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Fast paced fantasy sports game of total domination with 60+ great miniatures! From legendary game designer Eric Lang.
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Kaosball is a fast paced fantasy sports miniatures game of total domination for up to 4 players!

Play as one of 4 great pop culture and fantasy themed teams in this crazy mix of football, rugby and magic and bone crunching action!

Here's a quick and dirty gameplay video we shot at CMON Expo in May, 

Want more info? Here's a 40 minute video going through the game in depth!

And a quick Amazons vs Daemons highlight with walls and scorch, scorch, scorch!

Play is based on a mix of Action Cards, tactical positioning and the judicious use of fouls!

There are multiple paths to winning, from straight up scoring to systematically and brutally taking out the other teams!

We've prepared another page detailing the teams available so far, check it out here

Each game takes about an hour, making this perfect for league play over 1 or 2 game sessions - grow your teams as they pick up more special skills, ringers and cash as you vie for the ultimate prize in Kaosball, the Chalice!

What's in the box?

  • 60+ highly detailed plastic miniatures and counters
  • Four magnetized Team Cards
  • Action card deck
  • The Kaosball field
  • Dice
  • The Kaos Ball!
  • Expected MSRP - $100

The Gotterdamerung Fangs

One of the few teams to exclusively field local players, their opponents are continually surprised by what the Fangs can do.  Their controversial tactic of "recruiting" opponents to their team contributes greatly to this!

New Purgatory Daemons

The Daemons consistently skirt the edges of legal play, often exploiting the loose interpretation of Kaosball's already loose rules, both to win and increase the entertainment value of their games.  Their latest tactic is the spreading of fires across the field.  Their own innate or imbued resistance to flame makes this a hazard only for opponents, and the Daemons exploit this advantage ruthlessly!

Mt Clobberton Ogres

The Ogres have shown both strengths and weaknesses of what some commentators call the "direct" style.  The Ogres have managed to hold their own against more purely finesse-oriented teams that have frustrated similar teams. 

Templeton Amazons

The Amazons are the reigning KBL Champions, doing the double last year of winning both the Chalice and maintaining the best overall record in the league.  Moreover, the Amazon's physicality has forced a number of other teams to change their tactics.  They have not only proven themselves, they've stamped their distinctive style on the game itself.


Also included are these great Ringers, who can play for any team (provided you have the cash!)


"Well it's like I said to my ex; you can look, you can ask, but this just ain't your game to call, sugar."

Panther's ripped up fields across the continent and shows no signs of slowing down.  She's got her pick of endorsements and sponsorships and is the definition of "hard to get"!

The Dragon

"The wind beneath your... AIEEEE!" - Not Dragon

The Dragon is literally just that.  No one knows where he comes from, or anything about his species.  He's never even said why he plays Kaosball.  The fact is he plays, and he plays quite well!

Cretin the Ettin

"I am the greatest player the game has ever seen." "Except for me." "Except for no one." "Except me!" ad nauseum

Ettin as a species are strong, athletic and antisocial.  A few do make their way from the badlands to civilization, with mixed (and often highly publicized) results.  Unfortunately, the most personally and professionally successful of these immigrants is Cretin....

Panda Monium

"You can't touch the Panda!"

Panda Monium is another one of those enigmas inexplicably drawn to Kaosball.  Ancient traditions hold that pandas are sacred, and touching them is a big no-no.  This is quite literally true for Panda Monium, and he's turned this to his advantage on the Kaosball field!


Contribute to the Kickstarter and get Kaosball, the Worstshire Goblins and Kong Bad, a Kickstarter and convention exclusive Ringer!

“There ain’t no AYE in team, but there is MEAT. And that’s you when we’re done.”

-Coach Dru

The Goblins approach Kaosball with the same attitude they approach life: We'll do things our own way.  Worstshire's reputation as a rough and rowdy town with little to recommend it is well deserved. The Goblins are Kaosball’s anarchs, the team who spit on authority and defy convention. Their team power turns the crossfield into a giant mosh pit, and if your runners or bruisers are surrounded by Goblins, prepare to be crowd-surfed right out of the action!

"It's just a game man... Chill out!"

Kongbad is one of the most memorable ringers in the game today, and not simply because he's a huge ape.  His laidback and easygoing approach to life, love and Kaosball make him a fan favorite!

He's made a long career manipulating play to cost opponents points in unusual ways, and he's very good at it.

Optional items

Just the internal components, less the teams, coaches, and rulebook.  If you want to run multiple games of Kaosball at once but don't want duplicates of the 4 core teams and 8 Ringers.

Get any 2 teams for $35, 4 teams for $60, 6 teams for $85 or all 11 teams for $155.

Moonshine Lycanthropes

“Size is nothing. Power and control are everything.”

-Coach Prof

Moonshire is a dangerous place, where any unassuming science major could be moonlighting as a monstrous terror of the night. Enter the Lycanthropes, champion team of this cursed land, who use this newfound control over immense lupine power at will. Bruiser wolf or runner human? Why choose?

St Cloud Paragons

"The game may have changed, but our principles have not" - Coach Z

The Paragons are a beacon of truth and righteousness in the bloody sport of Kaosball. By focusing their team’s collective soul, they can temporarily sacrifice themselves to boost their teammates to superhuman feats and score like you wouldn’t believe!

Salem Warlocks

“Kaosball is magic. Pity for those that refuse to learn.”

-Kid Lightning, coach 

‘Ribbit.’ That’s about all the defeated enemies of the Warlocks can muster after a crushing defeat by these ancient arcanists. While other teams are bound by the petty rules of reality, the Warlocks take advantage of their tradition and heritage, and bend the very nature of the game to their will.

Port Royale Pirates

“The good things in life are free, but the best things used to be yours.”

-Coach Freeman

Hold on to your cash, the Port Royale Pirates have come to Kaosball! With their uncanny ability to loot an enemy player with every successful play, this team can cheat and bribe the ref with near impunity. Can anyone stand up to this combination of flourish and gleeful abuse of the rules?

Stretch Goals!

"Hah! You like that? Don't pretend you're not impressed."  

Zorra’s not happy unless she’s got her team standing beside her and the bodies of their opponents heaped around them.

Get this Kickstarter and convention exclusive Ringer free with every KBL Passholder pledge when we hit this stretch goal!

This is a great looking mini-magazine detailing all the teams in the KBL, in full color!  Free with every KBL Passholder pledge if we hit this stretch goal! We'll be previewing this in PDF format shortly so you can read up on all your favorite teams!

"T-Bone is gonna do what T-Bone does. Kick. Ass."

Kaosball has always been the beginning and ending of T-Bone’s world; if you don’t play, you’re nobody, and if you’re not involved on the business end, you’re less than nobody.

If we hit this stretch, every single game of Kaosball will be upgraded to include T-Bone!

"I never let being dead slow me down.  I've still got all the moves."

Spectre's ability to slip through obstacles, including other players is valuable, but his long experience and keen understanding of the game is what makes him really great!

"Don't look at me. I just played the game; looks like he died of 'complications'..."

There’s just too much money in and around Kaosball to leave the whole thing up to chance. That's when they call in the Butcher, and the biggest problems on the opposing team just ...disappear.

"They love me like the underdog, and yet I bring home the win every time! That's heart, hefe!  That's heart."

Macho Libre is not afraid to take people on, but he prefers finesse over force. Since most players can’t see past his over-the-top image, they rarely understand how he outscores them.

Get the Klockwerks and Ninja teams for only $35, and if we hit this stretch goal, we'll throw in Mr Awesome!  Full details here:

Malltown Zombies!

No one denies that Kaosball is a deadly game.  Teams are expensive to build, train and maintain.  The Malltown Zombies have a rather ... unique solution to the problem.  As long as they're well paid in brains, everything should be ok?  If we hit this stretch, have the entire team on us!

The team over at Penny Arcade were cool enough to let Gabe and Tycho play Kaosball (all this while in the midst of what sounds like a massive office move). Jerry "Tycho" Holkins worked with Eric so their powers are unique and reflect the odder aspects of both Gabe and Tycho.

So, if we hit these stretch goals, all KBL Passholders get these ringers free, and they'll only be available here and at conventions / PAX!

Check out the stat lines for the Hellcats, Cowboys and Biru Biru/Scrag here!

Check out the Samurais, Trolls and The Patriot here!

Hold on to your sanity!  The Old Ones play Kaosball too!

Free Gojira if we hit this stretch! 

Details here:

Free Gangsta-Z if we hit this stretch!

Details here:

Free Rumblefist if we hit this stretch!

Details here:

Free MAZE if we hit this stretch!

Details here:

Free Barbarians TEAM if we hit 1500 KBL Passholders!

Details here:

Risks and challenges

From past experience, there are some vagaries in terms of timing when it comes to anything produced in China, such as:

Production delays
Shipping delays
Customs delays

We've done our best to minimize this as far as possible, and we are always happy to refund pledges if for some totally unforeseen reason the game can't be delivered at all. Since the game is 90% complete, we don't believe this is in the least bit likely - we've successfully delivered Zombicide, Sedition Wars and Guilds of Cadwallon.

We also have three other ongoing projects, Zombicide: Season 2, Relic Knights and Rivet Wars that are all in production - please refer to those individual project pages if you'd like to check the progress there. These projects are entirely independent of Kaosball - they have completely different development teams and have no effect on the production flow or development of Kaosball.

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