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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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He whose footsteps drum in doom!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

It's the last day of the HATE campaign! And a monstrous Mercenary has just joined our ranks:


And what's next? Well, nothing. At least this is where our initial plans for stretch goals stopped. However, with this exciting finale to the campaign, we have heard your requests and worked around the clock to bring you something that's been requested again and again.

In a world where only the strong survive, it's no small wonder this pitiful little three-legged mutant survived. What his real name might have been, even he is not sure. Regardless, he's called by many names: Filth, Bootscrape, Speck Spit and Dropping, Bucket-Bearer, Scour-Drains, Stool, and, more commonly, just Worm.

But prophecy and hope have given this sad creature other names: Sweet-Betrothed, Key-Turner, Herald of the End Time, The Horned, Chain-Cleaver, Moon-Offering, and He Whose Footfalls Drum In Doom!

If we reach $1,350k all backers will get Worm, including his figure and Mercenary card! This Stretch Goal will also come with a new Scenario dashboard to bring Worm into the game.

The initial scope of the game didn't really have room for Worm, the hero of the HATE graphic novels. The game focuses on the battles between the tribes (something Worm wants nothing to do with) set right before the HATE novels. However, seeing you clamor for this little guy, we realized we couldn't leave him out of this game (plus he holds a special place in Adrian Smith's heart). And so we decided to find a way to add him to the game! Our amazing sculptor, Remy Tremblay, worked around the clock to bring you this figure:

Worm master sculpt.
Worm master sculpt.


Back of the Worm master sculpt.
Back of the Worm master sculpt.

Worm is an extremely unusual sort of Mercenary in the game. He is not a warrior, by any stretch of the imagination, so no self-respecting tribe would swap one of their fighters for this maggot. However, he has his uses, which may yield much more than one would expect.

This Stretch Goal comes with a brand new Outer Ring scenario where players can try to capture Worm to add him to their tribe. Once captured, however, Worm doesn't actually count as one of your Mercenaries, and not even as one of the 11 figures you can bring into battle. He's an extra, twelfth figure, that joins your tribe on the battlegrounds. If Worm is KO'd and captured, he then becomes part of this new tribe (you wouldn't want to cook or torture this miserable thing, anyway).

Activating Worm does not cost you any Savagery (though it still counts as one of the two figures you may activate each turn), but then again, Worm has no Attack dice at all (we told you he was no warrior). He may be used in a support capacity, collecting Resources from Trees, dragging a body, or maybe trying to pillage an unguarded Hut. 

However, don't think this little guy is completely harmless! In his frail hand he carries (rather clumsily) a legendary Moon sword with the power to calcify anybody it touches! At the end of each of his activations, Worm must roll 2 dice to see if by sheer chance he actually managed to do something with such a mighty weapon. If he rolls 2 Wilds he automatically KOs every adjacent enemy! However, if he rolls 2 Savagery he KOs the closest ally.

Finally, those purchasing the Mother Prophecy Optional Buy might be aware that there's a pretty close connection between Worm and the Moon Champion, and we wanted to reflect that in the game. Normally, the tribe that wants to field the Moon Champion has to sacrifice one of their Youngbloods. Well, if such a tribe manages to be in possession of Worm, they may sacrifice him instead, which then makes the Moon Champion much more powerful!

Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Green_Lumux on

      Is there a HATE wiki somewhere on the net?

    2. PK

      lol @ the "third leg"- watch out, Earth Mother! xD

    3. Brian Booty

      Worm and some of the world of HATE reminds me of the graphic art of Phillipe Druillet I am sure their was an influence. A game set in his world would be amazing. Worm reminds me specifically of Urm the Mad

    4. Hell-Nico on

      @Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone care to share your "suspicions"?

    5. Brian Booty

      This miniature is so great!!! Thanks for adding Worm to the campaign. Great mechanics for him as well.

    6. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Heh, this pretty much confirms several suspicions I had... Also, damn I gotta get my hands on the graphic novel.

    7. Missing avatar

      stigson on

      I'd like to see Worm as a playable character in Zombicide Black Plague / Green Horde. Make him, please! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Carlos J Romero Fonfria on

      Yeeeeeeesh!!! Finally Worm! We need to blast this Last SG! =D

    9. Hell-Nico on

      Yes !

      That's the perfect end goal for that Ks campaign :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Ironically Worm is my fav character of this entire campaign! 😄😝

    11. Rascarcapac on

      We are in the final hours, Come on guys, Worm can't be the final stretch goal! Backers deserve some other huge minis!

    12. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      Lets not wallow in what may not come but rejoice in all the HATE we the backers of this monstrously HATEful Campaign. We have crushed the SGs to get this far! Fear the coming of the Tyrant! He is spoiling for another opportunity to crush Worm once and for all!!!!

    13. Rueco on

      Great SG, Worm is amazing! HATE!

    14. Patrick Lee

      As strange as it sounds, this is truly the piece that turns the KS page for me. Worm is the soul of the source material....Now, if we have Rashnaar as well....

    15. Jack

      Just brilliant! Can't wait to play this mechanic in the game. Would love to see Rashnaar turn up, a final final piece to complete the jigsaw

    16. Paint'Riot Studio

      Good to hear ! He's finally come !

    17. Missing avatar

      Marvin on

      Really great, but I hoped as last Stretch Goal, that we'll get an extra box for all the Stretch Goals like in Rising Sun or like in Green Horde ^ ^ Well, the hope dies last :P

    18. Mellekai

      @Rich: Thank you so much for that. Let us free Worm

    19. Missing avatar

      nick clarke on

      So great to finally see this little guy and absolutely love the sculpt. Hate wouldn't be hate without worm! However I cant help but put in one last request for Rashnaar as we all know that worm wouldn't have gotten very far with out him and who wouldn't want to see Rashnaar go toe to toe with the tyrant! Please consider adding him

    20. John R Hood on

      What about that tribe Angel posted...?

    21. Missing avatar

      Hostir on

      This is amazing stretch goal, but well... we need to pledge nearly 6000$ per hour to get this adorable small abomination. I'll better keep my fingers crossed.

    22. Rich 'catface' Brooks on

      All in for Worm! He's made the difference for me, had everything crossed that he'd make an appearance.

      I just hope that the "What's next? Well, nothing" line in the update preview doesn't stop people from reading the whole post. It'd be a tragedy if we miss out on the central character of the story.

    23. Nomas Sj on

      Finally!!! Worm..

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hornbeck on

      So awesome! This is the one guy I've been looking forward to the most.

    25. Kós Viktor on

      The protagonist of the comic book! Man oh man i want this!!!!!

    26. Mike Barker on

      +1 to the neoprene game mat

      Any chance we get an special edition of the HATE novels? I have never get into them, but I would like to; and I think this would be an awesome opportunity to do so.

    27. Timothy on

      What an ugly little creature, sounds fun though. Nice to know there was no more stretch goals further on.

    28. Mellekai

      Amazing miniature! He will see many fights!

    29. Bruno Araújo on

      Okay, now I'm definitely getting the game!

    30. badmoon

      finally!!! the last missing piece for the game

    31. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Ah, the circle is now complete. Amazing sculpt!! Much respect!

    32. SPECTRE_01 on

      Amazing, if we go past 350 can we have a neoprene game board?

    33. Malbet

      You made my day