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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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The Mother Prophecy!


Hail Savages!

The time of prophecy is at hand!

Today we present to you an Optional Buy that includes some awesome things you've been waiting for:

For $25 this Kickstarter Exclusive Optional Buy adds a whole new epic storytelling layer to HATE, by bringing in two key players in this universe, the Mother and her Moon Champion, as well as two fearsome mounted Mercenaries: the Twins and Flaya, the Scourge.

This expansion box will contain:

  • 4 Large Figures (one of them REALLY large)
  • 4 Figure Cards
  • 20 Special Cards
  • 2 Scenario Dashboards
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

Now let's delve into what this expansion actually brings to the game.

When the prophecy calls, the brave must answer! What sort of spineless tribe could pass up the chance, however daunting it may be, to take up the quest to gain the respect and loyalty of one of such legendary beings? The Mother, Earth incarnate, bound by sorcerous chain. The Moon Champion, Honored God, avenger of the Wastes. Flaya, the Scourge, witch captain of the hateful forces. And the unstoppable Twins, rider of doom in search of glory!

The Mother Prophecy comes with 4 new Scenarios, one for each of the new Mercenaries it contains. Each of these Scenarios is centered around finding a way to get one of these epic characters into your tribe. Picking one of these scenarios to play is not for anybody, though. The attacker needs to be proven worthy of the challenge so they can pick one of these special Scenarios. In order to engage the Mother scenario, you must have harvested life by accumulating 20 Resources in the Chronicle. For the Moon Champion scenario you must have proven your strength by winning 3 battles in a row. For the Flaya scenario you must ascend as a leader by having 2 Mercenaries in your tribe. And for the Twins scenario you must have grasped for power by attacking the capital while having at least 15 Resource and Hate accumulated. Each scenario presents the attacker with a mission they must fulfill if they hope to add the special Mercenary to their tribe.

And these characters are not like any regular Mercenary. They each come with a deck of 4 cards that gives them unique behaviors during their scenario. Each round, their actions are determined by these cards, making their presence and challenge more involved and unpredictable.

If you manage to win them over, however, the rewards are worth the effort! These characters are so powerful that they can substitute the Prince of your tribe, and lead them to glory in the subsequent Clashes. Not only are they as strong as any Prince, and possessed of several powerful and unique skills, but they each also come with their own special action card, similar to a Tribe card, that they can use once per battle to perform truly epic feats!

The Mother

Mother Earth was the victim of the cruelest of betrayals. Ravaged and chained, she lied in wait for a time when the right person would come along. When the prophecy is fulfilled, she'll breathe life back into the world. Until then, death will come swift to those who stand in her way.

Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.

The Mother can use her tribe's Resources to perform several different feats that can change the tide of war, rerolling dice or gaining extra activations. Her special card calls upon nature itself, using the trees to exhaust every figures caught next to them.

The Mother resin figure.
The Mother resin figure.

The Moon Champion

Summoned by the sorcery of the Moon, this avenging god is prophesied to free Mother from her chains and wreak bloody revenge. Brought forth by the powers of nature, the Moon Champion has his sights set on the Varn who killed the Earth.

Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.

In order to summon the Moon Champion to their aid, a tribe must sacrifice one of their Youngbloods. But this sacrifice is well worth it, as the Moon Champion is a devastating warrior. He is born to wreak havoc upon the Varn, forcing Princes to reroll all of their successes when going against him. His special card creates a burst of avenging force, doubling all his stats.

Moon Champion resin figure.
Moon Champion resin figure.


Side of the Moon Champion resin figure.
Side of the Moon Champion resin figure.

Flaya, the Scourge

Born of witches, Flaya embodies the hate, violence and suffering that shaped her. In a world ruled my monstrous men, Flaya managed to become a feared and respected commander. Mounted on her agile steed, she rallies warriors to her call. Blood always follows her commands, either that of her enemies or of those that disobey her.

Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.

Flaya flies across the battlegrounds on her dark steed, crossing almost the whole board with a single Move. Whenever she's activated, you can also freely activate one of your other Mercenaries to follow her into battle. Her special card issues a commanding call that freely moves all of your warriors.

Flaya resin figure.
Flaya resin figure.

Flaya's large figure occupies two spaces on the board, giving her even more tactical options.

Back of Flaya resin figure.
Back of Flaya resin figure.

The Twins

Born with his dead brother merged into his own body, the Twins is a Varn of unparalleled viciousness. He is thought to be crazy because he often talks to himself, though he is actually conversing with his dead brother… in his mind anyway. He/they left the mountains to seek power and fame, riding a beast strong enough to gore the Tyrant himself!

Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.

The Twins is an undeniable presence on the battlegrounds. Riding on his horned beast, he is able to charge across the board to deal a devastating attack against anybody unfortunate enough to stand in his way. He may even carry other figures with him as he thunders around. His special card allows him to attack all warriors around him, possibly dealing a crippling blow to any opponent.

The Twins resin figure.
The Twins resin figure.

The Twin's figure is absolutely massive. This is a Prince-sized character ON TOP of an even bigger auroch-like horned behemoth! This figure occupies 6 spaces on the board, spreading death around a vast area.

Back of the Twins resin figure.
Back of the Twins resin figure.


Scale comparison between the figures in The Mother Prophecy box and an Um'Rak Warrior.
Scale comparison between the figures in The Mother Prophecy box and an Um'Rak Warrior.


Here's a look at what these miniatures may look like when painted (note that all figures come unpainted).

The Mother painted by Robert Karlsson.
The Mother painted by Robert Karlsson.


The Moon Champion painted by Robert Karlsson.
The Moon Champion painted by Robert Karlsson.


Flaya painted by Angel Giraldez.
Flaya painted by Angel Giraldez.



The Twins painted by Robert Karlsson.
The Twins painted by Robert Karlsson.





If you're interested in purchasing this optional buy, please just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the HATE Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager add $25. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager.

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Oli Rich on

      this is my first KS i pledged $145 for core and this optional because it looks bloody brilliant. how do i choose this as the optional i want?

    2. Sunny on

      Beautiful...but I was hoping mother would have a gentle face. :S She's a mother, not a monster. All the hate in the world can't destory a mothers love (or her beauty at least.)

      Should make that into a mothers day card BTW.

    3. Thomas Wanke on

      Do the two Riders really need to have that big mounts?
      I don't know the comics, but maybe a little less in size might be more for these great sculpts?

    4. Balloongineer on

      @Bradley Lacke: wholeheartedly agreed

    5. SPECTRE_01 on

      I agree with the rest of the commenters, mothers hair and face need to be fixed up to be closer to the source material and flaya’s pose with the large blade over her shoulder looks a bit stiff and odd

    6. Bradley Lacke

      Finally feel like I want to chime in - some of these sculpts, a lot of them actually...seem to be straying super far from the source artwork. Where Adrian Smith's artwork is beautiful in a brutal, Goya-style way, the sculpts tend to lose that style in favor of going a more Grinch-y, gobliney route. I'm not upset, and I'm still totally backing this game but like...dudes, this is Adrian freaking Smith and not just some art he's turning in for a paycheck, this is his baby. Is it really that hard to capture the essence of these characters?

    7. Hell-Nico on

      Really glad we got the Mother and the Moon Champion (I was waiting for them to show up to pledge) but I'm sad they don't come as their own tribe with satyrs and pale women...

      But who know that tribe may come next!

    8. Johan Hellqvist on

      I'm just here for the funny comments..

    9. Jardanes

      Mother earth look high as f**k

    10. Andy Haigh

      Bit strange how Mother doesn't have her own tribe/warriors. That would make far more sense in the context of the game and settting. Something like the Sarrassa but not evil would make far more sense as Mother controls nature.

      Why would she fight for any of the other tribes?

    11. Missing avatar

      Helmet on

      With so many stretch goals and add-ons, will I be able to pack everything into base box?
      I expect it won't be possible so did you thought about some special box (maybe as add-on) that will be able to store whole content within one "all-in-one" box? For limited game like this it would be worth it :-)

    12. WinPin

      Free the nipples

    13. Paint'Riot Studio

      Damned i will really need this one !

    14. Brandon Stoltz on

      Oh man, I was hoping The Horned God would make it into the game. So freaking glad he did! Already upped my pledge just for this!

    15. Missing avatar

      Wouter Palsterman


    16. Lee Garvin on

      Twins is just fucking terrifying! And what do you think their mount's name is? I bet it's "Pumpkin".

    17. Er on

      yes also the top of her hair seems a bit meshed up. A spot with not detail even in the painted version. :D

    18. Mathias Borryd on

      Yeah me too. I love how the Moon Champion just manhandles the Tyrrant and he says:
      "Finsh it" and the Moon Champion just crushes his throat.

    19. InspiredBY on

      The Twins: "You think you can stop her."
      Tyrant: "It's too late for that."
      The Twins: "You've fucked us all."

      gosh, I love this add on :)

    20. Rascarcapac on

      The best add-on so far! Gorgeous minis.

    21. Mathias Borryd on

      An awesome update! Some of the models might need some tweaking but I love that these characters made it into the game. But wasn't The Twins a leader/prince of an own clan? Sure he will fit if he replaces a prince of a current clan.

    22. Barry Duran

      Another winner! Keep em' coming!

    23. killakatze ❤ Lucy Fer on

      Hum... I kinda think the hair on the mother miniature should be improved a little.
      It looks like she's wearing an afro? The miniature itself is kinda "fragile" the hair looks very bold and doesn't fit the rest. It looks a little bit strange to me?

    24. Bart - Miniature addict on

      This update is f*$£~ng awesome!!
      I hate CMON for making me want to buy all the extra tribes.. they are just so good looking and the fact that everything is KSE makes the decision to buy everything not that hard....

    25. ile on

      +1 for no nipple caps on Flaya please.

    26. Gabriel Herrin on

      Gotta protect those nips, homey!

    27. Balloongineer on

      This version of the Mother has features SLIGHTLY more like the sculpt, but still you can see it's noticeably different:

    28. Missing avatar

      Alex Coyoli on

      affordable cost since it will be only a kickstarter game

    29. Missing avatar

      Alex Coyoli on

      they seriously need to make a pledge or a expansion Box which could contain all this other tribes and mercenaries at more a

    30. Green_Lumux on

      WE NEED TOAD!!! :S

    31. Rueco on

      @Chris Leopard Yes. In 1-2 months they ask you exactly what you want. Don´t worry and HATE!!!

    32. Balloongineer on

      I mean, just compare that black and white profile image above with the miniature's profile!…

    33. Balloongineer on

      I'm cool with the sculptors taking various liberties interpreting the source art, as they've done a lot (especially with faces!), however two models in this set stand out as REALLY different. The Mother's face and hair is all wrong, and she looks like a different person. The worst offender is the Moon Champion! His face looks NOTHING like the source art. In the source art he is more regal, with tall straight horns (one with a smaller horn protrusion, and a third horn creating a crownlike appearance), his face is long and Baphomet-like, and his hair is swept back behind his horns. This miniature looks like Beast from Beauty and the Beast mixed with a minotaur. Also, one of his weapons is upside down. Of these two, the Moon Champion needs alteration the most. While the sculptor(s) have mostly slimmed down muscles from Smith's art, this one is beefed up like the Hulk, and he looks like an entirely different creature (like the champion's big dumb cousin). Is it too late to alter this sculpt??

    34. Jack

      These are gorgeous! Can we have no nipple tassles on Flaya please? And why is there an enormous blade protruding from her head!? The other 3 models are wonderful

    35. Missing avatar

      Chris Leopard on

      Question: If I've upped my pledge $25, will I get asked which Optional Buy I want at some point? Because I did have one of the other Optional Buys in mind, but after seeing this, well... I want this now.

    36. Jorgy on

      She's Steve Buscemi's mother, but you conquered me with this update, it's awesome.

    37. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      I find it really annoying and somewhat greedy that you keep putting the more unexciting things like another tribe as stretch goals and keep the lucrative unique things as add-ons. See plastic and card variation versus actual new gameplay material.

    38. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Every miniature game KS campaign there are people complaining about a woman's face, it's so funny....Mother earth don't need to win any beauty contest, the mini is good as it is...

    39. JK on

      Again with the bloody nipple caps. The character in the graphic novel that Flaya was pretty clearly based on didn't have them, so why does she have to? (Because otherwise she'd be an attractive woman with her breasts completely exposed, and we can't have that, can we?)

      At least the Mother escaped them... her face is a bit crap though, and looks nothing like the artwork. What exactly possessed the sculptor to add those enormous bags under her eyes?

    40. Er on

      Yeah its the eyes of the Mothers miniature, looks sleepy. Should be more like the eyes from the riding one

    41. Ian Van-Doom

      Agree the mother’s face is a bit Mick Jaggery... rest of the model is great as are all the others in this expansion

    42. Missing avatar

      xiaoxiao on

      CMON, you need to do something about the mother's face.

      it's ridiculous now even with the painted one. nothing like the concept design picture.

    43. S Buntenbach

      Aren't the horesman and woman to big for the playing board?