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A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
A dungeon crawl board game with no game master. Explore the darkness for loot and experience, facing hordes of awesome miniatures.
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    1. Wrobbel on

      Update on what?

    2. Ron Quek

      any update?

    3. Jeff C on

      Played the game finally. 2 games! Lost both! We were slaughtered. Game is hard.

    4. Wrobbel on

      Thomas.... what did cmon tell you? How did you contact them about the issue??

    5. Wrobbel on

      Cool Mini or not? The company you pledged for? Dude... if this is the way you handle Kickstarter... stop it!!!!

    6. Thomas Andrew on

      Still nothing. Can I just expect that I’ve lost my 120 bucks plus shipping??

    7. Neil Topolnicki

      What is cmon and how does one open a ticket with them?

    8. Wrobbel on

      After all this time you hopefully contacted cmon and/or opened a ticket with them?

    9. Missing avatar

      Arjun Menon on

      I still haven't received my game as well. What is the process for getting an answer on this?

    10. Neil Topolnicki

      how does one go about finding out what has happened to the game he was supposed to get?
      I have been waiting almost two years and haven't heard anything.

    11. Missing avatar

      richard pamely on

      Official complaint time to the Kickstarter generals. Still have not received my game!!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael ciraco on

      MD 1 was a huge success in our opinion. Better than zombicide, especially once the campaign gets rolling. Eagerly waiting for the next edition. Hoping for a few minor rule tweaks, some new classes, and a lot of new awesome minis. Looking to see it both have a stand-alone campaign, but, also want to see the existing maps and minis be leveraged for something larger for those of us have both. Eagerly awaiting news on this since it seems Black Plague 3 isn’t happening this year.

    13. Wrobbel on

      I want an ancient Egypt tomb expansion. Imagine all those shine gold armoured warriors and beasts.

    14. Micah Shapiro on

      It would be nice if CMON would confirm that there's future plans to continue Massive Darkness. Also, please do us justice and make it so that all the previous enemies can be transferred over to future MD games. I'm spending a ton of time painting them and I'd hate for them to be limited to only the first MD campaign.

    15. Skelion on

      With new and better rules for quest and balancing? How about that?

    16. Surgeon Sturgeon on

      So Massive Darkness 2 KS this summer?

    17. IS AWESOME™ on

      I want to buy some extra dice, When are they hitting retail???

    18. Jack Liang

      over 2 months

      When can get my tracking information ?

    19. Wrobbel on

      Fool, yes you should check. A lot of content in this pledge and missing items or miscast were reported. Nothing too bad but you don’t want a roaming monster with miscasting :-)

    20. Midgard Creative Studio on

      If anyone is looking for a creative, effective solution to store your painted (or unpainted) Massive Darkness miniatures factions inside or out of the original box, check out my Army Box™ stackable organizers from Midgard Creative Studio.

      Each Army Box™ is designed to hold a specific faction from Massive Darkness to make deploying the game faster. The boxes are stackable with our tabbed sides to hold them together, so they don't slide around in the box or on your game shelf.

    21. Perry Johnson on

      had mine awhile but after checking the contents I seem to be missing my werewolf model and card!

    22. Fool, Optimistically Pessimistic on

      So, as a first time CMON backer, it is recommended that I open all the packs to check for miss-casts? Is this fairly common? I've been busy with other things, so other than checking for the appropriate box contents, I've not opened any of the contents yet.

    23. Doctor Nny on

      +1 for Elementals coming to retail soon?

    24. Thomas Andrew on

      Still got nothing. Really bummed cause this was poised to be my favorite CMoN project

    25. Wrobbel on

      Jason... Hard Statement if most of the backers got everything they paid for. I even got the replacement cards and all damaged figures replaced! Hard to believe it is the fault of cmon if you got nothing until now?

    26. Missing avatar

      Scoot433 on

      Greeting folks!

      Bit of a long shot but I was wondering if anybody from the UK who backed MASSIVE DARKNESS would be able to help me get hold of a single Reptisaurian Warrior Minion Miniature.
      Thanks for reading any any help would be appreciated :)

    27. Jason Kersey on

      I won’t back CMON because they are so bad at delivery. They get their cash then move into their next projects. Before completing one. Too bad cause they make great games

    28. Churchil on

      Still waiting...

    29. Missing avatar

      richard pamely on

      Still waiting for my game too! Crazy! No response to tickets either. 3rd game from these guys I’ve backed. Hope this isn’t the way it’s going to be with all of them :(

    30. Digimortal on

      Same here, they provided me a damaged mini replacement in maybe 2 months of initial delivery. All they needed was a photo. Now if you put an address down wrong or someone stole your parcel, I'm not sure they are to blame.

    31. Wrobbel on

      @christian: i always had good experiences with he cmon support. Did they say why they should not be responsible?

    32. Gustavo da Rocha Pereira

      Where are the Elementals Box? Please, CMON, listen to your backers. There are many people asking for it. Don’t disappoint us.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian Richardt on

      I am also still not received the game for which I paid. I ask CMON for support, but they are feel not responsible for this issue. I think about to search support by an lawyer

    34. Missing avatar

      Pardela on

      I still did not receive the game for which I paid :(

    35. Strogar on

      can view pledge info here and check the status
      they won't respond to a KS comment for support or missing items, need to log a ticket in the CMON support system for that.

    36. Missing avatar

      Philipp Wilhelm on

      I have received nothing yet. Where can I ask if maybe I forgot to pay additional Shipping costs or anything? I'm kind of worried I won't receive anything.

    37. Ivo Carlos Sasse on

      hello, I received my package but is missing the enemy box: elementals. Now do what?

    38. Missing avatar

      Phil read on

      Just had a reply back from CMON after chasing them yet again "currently our warehouse is closed for its annual inventory and we have been dealing with a large flow of web store orders from the holidays" so it would seem that new orders are more important than people like us who pay CMON money in advance for future products based on only a promise of delivery. When you chase them to keep that promise they give you the run around for 5 months and give you nothing for the money you gave them in trust. Well done CMON, great way to treat your backers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Phil read on

      Yes I opened a ticket months ago. Have exchanged various emails and they promised to send me the cards and tokens back in October but still nothing. These items are not stretch goals or free or give always, I have bought and paid for them. CMON have taken my payment and not sent me the goods I have paid for, now they are just ignoring me. I have been robbed, that's the only way yo put it.

    40. Missing avatar

      chortophagos on

      they still haven't sent me my stretch goals. Closed my complaint like 3 times on me. Is anyone else having this kind of problem? I'm thinking about pursuing legal means. This is just not cool.

    41. Wrobbel on

      Did you open up a ticket?

    42. Missing avatar

      Phil read on

      I'm still waiting on the Black Plague crossover set, 3D doors and plastic tokens to be sent to me after all this time. It's not good customer service from CMON as these are items that I have paid for, they have my dollars but I don't have any product, feeling like I've been robbed. I've been collecting their games for years and I have a huge zombicide collection, I'm always positive about them and their games at my club and my FLGS but this experience has spoiled that which is a shame. I have opened a ticket months ago and sent various emails but I'm just being ignored by CMNO.

    43. Irwenz on

      Should i get worried if i havent received my replacement cards yet ?

    44. IS AWESOME™ on

      I was thinking the same thing, also I wish I would have purchased another set of the frost dice...

    45. Wrobbel on

      Open a ticket with the CMON support.

    46. Missing avatar

      David on


      I received my pledge this summer but it has just been opened this week as it was a christmas gift for my brother.

      I have an issue with the cocatrix miniature which has no head. I can send a picture to prove it of course.

      Can anybody please tell me what to do ?

      Thanks in advance for your help

    47. Cechman on

      Im in the same boat want the elementals as well +1 should they be released

    48. TheSirSpence (Prisoner of Hope) on

      Thanks Drive, at least in not going mad. Shame though, 2 of my favourite heroes are in that box

    49. Drive Elizabeth on

      @TheSirSpence The crossover pack did not have cards for any guest boxes, so no.

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