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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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10,227 backers pledged $1,469,489 to help bring this project to life.

There's a Bad Moon on the Rise!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

We're still being pushed forward by the Mother Prophecy Optional Buy. If you haven't already, don't let this one pass you by:


 And so a reluctant Mercenary has been unlocked:

 What comes next? How about I tell you a tale of a most mystical of tribes?







The ancient guardians still stood their watch, relics of a past forgotten even before the cataclysm. The Moon Tribe. Satyrs and beasts. Warriors and witches. Wardens to rituals long forgotten, walking steps in dances with meanings long lost. They clung to their old ways, and those of justice. A pastime of fools? Perhaps.  

Theirs was to wander paths untrodden with neither map nor guide. Justice remained their only indulgence, justice wrought of trial, not vengeful execution.  

Redemption. Bah! The Varn understood that worthless men remained worthless. Yet the Moon Tribe with their horned lords persisted in their ways. For them, the trial of combat told a truer tale of men's hearts than the crimes they committed. Right or wrong? Who can say?  

Survival remained the only judge of truth, and the dead wrote no histories. The world had turned inward in its death throes, blind to the future, and consumed by hate.

There may not be too many days left, but we want to add one last very cool tribe to the base pledge of all backers. It won't be easy, but then again nothing is in the world of HATE! Fittingly, these are the eternal guardians of the Moon Tribe, the mysterious Tribe of Bul'Gar!

If we reach $895k all backers will get 2 Warriors for the Tribe of Bul'Gar, including their figures and cards!

Bul'Gar Warrior resin figure.
Bul'Gar Warrior resin figure.


Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.


Bul'Gar Warrior painted by Angel Giraldez (figures come unpainted).
Bul'Gar Warrior painted by Angel Giraldez (figures come unpainted).

Unleash your HATE!


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    1. Jardanes

      People is too desperate! Relax people! Se Will get the full tribe. Maybe before the last 48hs

    2. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Also chiming in as one who's not at all worried about unlocking the whole tribe. Given the surge in both the number and cash amount of pledges we'll be seeing over the next several days, especially the Final 48, my guess is that we'll have no trouble at all, and will likely get a few more SGs while we're at it.

    3. Julian C

      SG's are a carefully planned tease and they will be unlocked at levels that CMON will be confident of achieving... it's almost as if those numbers haven't been decided yet ;-)
      KickTraq'a predicting $1.1m - so I predict the whole tribe will be unlocked at just over a million with a couple more awesome SGs to appear in the last 12 hours to tempt everyone over the line - but if things move faster than that then expect those numbers to stretch out.

    4. Hell-Nico on

      Yes, I was really hopping for the moon/beastmen tribe!

    5. Isaiah Hawk on

      throwing a fit because someone monitoring a KS pledge cant answer you personally is pretty entitled. see ya

    6. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      Okay, fine, there are enough badass looking ladies now to at least justify a core pledge. I still want more though.

    7. Rueco on

      Iron Maiden! :P

    8. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      Ok. No response whatsoever on the rules and even more simple plastic variation. I'm sure that is great for someone who wants to paint a lot of minis. I came here for a good board game though. So I'm forced to let this go. Quality rules are more important to me than plastic for me, and as it stands now all the plastic makes this game too bloated. Sad to let this one go. I had really high hopes for it. Best of luck with the rest of the campaign.

    9. Timothy on

      I love this model, really have high hopes for this tribe.

    10. Ashton Sung on

      To anyone who think we're not going to unlock the full tribe because "we only have five days left"

      I have to assume this is your first CMON Kickstarter, because the last 72 hours has -always- done 80-100% of the same funding as the first three days.

      There isn't going to be some slow treg to the finish line, it's going to tidal wave, especially in the last 48.

    11. Orchestra22 on

      A shout out to CMON: Exactly how many days did it take to unlock the Um'Gorr and the Um'Cordu tribes? Just curious, as we do have only 5 days to unlock Bul'Gar (And I really like this new tribe, though Um'Cordu's my jam). It took approximately 120K just to unlock Um'Cordu, so...

      I feel we might not get them all, which would suck. I would have to leave Bul'Gar out in the cold. I can hope we can push the rest of the way.

    12. Jack on

      I know it's unlikely, it seems we all just keep throwing cash at the new options, but if we don't get a full tribe do we at least get to buy the rest to make it complete?

      Thanks guys, great KS as usual from CMoN.

    13. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      I dont think we wont unlock the whole tribe, I was just hoping for more mercenary variety as the mercenaries can potentially be in and influence "any" game.

      That being said, i love minis so it's a win for me either way

    14. Gabriel Herrin on

      Y’all are nuts if you think we’re not getting a whole tribe unlocked. Just wait. We have a whole week left.

    15. Sascha Lillpopp on

      Nice! one last awesome looking Tribe - however, the rise of the gab in between SG seems too much, even with a last huge push towards the last days. I doubt we make it, I already pledged for everything available.

      There is no place for half a tribe in the world of Hate soo let´s slaughter those SG´s

    16. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      Another tribe? Im a little let down... I was hoping for more mercenaries. Whomp whomp

    17. Josh Bugeja on

      I would have edited but this won't let me do that- instead of 1.25 million, the stretch goals were all about $10-15k apart. If they don't put stuff in between, it is still about $80-100k more...that's still quite for a few days. I hope we don't end up with half a tribe. *sighs*

    18. Josh Bugeja on

      So, if we don't raise enough money (I'm predicting 1.25 million to unlock entire tribe), we get a partial tribe we can't use??? :/ Maybe the mercenaries should have come after the tribe unlocks...

    19. Birne Gilmore loves Deus Lo Vult on

      woooooooohoooooooo, nice one ... and for this one we don't even have to milk our wallets ^^

    20. Reinhard Vanclee on

      Ah, those paintings by Adrian... sooo good!!
      Here take my wallet, take all of it! XD

    21. Kill-Krazy on

      So not all of them are Satyrs?