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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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Extra Tokens and Fierce Warriors!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

The sneak attack of the Tribe of Vore Nash Optional Buy has pushed us forward past another Stretch Goal Make sure to check out this cunning Shaktaar tribe:


And so a couple more Warriors have joined the Um'Cordu tribe:


Next, we have the last Stretch Goal needed to fully furnish the second board:

When we reach 810k all backers will get an extra complete set of Tokens so that they can play 2 separate battles simultaneously, using the already unlocked extra board and other components. These tokens will be the 3D Plastic upgraded versions.

After that, let's wrap up the Warrior contingent of the Um'Cordu tribe:

When we reach $825k all backers will get 2 new Warriors for the Tribe of Um'Cordu, including their figures and cards!

Um'Cordu Warrior resin figure.
Um'Cordu Warrior resin figure.


Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.


Um'Cordu Warrior painted by Angel Giraldez (figures come unpainted).
Um'Cordu Warrior painted by Angel Giraldez (figures come unpainted).

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Biomage on

      I want to see an entirely female tribe.

    2. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      @Daniel James - Granted, there are quite a few more sausages than oysters in the minis so far (hey, if one food related sexual metaphor can be used...), but there are women, and in other roles than just Shaman.

      Women in each tribe:

      Um'Gra - Shaman
      Um'Rak - OK, total sausage fest
      Um'Kator - Shaman
      Um'Cal - Shaman, Youngbloods, 2 Warriors; almost equal gender representation
      Um'Tull - Shaman
      Um'Gorr - Youngbloods
      Um'Cordu - 2 Warriors (the ones from this very SG, natch)
      Sarassa and Vore Nash -N/A
      Mercenaries - Vrail and Sheya

      Also, the relative lack of women, to me is yet another symptom of how things are terribly, terribly wrong in the world of HATE.

    3. Kill-Krazy on

      @Daniel Bro THIS warrior is a woman.

    4. GingerBeardMan on

      @Robbie I actually like painting minis so I don’t mind getting a good amount, but I already had concerns about gameplay initially for this game and they haven’t really changed much. I backed Rising Sun, but the game play is more variable in that game so I didn’t mind if they added on more and more minis and upgrades. It’s just more noticeable in this campaign.

    5. SPECTRE_01 on

      Scaly, blistered, post-apocalyptic sausage to be more specific.

    6. SPECTRE_01 on

      The minis all look amazing but we need more female sculpts pleeeaaase, at the moment the game is a mass sausage fest

    7. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      My wallet HATE the addons, awesome work, " Is add-on season, sorry tax season"

    8. Akira on

      best add on and sg! now what's next, bring on the mercenaries?

    9. Robbie Brown on

      @Stephen Karney - Welcome to your first CMON kickstarter.

    10. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      Goodbye tax return...

    11. GingerBeardMan on

      This is turning in to just a mini collection item. No new game play mechanics besides being able to do more base game battles at the same time. I’m still at a $1 pledge.

    12. GhettoBlaster on

      810k more tokens ahahahahah....

    13. Erik on

      My wife is going to HATE me! to many great add-ons

    14. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      If the Hate rises to 825k you will get 6 clans (minus 1 champion), 2 sets of everything else? That is Hateful! If the hate rises to 840k 6 complete clans? for $120 base pledge? Worth it.

    15. HENNIROCKS on

      Damn, too many great add-ons :'-( My poor wallet.

    16. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      More female warriors ... nice uh ... hateful.

    17. Matthew S

      She amazing. Loving it.

    18. Qeqtoxii on

      100 extra tokens .. Well , thats pretty huge !!

    19. Mark-Ders on

      Great update ... awesome