as much on that sort of variety as you might think. The gameplay loop of P:E tends to smooth out the differences in aliens, bosses, maps and objectives. It all feels fairly similar, with the moment to moment challenges varying to test your tactical awareness.

      This isn't a bad thing. The game is fun! I've played it 20+ times and I always enjoy it. That said, the original KS had 4 total maps (two double-sided boards) and I think it's likely we will see those same maps here. If so, look forward to Shallow Rivers/Infested Ruin.

    6. BlueSan on

      I agree that the summary is ok, but this game definitely needs more content especially new maps and new scenarios, chalanges in terms of different alliens and things happening.

      Someone bellow mentioned a map of a "city" where you have to save X individuals may not be a bad idea at all in fact it sounds great.

    7. Andrew Yee on

      Thanks for this summary. I'm excited to get my hands on this game!

    8. Daniel

      so... campaign? :P

    9. VHD on

      Glad to see this type of overview/summary about the changes! I was hoping for this :)

    10. chang on

      @Jason on the original game worked really well. don't know how is here. they change the health system quite a bit. honestly in this game (original) you lost mostly because they space or cant do the objective in the amount of round. rarely we lost because of health

      and the fact that searching is a LOT easier and doing attachement, I don't see this game being too punishing

    11. Jason on

      The losing dice from taking damage just seems like a downward spiral of punishing the player. "You failed to roll well and take damage, now you have fewer dice to roll to make it even harder to come back from that bad round."

      Any chance of revamping this in some way? Maybe losing dice results in a gained ability? Maybe the ability is listed on the character sheet. Maybe it's a random card draw.

      Think of how corruption in The Others or sanity in Death May Die work. The player is able to do more and interesting things the closer they get to game over.

      Given the gene-splicing body horror, you could even explain it as alien DNA affecting the character. It's something that reversible, but each attack is pumping more into their system and eventually they become one with the aliens.

    12. Preston

      Streamlined or too easy?

    13. Eugene on

      “Revised line of sight”? More details, please 😀

    14. Paul Richardson

      Sounds great.

    15. Nicolas Corai on

      It all sounds great, but given how maps constrain the movements of aliens, please provide 2 additional ones in the core box to provide more variety and improve replayability.

    16. Missing avatar

      Alberto on

      the game exalts me from the beginning of the campaign, about the scenarios ... it would be nice a city environment, maybe where the mission is to save the civilians stuck by the invasion, it would be an interesting mission in my opinion .. anyway I like the game already now

    17. Joaquin

      Good stuff! Glad the event/boss table were replaced by a customizable deck... excited to give it a try!