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Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
Lead your tribe to victory over a chronicle of battles against savage opponents. Amazingly detailed and brutal miniatures await you.
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HATE WIP Rulebook!

Posted by CMON (Creator)

Hail Savages!

We're more than halfway done to unlocking Grock, the abominable mercenary!


With the weekend upon us, how about having some reading material to keep you busy? We have prepared for you a PDF of the WORK IN PROGRESS version of the HATE Rulebook! Please keep in mind this is not the final version of the rules. For one, they address the game in the state it was at the start of the campaign, without the addition of extra tribes, mercenaries, components, and the optional rules for 3-4 player epic battles. Some entries are also not yet complete (the lists of Skills and Scars, for example), or are still being refined by the development team. That said, this Rulebook still gives you a very clear picture of the mechanics of the game.


If you notice any mistakes, or have any suggestions, don't hesitate to post them in the Comments below.

Unleash your HATE!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Luís Reis on

      Could you elaborate more on the one-shot game rules. Maybe 1 page (even half page) dedicated only for this setup? Would be looking for rules like how many figure upgrades can be used (using scars or not), village setup, mercenary usage, final scoring (more points to captured figures?).

    2. Matthew S

      Why was the "leading in hate" mechanic tossed?

    3. Missing avatar

      AndyJ on

      The territory's would be more interesting if there was something more to fight over them for. Territory could give an extra one time use per battle effect or provide an extra resource for battles one etc.
      Remove the concept of having to fight each player x number of times, but make it X number of rounds/year. Number of points would be calculated at the end of the x rounds.

    4. Cronitarius on

      @David Lepage This is an idea for an alternative chronicle not for the main one IMO - remember the chronicle was marketed as a struggle to become the Tyrant and i think it should stay that way, although im always open to alternative chronicle scenarios:)

    5. Missing avatar

      David Lepage on

      To all, what do you think to add secret objective for the chronicle as an optional rules ( many possibilities: at the end of the chronicles win x hates if you have at least 3 mercenaries, have at least x ugrades.....) To make sure that the last battles are not useless, in terms of it is obvious who is the winner. Also I agree with the general opinion that we should have more possibilities for the chronicle.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Lepage on

      CMON should add scenario for campaign(chronicle) , 2 vs 2, many variations for schedule clashes (at leat one free for all, 2x1,2x2), obligation to play free for all for winning the tyrants. Also the possibility to add secret objectives for the chronicle, to hide the winner until the end.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Cronitarius: Yes. Lets hope they listen.

    8. Cronitarius on

      @Kodesh - if the map would actually incorporate somekind of "fortress" system that would make more sense - also it can be done that your main camp can be moved to different position and you would actually need to Haul the prisoners to your main camp furnace to cook/torture them... It would provide new choices like rescure missions, pillaging missions when left lightly defended or so on. Oh the possibilities!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Cronitarius: Indeed. And with the map and the new clash modes (2 vs 2, 3 vs 1, free for all) it would open up for some really interesting play with just a slightly more advanced chronicle system.

    10. Cronitarius on

      @Andreas Ahlgren Ive posted very similiar comment yesterday in the main comments section - whats the use of the map if its just a king of the hill with a upgrades in between?

    11. Frederic DieBold on

      Really? White font on a black page? That's horrible...

    12. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      @Andreas Ahlgren: I completely agree,

    13. Andreas Ahlgren

      Even though I love the world and the miniatures I am forced to agree with @Kodesh. The whole - everyone should fight each other x-number of times makes no sense what so ever in this setting. I aim to kill and conquer ny neighbors as I make my way to the center of the map where... a completly unknown tribe shows up, having battled their way there -as powerful as me - finally a worthy foe to sink my teeth in! Meanwhile my old terrerories are being beset by the lesser tribes as they try to throw me down as top dog of the western terretories. I would like to see a much more elaborate chronicle design than is currently in the rule-book. HATE should not be a round robin of clashes IMO. More Twilight Imperium/scythe (erm.. well.. sort of in regards to how to interact with other players) and less chess tournament please!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kodesh on

      Please change the rules for the chronicle. Choosing all opponents at the start of the chronicle and that everyone has the same number of clashes with each and every other player takes a away a lot of tactics from the game. It's Hate, it's suppose to be more chaotic and unpredictable. There certainly should not be a schedule. It's not an organized face off like blood bowl. There is much more potential here. My suggestion is to change it so that you use the areas in the chronicle more. For starters a great change would be that who you attack depends on what area you choose to attack. This gives more tactical depth. This would be awesome if you could push clans around on the board and actually use area of control to the full extent.

    15. Kelvin Roche on

      Agree a better font selection would help readability. I have no problem with the colour used but the font is terrible.

      Combat rules seem well written and interesting. Fast paced without being simplistic.

      The chronicle seems pointless and simply a tacked on round robin system unfortunately.

    16. Missing avatar

      AndyJ on

      - In a 4+ player game what if two players select the same unclaimed territory?
      - When picking up a body, it is the savagery on the body or the savagery on the figure that picked up the body that is added to the pool? Since the savagery is used to mark the figure as activated does that mean the figure that picked up the body has no longer been activated?
      -pg9 Section Trees . Trees are a "font" of Resources . maybe fountain, collection, source?

      I would also say the white on black is hard to read, the red even harder. Maybe have the writing on hides or parchment for effect.

    17. GP on

      Overall I think the rules are clear and well written. The only thing that I feel is missing is 'Village Setup'. Does everyone start with nothing checked in the village, the same couple of items checked in the village, or is there some setup there? It may be nice to give players the option to do some small custom configuration of their village at the start if it currently isn't an option. Something like - everyone gets the same freebie in the feats of savagery at the start and then 2-3 points to assign to any building, with a maximum of one point per building. Just a thought.

    18. Zeron von Gotingen

      The rulebook gives a nice first impression of the actual rules, so thanks for this update. I know its a WIP but i hope in the final version wont be such confusing examples like on page two where the tribe the term attacker and defender where switched with the tribe names (im not quite shure, but i think that it should be "Um´Rak" for the defender and not "Um´Gra"), just attacker and defender would be better. But im shure that mistakes or confusing wording will be erased in the final version. So keep up the good work. PS: The artwork placemant and chosen pictures are fitting nicely in the rulebook and i really like the chosen layout and colours, background and text.

    19. GP on

      In the 'End of Round and Battle' section on the last page there appears to be a repeated block of text : "If the attacker has more Hits than the defender has Saves, the defender is KO’d. Lay down its figure. Attacker gains 1 Hate and adds 1 Savagery to the attacker’s card."
      I'm not sure if this was intentional but it seems redundant as it was also printed just three paragraphs above it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Grither on

      I would say that the black background and white lettering hard on the eyes, Maybe a different font and if possible lightening the background a dark grey I see the aesthetic you are going for. Page 11 is difficult as an example and on a glossy printed paper I don't think it will improve. I am not good with font names so I am sorry I cannot make a helpful suggestion there.

    21. Green_Lumux on

      Any chance of NOT having white type on black? I can't read that... it gives me very bad eye strain...

    22. Matthias on

      Wow, that narrow bold font as a reading text is a total insult! Zero readability. This is outragous. I know have to copy every text block into a text editing software to properly read it. Some text passages even turn to narrow bold ITALICS. Wtf... please get a different designer to fix this manual.

      C'mon guys... make it readable!


    23. Cronitarius on

      After initial reading at the rulebook i must say im quite dazzled(And maybe a little dissapointed). The chronicle seems tackled on and pointless like a fancier king of the hill mechanic, the rulebook itself leaves me with more questions than answers...

    24. The King of Average on

      FANTASTIC. Still at work so can't read through this yet but THANK YOU for posting the rulebook!

    25. Missing avatar

      The Living Psychosis 184 on

      the wording and dark humor on the table for the scars! Well done XD

    26. Alexander on

      By the way, how many different scenarios are there in the box? This might be something where more (well balanced!) variation could make a huge difference

    27. Alexander on

      I have to say that I do like the rules and don't think the combat system is too simplistic. There's quite a few things that influence how many dice you roll and with the Wild result you still have the option to decide how you use it (especially as the attacker this can be tough since the defender rolls only after you've decided). And apart from support, terrain and skills you also have to decide, on which combat in a round you will be using your village options.
      One question: In the second scenario during one clash, could you just attack the zone the other player took during the first scenario? Might see some back on forth especially when going for the capital.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joe Rountree on

      What's the Tyrant's abilities comparative to a Prince's abilities/stats. Due to the trials to both recruit and maintain his use in a tribe, I'm guessing they are fairly impressive.

    29. Celestial Fortitude

      Looks decent. I like the additional levels of terrain too.

    30. Thiago Aranha Collaborator on

      @Giacomo Arosio: Yeah, the "Leading in Hate" mechanic has since been removed (as you can imagine, the video was shot quite a while ago).
      Not sure yet how many sheets will come in the pads. A large amount. But we'll also make sure a downloadable version is available.

    31. Missing avatar

      Giacomo Arosio on

      So you guys removed the “leading in Hate” mechanic? That one showed in the demo that makes you rolling extra dice!
      Also how many papers there will be in a sheets pads? Will you make sorta of a downloadable paper to print in case I finish them? Or there will be a super sg upgrading from paper to that kind of printed plastic board where I can write and cancel all the tim that I want? :)

    32. inferno445 on

      Just skimming, first typo I noticed is page 20, under the oven: "the player may cook 1 captive their carried off..."

    33. JHolland

      The tracking on the text looks way to tight on first glance, especially with such high contrast between the text and the dark background. I understand that Black Red and White make up the color profile, but sometimes it's a bit too hard on the eyes, the grey detail windows throughout the ruleset are much easier to read.

    34. CMON 36-time creator on

      @Spencer Skelton: As explained, the rulebook represent the game at the start of the campaign, so the upgraded tokens are not shown in this version.

    35. Spencer Skelton on

      The Rule book shows the cardboard components those don't exist anymore? lol :P