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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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Warriors, come out and play!


Hail Savages,

The Red Dice Optional Buy rolled us over another Stretch Goal, make sure to check them out:


 And so the Um'Cordu got their Prince unlocked:


Next up, let's bolster the Warrior contingent of this tribe:

When we reach $800k all backers will get 2 new Warriors for the Tribe of Um'Cordu, including their figures and cards!

Um'Cordu Warrior resin figure.
Um'Cordu Warrior resin figure.


Art by Adrian Smith.
Art by Adrian Smith.


Um'Cordu Warrior painted by Angel Giraldez (figures come unpainted).
Um'Cordu Warrior painted by Angel Giraldez (figures come unpainted).

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Antonio Lozano on January 29

      Let’s be real here for a minute if you want to play two games at once and every person have their own dice that’s gonna be $16 your gonna need two more sets + the two that come with the game

    2. PK
      on January 29

      It's actually "Warriors, come out to play"

      Rogues Tribe is just sayin'... ;-)

    3. Corey Hastings on January 29

      @ FoolsBane - To further my point using your point, though, their other games (for example Arcadia Quest) have a separate set of dice for the attacking and defending teams. In this instance, having a different color set of dice as an optional buy makes sense because the original set of dice fundamentally works. This is not the case with HATE, though.

    4. Corey Hastings on January 29

      @ FoolsBane - The extra set of dice provided by the stretch goal is so you can play two battles simultaneously using the extra board also provided by another stretch goal, which means you are back to only having six dice per battle. Because of this, the attacker has to roll, you have to notate your dice, and then you roll the defense and hope that you all remembered the attacking dice roll correctly. I do not really care what color the dice are, per se, but there should be two sets of six dice per battle. The best way to differentiate between the attack and defense rolls, though, is to have attack be one color (the red dice) while defense have another color (the black dice). It is not an entitlement; it is a fundamental flaw. On top of that, the core game is $120. If it did go to retail, it would not have the stretch goal extras. This means it would only come with six dice period. Again, this just fundamentally seems wrong for a game at this price. You are only okay with the one set in the core game because you gain the extra dice in the stretch goal. But again, that only allows for both the attackers and defenders to have their own set of six dice to compare to each other if you are playing one battle and not two simultaneous battles.

    5. FoolsBane on January 29

      @Ghettoblaster You dont need to. Cmon Does. :) And believe me, they know what they are doing after so many kickstarters, they do.

    6. GhettoBlaster on January 29

      I don't understand how you calculate your stretchgoals!?

    7. Missing avatar

      Dave Walker on January 29

      As we're only getting one Village Sheet Pad and one Chronicle Sheet Pad and it's not going to be in shops, it would make sense if one of the stretch goals was for additional copies, then we don't need to worry about running out or having to try to do photocopies of the pads for a good while after we actually get the game.

    8. Ben on January 29

      Another $15k stretch goal. Well this will once again take at least two days to reach.

      So including this one, 3 more stretch goals to complete this tribe. So I'm guessing 6 days to do so if you continue with the 15k marks. 3 days remainder to give or take any extra time.

    9. Ladislav Majer on January 29

      That axe is not too big for him? :P

    10. FoolsBane on January 29

      @Corey There is already 2 sets of dice provided with this KS. All Black of course, but that doesnt impact the game. Color is optional and you DONT have to buy that Optional Buy. Its in accordance with every Cmon KS. They always have optional dice of different colors for those who like that kind of stuff. Your entitled demand is Totally NOT right and your arguments as wrong as the demand itself.

    11. Corey Hastings on January 29

      I am loving the Warriors! :)

    12. Corey Hastings on January 29

      Commenting on the red dice optional buy here as well.

      Quote from Update #28: "This extra set of dice can be used so each player can roll their own set, without having to pass dice back and forth when attacking and defending."

      This seems like a fundamental flaw of the game. Why would there not already be enough dice for both sides to roll and compare results? The red dice should already exist in the game. In fact, the red dice should be used by the attacker with the black dice being used by the defender. That just makes way more sense, and again, it should have already been implemented in the game, not provided as an optical buy. This is the only time I do not agree with the optional buy being optional.

      Cheap or not, if it is a fundamental flaw, it should be included. You should never have to roll for attack, note your results, roll for defense, and match those to the notes. Besides that, there are a TON of add-ons. $8 adds up when you are more or less forced to spend money on other optional buys (like the tribes) for a game that will NEVER hit retail because you will never be able to purchase those in the future. So $8 for a something that should have been included in the core game due to mechanics just seems wrong.

    13. Mark-Ders on January 29

      Those look awesome.