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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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      Adam Zamora on

      Can someone contact me? I’m in the US and still have not received my game. Thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Hi I'm from México, my package has arrive and wow!!! the minis are stunning!!! Only the Tyrant axe was broken both I asume that it happen here in México with the postal service (if the package don't have a "FRAGIL/FRAGILE" sticker/label, they just throw the boxes one over other and don't care about the content) but I can join that when paint it.

      I just can't wait to play with my boardgames crew.


    3. Thijs on

      I am from The Netherlands and still did not receive my game. Anyone else from The Netherlands got theirs yet? My Hatred grows every day, but I suppose that's a good thing, right :P

    4. Missing avatar

      Maximilian Frömter on

      I filled out the order form on geekfunder months ago but no game so far... so I just found out I actually never completed and sent the order. I hope it worked now and I get the game soon, but having to pay more than 100$ for shipping to Switzerland is a huge letdown.

    5. Missing avatar

      Chris Baker on

      Hi everyone.

      To all those in the UK who have had trouble with delivery.

      I had the same problems. Core game arrived with no tracking. Add ons came seperate but never arrived. When the tracking arrive it was stated as delivered.

      Numerous emails and phone calls amounted to nothing. Got to me having to become angry over the phone before I got any real information. Apparently my box had been delivered to a similar address.

      Long and short is. Gamesquest has done this to quite a few pledges in the UK. They have just had a large amount of returns last week.

      So if you are still waiting for your pledge I would reccomend calling them to see if it with them.

      I have now received my final add ons but it has been and absolute shambles.

      I will no longer be backing any CMON games if they choose to use such a shambles of a company.

      I hope all those in the UK still waiting receive the items soon.

      All the best

    6. Davide Musci

      I ve received the 10 february the tracking. After 2 weeks I'm contacted the support. And they give me the link for shipping track. (???).... After 2 weeks I'm contacted again the support because I've received nothing. And they give me again The shipping track....


    7. Rob Herring on

      I'm in the UK and still not received my game.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeramiah Reeves on

      Just checked and mine was part of the mislabel mishap. They’ve now shipped it and it’ll be here Friday. Missouri here

    9. Jack Falls on

      @Ben Mulder - I didn't either. Thank you for posting that info. I had tried to contact CMON Support but hadn't heard anything from them yet. Hope they can get all my stuff shipped out soon.

    10. Flacoman on

      Hi. I got 1 box today, in the USPS tracking site there are two packages for me (In themail u send me 2 tracking numbers) but in the MX tracking site there are only one and that is the one i got. Can you please check what is happening with the other package please? when I call the trackibg service here in Mexico they said the Sender is the one who has to do the inquiries.

    11. Ben Mulder on

      @Jeremiah Reeves - Yeah, that's correct. Apparently some folks didn't receive emails with the link (including me). I was made aware by CMON support.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeramiah Reeves on

      My order is confirmed in geekfunder. As far as I know. When I login to geekfunder there’s a green box next to HATE that says confirmed. Is this what you’re talking about?

    13. Ben Mulder on

      So apparently you need to confirm your shipping details in the pledge manager "Geekfunder" before they can ship out your order.
      I was completely unaware of this as I've never receive an email asking me to complete the details. I wonder how long I would have sat here waiting before someone told me?

    14. Jack Falls on

      @Chris Henthorn - I went to their website and completed the contact form from their page. I filled mine out Saturday and heard back from them today.

      Bad news though; they said they have no record of my order and that I had to take it up with CMON. I don't know what to expect now. I just want them game I paid for.

    15. Chris Henthorn on

      for those who reached out to QM Logistics, what is the contact you used? I don't want to bug, but I also am still waiting on shipping email.

    16. Missing avatar

      ilan ezra

      Wasn't expecting the box to be bigger than Gloomhaven.. But Damn I know I am very happy and pleased with this game. Great job! definitely adds a lot of eye candy to my game shelf as well

    17. Pierre Colette on

      I'm from St-Sébastien, from Québec province inside Canada!
      I have wrote an question about the delivery delay 6 day's ago, and still wasn't answered....
      When will I receive my pledge (day and time) or receive shipping notification.

      Thank you for answering as fast of possible!

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Diaz

      In west coast and received my game.

    19. Marc Adams

      QM Logistics was very responsive, quite impressed

    20. Marc Adams

      St. Louis, also nothing, but someone I know has gotten it here in town. CMON hasn’t responded to my support ticket yet, but QM Logistics did get back to me. What I gather is that there were some addresses that didn’t get to them, but I don’t know for sure if that’s the case. Regardless, I was told they’re reaching out to CMON for the addresses. No idea how long that will take.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tony Eros on

      Robin's comment has me a bit concerned -- I live in Delaware as well, but haven't received any shipping notifications...

    22. Jack Falls on

      @Chris Henthorn and @Jeramiah Reeves - I'm right there with you too.

    23. Chris Henthorn on

      @Jeramiah Reeves okay, we are not alone in this lol. Hopefully we get notifications soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeramiah Reeves on

      @Chris Henthorn

      I’m in Central USA and have not received tracking or any packages.

    25. Chris Henthorn on

      Anyone else in US area still waiting on shipping notification? I am in California an still have not received shipping notification update. I am trying to be patient, but also super excited to start playing HATE.

    26. GhettoBlaster on


      I've read your message about shipping for EU:


      This hub has also already finished shipping out."

      But I don't have my Box set of HATE.
      I'm from France.

      My pledger number is 5154.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cameron smith on

      Am i supposed to be paying a shipping cost? I am getting no updates on shipping. Does it arrive COD? Because i feel like it is pricey shipping and i really dont want to be blindsided with some crap like it never shipped to me because i didn’t pay shipping. I have never received an invoice or amount for it.

    28. Mike D.

      Kind of disappointing that my local shop has it on the shelves before I received my copy.

    29. Missing avatar

      KelRiever on

      I got my order today and for those who are wondering, it all came out fine.

      In the future, though, I look through this stuff and I think it was a bit TOO ambitious! First of all, one of the bases is the wrong color on one figure (duplicate greens instead of a darker blue on the figure of that tribe), which given the massive number of figures in this game, and the fact that I will be painting the bases, is not a personal problem for me. But a lot more could have gone wrong with so much stuff. Second, the big box is way, way, way too big to be practical. Yes, I like the convenience of carrying one box, but it's too heavy, and I do not foresee always needing to truck around all 8 base tribes in the game. The add on tribes are better just for coming in smaller boxes.

      And one bit of advice for Mother Prophecy people. The cover clear plastic on the figures is taped down, to keep it all together. When you remove that tape, it leaves behind its gluey residue and on that box (not the others), if you put your scenario cards or rulebook back over that residue, it might lead to bad things. It could be cleaned off, but I instead put more clear tape over the residue left, so it wouldn't stick to the cards/rules.

      Overall, it's crazy. I got what I ordered, and yes, they gave me a tracking number ahead of time which was completely accurate. I'm not sure how to handle all this, and that's I know what some people really like. For me, this is a massive bear and I'm just still processing how I'm going to deal with what I ordered.

      Good job, CMON. Just next time...think...easier :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Robin on

      Update for some East coast people. I received an email on 2/20/2019 "your item has been shipped". Fed Ex said they would have it to me 2/25/2019 and it was correct. I live in Delaware. Hope that helps some of you or gives you an idea what to look for.

    31. Scott Simpson on

      Western Canada as well (Alberta) haven’t heard a thing about shipping yet even tho CMON says shipping will be completed by tomorrow.

    32. Gerald Kuster on

      Got home a couple of hours ago to find my 2nd box of HATE waiting for me. This one, along with what I had delivered last week, completes my order/pledge that I made on KickStarter. I have to say that the quality of the material, both miniatures and printed, is excellent! I am amazed at how detailed the miniatures are and how clean the printing and cuts are on the punch-outs. For those interested, I live in central Ohio, United States.

    33. Jack Falls on

      I'm on the US East Coast near DC and still haven't gotten my order in. My buddy got his the other day and I'm starting to get a weensy bit nervous. Anyone else out there on the East Coast that is still waiting?

    34. Missing avatar

      Scott Hryciw on

      Michel Charbonneau
      I haven't gotten anything either, located in Western Canada.
      Taking solace that a lot people are saying that CMON tracking comes after you get the game.

    35. Missing avatar

      Robert Jackson on

      I received my tracking the day before it arrived in hand so I think they are just late getting tracking out. But Wow, I'm so impressed with the game for the money it was a great buy. I actually regret not going in for multiple copies just for some extra minis. It's super impressive.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michel Charbonneau on

      Well am in Canada and still didn't get anything at all. I mean, no email or tracking numbers nothing!

    37. hatefullone

      I have not received mine or a tracking not surprising. Tired of supporting a company that can get its shipping together. I had to wait 3 months later for blood rage, because they lost my pledge.

    38. David Moffatt on

      I have received my HATE in Canada. I have a mystery broken piece in the big boys box but other then that everything looks great. My daughter was super excited to see such a giant box of miniatures.

    39. Pierre Colette on

      When do you think that we should be receiving our pledge in Canada?

      Around witch month?


    40. Missing avatar

      Sergey on

      Really??? "EU hub has also already finished shipping out". CMON where is my game??? :'(

    41. euansmith

      My response to getting my HATE pledge was, "Feck me, that's a big box!"

    42. DeathWarden

      @CHENG Chun Kit - They are packaged separately, and sometimes will not arrive together.

    43. Alice Granger a.k.a. "ArcticBanana"

      I'm on the US East Coast, I just received my package about an hour ago. From prior experience, I expect CMON will send me the shipping notice and tracking number for it sometime in the next few days.

    44. Kevin Knox

      For people who have not received tracking numbers yet; as someone who has backed many CMON projects, they are really good about giving you tracking info about a week after you receive the package.

    45. Missing avatar

      Sid Poonphol on

      From Thailand, I still have not received anything, not even tracking number. Any help would be appreciated.

    46. Missing avatar

      CHENG Chun Kit

      Hello CMON,

      Hong Kong backer here - I was excited to get a delivery for the package today, only to find that the carton box only contains the “Additional Items” (HTE002 to HTE005). Should I expect the base game (HTE001) arrive in the same delivery or not?

      Best Regards,

    47. Missing avatar

      Mattrendar on

      Checking in . Still haven’t received my copy here In the USA . Wondering if there’s any updates or tracking for the game ? Any help would be appreciated . Thanks again - Matt klein

    48. The Baragoon

      Forgot to comment before, but I received this 2-3 weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to open it and check if everything is there however.

    49. Missing avatar

      d'Escrienne Romain on

      Receveid around 3 weeks ago. Already a chronicles in progress and several battles played. Smooth rules, I love the card / upgrades system, also really polished. All in all, great. Only complain, working with people in the art publishing world, I just don't get the choice of paper for the artbooks, going for a probably more expensive shiny paper instead of a half-mat one which would do the art more justice. Nitpicking though.

      Dammit I have to buy some new shelves.

    50. Missing avatar


      Game was on the way but gamesquest once again was not able to provide all the nececcary i fo to clear customs, so it got sent back... Every single time issues with gamesques...