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A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
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    1. Wrobbel on

      @olivier did you post that response on Facebook or some social media? I would definitely do so if this is a real response of their customer support.

    2. Bisecipher on

      @oliver I haven’t gotten anything either. This is def the last time I’ll back anything CMON

    3. Tung Chi Ming on

      still didnt get anything:(

    4. Olivier Leplus on

      Am I the only one who haven't received it's pledge and keep receiving "Due to the large number of active campaigns currently shipping... blablabla" for month ?
      It is very surprising that this is even possible that I paid month ago and still haven't received the game :/
      Just would like to know if others have the same issue ?

    5. Robert Harvey on

      @Flying Monsters re: difficulty= There are several different variants on the BGG forum. I personally have been working on and playing a pretty extensive update. It is a sort of "best of" compilation of pieces of variants posted in the last year or so on BGG. I tweaked them to all work together in addition to complimenting a "game clock" that introduces urgency and more strategic choice. It works very well. I have considered posting it on BGG as I think it turns the game into a "zero to hero" gem. Currently I am doing a differentiation pass on the enemies so that they feel more unique via an optional mode.

    6. Ron Quek

      I have not received anything at my end yet

    7. Missing avatar

      Lynn Campbell on

      Thank you, Brian for the info for the elementals

    8. Missing avatar

      Emosquito on

      @fishcube, thanks!

      The only quest that was even remotely hard in this game was #9.

    9. Jay "You never even had a Slinky?" Ross

      @Arknur - Thanks! I was having trouble searching their site/shop for them.

    10. Koin-Koin on

      @Digimortal - Thanks a lot for posting your latest painted minis. They are quite inspiring (only made Chromatis and the Minotaur so far).

    11. Jay "You never even had a Slinky?" Ross

      Are there digital versions of the class sheets if someone were to run out? I only just got my game this week (I confirmed the PM late) and haven’t even played it yet but I’m just thinking ahead.


    12. fishcube

      @Emosquito - there is an Ariane as one of the Wulfsburg core 6 survivors in the Black Plague expansion

    13. Missing avatar

      Emosquito on

      What pack is the Ariane figure in?

    14. FlyingMonster on

      Hello, sorry if these were asked already, but I've got 2 questions

      Q1: are there any extra scenarios available on the web somewhere, official or just from enthusiast players ?

      Q2: did anyone test ways to render the game more difficult ? Reduce the nb of tokens on the lightbringer is very artificial, I'm just looking for smth slightly changing the mechanics, (or spawning more or more robust/aggressive monsters...)

    15. sheltem reveur on

      bonjour j attends depuis février un ordre d envoi pour mon pledge ( oui erreur de ma part j ai valider en retard ) des personnes qui son aussi dans le même cas ?

      hello I wait since February an order to send for my pledge (yes error on my part I have to validate late) people who also in the same case?

    16. Brian on

      Whether you were one of the backers on Kickstarter who passed on it, or have since picked up Massive Darkness and have been looking for all the expansions, we have good news: the “Elementals” enemy box is finally coming to retail with a North American street date of June 29th, 2018. From

    17. François DEGUELDRE on

      @ Mr Wednesday, it's not because it's not exclusive that it will be available in retail stores later, u can keep hope but I would not count on everything. We saw multiple example in past with masmora.

    18. Mr. Wednesday on

      So does any one know when the rest of the retail releases are hitting retail??? Elementals Box set and the 3D Doors and Bridges pack? These were not Kickstarter exclusive unless something changed? am I mistaken?

    19. Digimortal on

      Comple more D minis done, the slog is hard:

    20. Jorge Madrigal on

      Request #100812
      Created August 19, 2017 10:15

      You have closed my ticket without contact me and i'm still wating news about a deffinitive solution.

      Please, confirm if the shipment is going to be made or not. No more apologices. I'm trying to solve this since past August.

    21. Danny Day

      I was told last year I would have mine in 3-4 weeks. Now 28 weeks and waiting. Their excuse? We have too many campaigns going right now to ship your pledge... Sorry that’s not legit! Love how they steal our $$$

    22. Dave on

      Has there been any rumors about another Kickstarter to expand the content?

    23. Digimortal on

      Other than making your issue publicly visible, there is no point asking about lost orders here.

    24. Aaron on

      @Ron This kickstarter ended over 6 months ago. Only place that might help is going here

    25. Ron Quek

      update on my boardgame, till not i have not received anything

    26. Paul (my wallet hates KS) on

      The last 10 messages are why I stop by old games I pledged for. I am always amazed by people lol

    27. Digimortal on

      @Neil.... Cmon is the company that made and published the game, see all materials about this game ever: The following link is where you raise tickets requesting help with orders:

    28. Wrobbel on

      Update on what?

    29. Ron Quek

      any update?

    30. Jeff C on

      Played the game finally. 2 games! Lost both! We were slaughtered. Game is hard.

    31. Wrobbel on

      Thomas.... what did cmon tell you? How did you contact them about the issue??

    32. Wrobbel on

      Cool Mini or not? The company you pledged for? Dude... if this is the way you handle Kickstarter... stop it!!!!

    33. Thomas Andrew on

      Still nothing. Can I just expect that I’ve lost my 120 bucks plus shipping??

    34. Neil Topolnicki

      What is cmon and how does one open a ticket with them?

    35. Wrobbel on

      After all this time you hopefully contacted cmon and/or opened a ticket with them?

    36. Missing avatar

      Arjun Menon on

      I still haven't received my game as well. What is the process for getting an answer on this?

    37. Neil Topolnicki

      how does one go about finding out what has happened to the game he was supposed to get?
      I have been waiting almost two years and haven't heard anything.

    38. Missing avatar

      richard pamely on

      Official complaint time to the Kickstarter generals. Still have not received my game!!!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael ciraco on

      MD 1 was a huge success in our opinion. Better than zombicide, especially once the campaign gets rolling. Eagerly waiting for the next edition. Hoping for a few minor rule tweaks, some new classes, and a lot of new awesome minis. Looking to see it both have a stand-alone campaign, but, also want to see the existing maps and minis be leveraged for something larger for those of us have both. Eagerly awaiting news on this since it seems Black Plague 3 isn’t happening this year.

    40. Wrobbel on

      I want an ancient Egypt tomb expansion. Imagine all those shine gold armoured warriors and beasts.

    41. Micah Shapiro on

      It would be nice if CMON would confirm that there's future plans to continue Massive Darkness. Also, please do us justice and make it so that all the previous enemies can be transferred over to future MD games. I'm spending a ton of time painting them and I'd hate for them to be limited to only the first MD campaign.

    42. Skelion on

      With new and better rules for quest and balancing? How about that?

    43. Surgeon Sturgeon on

      So Massive Darkness 2 KS this summer?

    44. IS AWESOME™ on

      I want to buy some extra dice, When are they hitting retail???

    45. Jack Liang

      over 2 months

      When can get my tracking information ?

    46. Wrobbel on

      Fool, yes you should check. A lot of content in this pledge and missing items or miscast were reported. Nothing too bad but you don’t want a roaming monster with miscasting :-)

    47. Midgard Creative Studio on

      If anyone is looking for a creative, effective solution to store your painted (or unpainted) Massive Darkness miniatures factions inside or out of the original box, check out my Army Box™ stackable organizers from Midgard Creative Studio.

      Each Army Box™ is designed to hold a specific faction from Massive Darkness to make deploying the game faster. The boxes are stackable with our tabbed sides to hold them together, so they don't slide around in the box or on your game shelf.

    48. Perry Johnson on

      had mine awhile but after checking the contents I seem to be missing my werewolf model and card!

    49. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      So, as a first time CMON backer, it is recommended that I open all the packs to check for miss-casts? Is this fairly common? I've been busy with other things, so other than checking for the appropriate box contents, I've not opened any of the contents yet.

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